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On August 28th, 1989, the WWF presented SummerSlam 89′ from the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The show kicked off with Tony Schiavone and Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura on commentary. Ventura immediately warns Schiavone to stay in line. The focus is the tag team match featuring Zeus and the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage against Hulk Hogan and Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake.


SummerSlam 89′
The Hart Foundation (Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart) vs. The Brain Busters (Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson) with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan

This is a non-title match and should be a technically sound bout. Blanchard and Hart start the match off. Tully eventually makes a tag to Anderson, but Hart counters a hammerlock. He then scoops and slams Anderson on his arm. Next, he tags in The Anvil, who continues to work on the left arm. Anderson tries to make a tag, but Neidhart instead tags in his partner. Hart works him over in the corner and once again makes a tag to the Anvil. Anderson thinks he makes a tag, but referee Joey Marella won’t allow it because Blanchard wasn’t holding the tag rope.

We then have a stalemate, and this time Anderson makes a legal tag. But Hart catches an attempted boot and tags in the Anvil. The Hart Foundation make multiple quick tags. Blanchard attempts to fight off Niedhart, but it does not affect the Anvil. He tags in his partner, who continues to work over Blanchard. ‘Weasel’ chants begin to ring out in the arena. Blanchard eventually counters a hammerlock with a wristlock and tries to turn that into a pin, but Hart manages to maintain a bridge. Anderson attempts to come in, but Bret counters a double wristlock and tosses both men.

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Both men are duking it out – Tony Schiavone.

Eventually, Blanchard makes a tag to Anderson, and they cut off Bret. At one point, all four men are in the ring, which causes Anderson and Blanchard to cower and run out of the ring. Back in, Hart cuts off Blanchard and stomps the midsection. The Anvil is tagged in. He whips Blanchard into the corner, catches him in mid-air on the rebound, and drives him back into the turnbuckle. Anderson manages to pull Blanchard out of the corner just in time, and Neidhart crashes into the turnbuckle. The champions regain control and begin to work on the back of Neidhart.

Anvil gets to his feet despite being in a modified camel clutch, but Anderson is tagged in and drills him with a punch. Anderson attempts a pin, but Neidhart makes a solid kick out at two. Blanchard is tagged in, throws a few fists, and then tags in his fellow Brain Buster. The opponents in the ring knock heads, and both go crawling to their respective corners. Hart drives a knee to the lower back of Anderson with the referee unaware, and once he is tagged in, he goes right after Blanchard and then Anderson. The Hitman is taking out both Brain Busters.

He should have gone for a pin right there (after the elbow to the top of the temple) – Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.

He hits a vertical suplex, but Anderson stops the subsequent pin attempt. While Anderson and Neidhart battling on the outside, Blanchard and Hart battle on the inside. Neidhart is slingshotted into the ring with a football tackle, knocking Hart backward onto Blanchard. A double axehandle on the back of the head of Bret Hart leads to a pin by Blanchard for the three count and the win at SummerSlam 89′.

Winners: The Brain Busters

A backstage interview with the ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes and Mean Gene Okerlund takes place as we hear of his upcoming match against The Honky Tonk Man.

SummerSlam 89′
The Honky Tonk Man with Col Jimmy Hart vs. ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes

Honky Tonk and Jimmy Hart make their way to the ring first, followed by Dusty Rhodes. The ovation Rhodes receives on this night showed how beloved he was at the time. Both men attempt to show their moves in the middle of the ring, but the fans manage to fluster HTM. They lock up and then separate, with Rhodes backing away from Honky Tonk in the corner. Rhodes then hits a back body drop, but Honky Tonk avoids the follow-up elbow. Rhodes messes up his hair after a wristlock, then follows that up with an atomic drop and hits an elbow to the top of the head of the former Intercontinental Champion.

With Honky Tonk in the corner, Rhodes stands on the middle rope and drops fist after fist, with the fans counting along. A rake the eyes by Honky Tonk leads to him gaining a momentary advantage. Jimmy Hart gets involved, getting Rhodes’ attention. Honky Tonk uses the megaphone to the mid-section of the American Dream while the referee is distracted. After HTM drops boots on him, the referee pulls him off, and so Hart chokes him during the distraction. Honky Tonk then works over Rhodes with a rear chinlock.

