Tetsuya Endo Wins the King of DDT Tournament | #AndNEW

DDT Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Endo has won the King of DDT Tournament beating fellow DamnHearts member T-Hawk in the final on Sunday 23rd August.

Although Endo lost to DDT Tag Champion Yuki Ueno in the first round, he won the Dramatic Challenge, Battle Royal. This meant that he earns this place back in the tournament and head to the quarter-finals.

After this, he then went on to win matches against Minoru Tanaka, Eruption’s Kazusada Higuchi, and then T-Hawk in the final. The latter two in the space of one night. All of these matches were fast, dynamic and full of action. The DDT Champion ensured that there would be nobody else who would stake a claim to his title.

Because of this win, Endo now has the choice of who he wants to challenge for his title at the Ultimate Party event on November 3rd.

Previously, Endo had made comments about wanting Kenny Omega to challenge for his title. In the DDT press conference after the tournament, Endo reaffirmed this desire.

Tetsuya Endo Captures the King of DDT Tournament

In a video message from Omega, it was made clear that, because of travel restrictions, it would be difficult for him to make it to Japan. But, he promised to return as soon as possible when travel restrictions were lifted and challenge Endo.

On hearing the message, Endo claimed that Kenny hadn’t changed since they shared a dorm. He also said he was willing to travel to the US, quarantine for two weeks, and fight him there.

However, Endo stated that he does have another opponent in mind to challenge him which he would announce at Korakuen on the 7th of September. There are no signs of who this challenger could be. But, after his win against the champion in the first round, Yuki Ueno will be after another shot at the title.


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