‘The Infinite’ Ryan Gingell Faced Off with Aleister Black on Raw

In a post shared by The Local Competitor, and What A Maneuver, the competitor that immediately caught the kick from Aleister Black was acknowledged. The tweet shared that the man facing Black was an independent talent. He goes by the name of ‘The Infinite’ Ryan Gingell. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Gingell has competed for several local promotions. These promotions include; XWE Wrestling, Cape Championship Wrestling, and KCWX Wrestling. All promotions are local to Gingell. Cape Championship Wrestling brings the best pro wrestling to the Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri Area. XWE Wrestling strives to bring premier wrestling to the Kansas City area. They also work in conjunction with the Kansas Wrestling Alliance.

Ryan Gingell has also competed for Royal Alliance Wrestling as well out of Kansas City. Gingell’s inclusion adds to the list of the number of local talent the WWE incorporate as part of their weekly programming.

While little is reported about Gingell’s training and development that doesn’t suggest that he isn’t incredibly skilled. One response to the above Tweet by The Local Competitor suggests that he is a great competitor.

With little reported about him, we welcome any information about Ryan to help further showcase his profile, development, and history in the sport.

Madison’s Mindset:

Black’s dominant win showcases the promotions intent to build him up. After his recent feud with Buddy Murphy, there isn’t a hint as to whom he may be facing next. With the Royal Rumble quickly approaching a feud may emerge from that. Often times it acts as a springboard to upcoming feuds or rivalries. Black would benefit a new feud. A rivalry with Andrade isn’t likely for the United States Championship

As evident by last night’s tag team championship match with Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy is once again a champion. The duo defeated the Viking Raiders for the WWE Raw Tag Team championship.