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Dusty, polka dots and all is back up! – Tony Schiavone

The men get back to their feet, but Honky Tonk drives a knee to the mid-section. Once again, he wears his opponent down with a rear chinlock. Fans attempt to rally Rhodes, and his arm drops once, twice….but not a third time. He slowly makes his way to his feet, hits a slam but misses the elbow. Honky Tonk goes back to the rear chinlock. Rhodes backs him into the corner and drives shoulders into his mid-section. Honky Tonk throws some fists, but Rhodes takes it and continues to fight back. He has now regained the advantage in this match.

The referee is knocked down, and Honky Tonk asks for his guitar. But Hart accidentally cracks Honky Tonk instead! Rhodes drops an elbow and makes the pinfall for the three count and the win!

Winner: ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes

After the match, Honky Tonk is interviewed and is muttering nonsense as he’s completely out of it and seems to think he really is Elvis.

Mean Gene Okerlund is interviewing Demolition with ‘King’ Hacksaw Jim Duggan, talking about facing the Twin Towers & Andre The Giant and how they are going down at SummerSlam 89′.

SummerSlam 89′
Mr. Perfect vs. Red Rooster

The Red Rooster gets entrance music and comes to the ring. This is a battle of undefeated competitors, and the two men start off jockeying for position. Mr. Perfect tosses Rooster to the mat and follows that up with a hip toss. He then mocks him by cocking his head. Rooster slaps Perfect showing he doesn’t appreciate it. Rooster tries to slam Perfect but falls with his opponent on top of him. Mr. Perfect picks him up and hits a standing dropkick. Rooster falls outside of the ring at SummerSlam 89′.

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Once back in the ring, they exchange blows in the corner. Then, back outside again, they exchange fists there. But upon returning to the ring once more, Perfect hits the perfect plex for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Mr. Perfect

Mean Gene is interviewing the Intercontinental Champion, Ravishing Rick Rude, with Bobby The Brain Heenan. He says that rules and bones are made to be broken and that he won’t be losing the Intercontinental Title to the Ultimate Warrior.

SummerSlam 89′
Six-Man Tag Team Match
Tito Santana & The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) vs. Rick Martel & The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Raymond & Jacques Rougeau) with Slick & Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart

Santana and Jacques Rougeau start off the match. Rougeau offers his hand in a show of sportsmanship that Santana doesn’t trust. The Rockers come in the ring and work collectively, and along with Santana, take out all of their opposition. Jannetty and Jacques lock up. The referee is distracted, and the French trio work over Jannetty. Martel avoids Jannetty charging in, but Jannetty tags in Santana, forcing Martel to flee the ring.

Santana has Raymond Rougeau tied up, but a tag is made then to Jacques and then Martel. Martel works over Santana, then Jacques does the same. Martel is tagged back in, but Santana begins to fight back. His comeback is cut off as Jacques pulls the hair. Martel regains the advantage, only for Santana to make a pinning attempt, but only for a count of two. Martel tags in Raymond, who applies a Boston Crab. Jacques drops a knee to the lower back of Santana, and Raymond follows with a pin attempt.

Jacques comes in and applies an abdominal stretch. Martel is once again tagged in, and Santana begins to fight back. Santana and Martel exchange blows. Jacques is tagged in and hits a high crossbody. Raymond is tagged in, and he hits Santana with double boots at SummerSlam 89′.

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They have Chico hurt and hurt bad – Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.

Raymond then goes for a pin but only for a count of two. Santana goes for a pin on a sunset flip, which is similarly unsuccessful. Instead, Raymond applies a rear chinlock. The fans are cheering on Santana, but Jacques is tagged in and hits a flying back elbow. Santana avoids a high knee and finally makes a tag to Shawn Michaels. Michaels drops a series of fists and then gets a back body drop on Martel. He follows that up with a dropkick. Michaels hits a suplex, then climbs to the top turnbuckle and drops a fist. He then presses Jannetty onto Martel.

All three members of the French squad are whipped together. Santana chases Martel. Martel drops Jannetty with an unsuspected right hand. He makes a pinfall for the three count and the win at SummerSlam 89′.

Winners: Rick Martel and The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

After the match, we see a flashback to a super posedown between Rude and the Ultimate Warrior and how Rude beat him down. We then see a flashback to WrestleMania V and how Rude defeated him for the Intercontinental Championship and the battle that ensued between the Ultimate Warrior and the Heenan Family. Andre The Giant comes to the ring after another Rude attack on the Ultimate Warrior. A series of flashbacks are shown of Rude and Warrior having confrontations prior to SummerSlam 89′.

The Ultimate Warrior is then interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund and appears to be saying he will force Rude to surrender to the Gods above…?

 WWF Intercontinental Championship
Ravishing Rick Rude (c) with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Rude and Heenan make their way to the ring first. Rude removes his rope to reveal tights with the Warrior’s face on them. The Ultimate Warrior makes his way to the ring next. He attempts to lock up with Rude, but Rude dodges the attempt. He then kicks the midsection of the Warrior, but to no avail. Rude delivers blows to the Warrior, who is able to fight them off. Warrior then gorilla presses Rude to the floor. He goes to the floor in pursuit. He uses the title to hit Rude in the back, then rolls him back in the ring.

Rude is thrown back outside the ring, and Warrior chases the champion out there. Once more, Rude is thrown back in the ring, and Warrior climbs the ropes. He connects with a double ax handle and makes a pinfall attempt, but Rude kicks out at two. Rude is then whipped into the turnbuckle. Warrior scoops and slams him to the mat and makes another pinfall attempt. Again this just gets a count of two. The Warrior follows this up with a suplex and another pinfall attempt.  Rude takes an atomic drop and is dropped to the mat on his tailbone.

Rude outsmarted him; I told you Schiavone – Jesse The Body Ventura.

The Warrior climbs to the top rope, but Rude cuts him off, forcing him to fall off. He starts to work on the lower back of the Warrior. Rude makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. After that, he applies a modified camel clutch. Each time Rude stands partway up and then drops down on the lower back of the Warrior, he gets back up. He attempts the Rude Awakening, but the Warrior pulls his hands apart.

Rude applies a sleeper hold, causing Warrior to be worn down. But Warrior then drops down, causing Rick Rude’s chin to hit the top of his head. Warrior and Rude collide and take out the referee as well. Heenan tries to get Rude up, and the Warrior begins to make his way to his feet too. The Ravishing one continues to hit fist after fist to the face but to no avail. Warrior goes on the attack with clothesline after a clothesline. He makes a pinfall attempt, but the referee is down. He hits a piledriver, and with the referee revived somewhat, he makes another pinfall attempt, but Rude gets his foot on the bottom rope.

The referee is back, and Rick Rude is still in trouble – Tony Schiavone.

Warrior attempts a splash, but Rude gets his knees up. Rude seems to set up for a piledriver but lands a modified powerbomb. This was followed up with a pin but only for a count of two. Rude climbs the ropes and drives a fist on the challenger. After a pinfall attempt, Roddy Piper comes out to watch the match at ringside. Rude looks at Piper and yells at him.

The Warrior hits a belly-to-back suplex on an unsuspecting Rude. He follows that up with a shoulder tackle. Then, Warrior lifts him in a Gorilla Press and drops him to the mat. He follows that up with a splash and turns him over to make a pinfall for the three count and the win at SummerSlam ‘89.

Winner: AND NEW Intercontinental Champion, The Ultimate Warrior

We then see Sean Mooney in the crowd explaining what fans are feeling at that time. The new champion is shown in the ring with the title in hand.

Mr. Perfect is interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund, discussing his match earlier in the evening. He shares how he defeated the Red Rooster earlier in the evening and that nobody beats Mr. Perfect. ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper comes in discussing the Heenan family and, in particular, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude. He says he plans to watch some more of the evening’s matches at SummerSlam ’89, and he plans on getting rude himself. ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin comes out but is interrupted by Bobby Heenan, who is freaking out about what happened. Rick Rude storms in and says he was robbed.

Schiavone and Ventura discuss what took place briefly, and then ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is shown. Next, a flashback to the confrontation between Zeus and Hulk Hogan at Saturday Night’s Main Event is shown. We then see ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage introduce the human wrecking machine, Zeus, when he brought him out on the Brother Love Show.  Zeus declares Hogan and Beefcake are going to get destroyed. A couple of months later, Savage and Beefcake faced one another on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

He’s got the big squeeze on the Barber – Jesse ‘The body’ Ventura

Hogan’s attack at that time did nothing to Zeus, and Savage and Zeus beat down on Hogan and Beefcake. Even a steel chair couldn’t take down Zeus. Back to Ventura and Schiavone, who informs us that a six-man tag match is set to take place next at SummerSlam 89′.

 The Twin Towers (Big Boss Man & Akeem) with (Slick) & Andre The Giant (with Bobby The Brain Heenan) vs. ‘King’ Duggan & Demolition (Ax & Smash)

Duggan removes a mask to reveal he has the American flag painted on his face. Duggan and Akeem start the match off. A series of right hands gives team Duggan the advantage. Ax is tagged in, followed by Smash. The duo beat down on Akeem, then tag in Duggan. Ax returns to the ring, and he tries to work over Akeem, but a tag to the Big Boss Man is made. Smash, and the Boss Man lock up and end up in the corner. Fans chant ‘USA’ repeatedly. Duggan is tagged in and works over Boss Man.

Ax is tagged in, and he takes over working on Boss Man, but only momentarily. Andre is tagged in, and he beats down Ax. He starts working works over the trapezius muscles of  Ax. Boss Man is tagged in, and he continues the assault. Akeem tags in and tries to similarly work over Ax, but he avoids a splash and tags in Smash. Smash slams both Boss Man and Akeem. Andre gets involved to cause a distraction. Eventually, all six men are involved. Akeem hits a splash on Smash, but Duggan uses his 2X4 across the back. Duggan rolls Smash onto Akeem for the three count and the win at SummerSlam 89′.

Winners: Demolition & ‘King’ Duggan

After the match, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund interviews the Millon Dollar Man discussing his upcoming match against ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka. He said Snuka is nothing but a primitive native and sorry statistic for the Millon Dollar Man.

‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin is named a special guest ring announcer for this upcoming match.

Hercules vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine with Jimmy ‘The Mouth of South’ Hart

Garvin runs down Valentine during his in-ring introduction. Hercules decks Valentine, who is distracted by Garvin. A series of fists and a slam by Hercules gives him the advantage. Valentine nearly gets pinned. He eventually gains the advantage and tries to use his shin guard, but to no avail. Hercules catches Valentine coming off the top rope. Valentine drops a big hammer elbow but Hercules suplexes him. Down on the mat, Valentine grabs Hercules’s legs, and with his feet on the ropes, gets the three count at SummerSlam 89′.

Winner: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine

Garvin declares Hercules the winner as he was cheated out of the match. However, that doesn’t stand, so Garvin later decks him.

After the match, Sherri appears to be conjuring a spell in the ‘cauldron of Madness’ with Savage and Zeus by her side. They all claim to see the demise of Beefcake and Hogan.

(The Millon Dollar Champion) ‘The Millon Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase (with Virgil) vs. Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka

‘Superfly’ attacks DiBiase before the bell rings, going after the Millon Dollar Man right away. Virgil tries to get involved and is accidentally decked by DiBiase. Snuka clears the ring of both men. DiBiase slowly makes his way back in and manages to apply a side headlock, but a mistimed leapfrog causes Snuka to land on DiBiase. Snuka drives DiBiase’s head into the top turnbuckle, but DiBiase regains the advantage. He hits a chop but gets caught with a back body drop.

DiBiase gets hit with a shoulder tackle but slingshots Snuka throat first across the top rope. He hits a suplex on Snuka after a series of fists. He follows with a couple of backbreakers but misses an elbow off the middle rope. This gives Snuka the chance to recover, and he drops boots to the midsection of DiBiase and then hits a head butt off the middle rope. He then attempts the Superfly splash, but Virgil distracts him, and he falls outside the ring.

DiBiase rolls back into the ring, and Snuka is counted out at SummerSlam 89′.

Winner: via count out ‘Millon Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase

After the match, Snuka attacks both Virgil and DiBiase. He hits a backbreaker on Virgil and signals for the top rope and hits the Superfly splash. We then see replays of the splash.

Sean Mooney is in the crowd once again, discussing what is still to come on the program. ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund then interviews Hogan and Beefcake about the upcoming match. First, Hogan discusses how he and Beefcake have been preparing for their match. Next, Beefcake shares how sharp his shears are and what damage they will likely cause their adversaries. Finally, Hogan spoke about ‘the secret weapon’ and what they have planned for Zeus and Savage.

The Genius then recited a poem in the ring about how Hogan and Beefcake have no chance against Zeus and Savage. This was the cue for ‘Pomp & Circumstance’ to play, the entrance music of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

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‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & ‘The Human Wrecking Machine’ Zeus (with Sensational Sherri) vs. Hulk Hogan (c) & Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake.

Savage and Hogan make their way to the ring first, followed by Beefcake and then Hulk Hogan. Hogan goes over to Howard Finkel and whispers something in his ear, leading to him introducing ‘the first lady of the WWF’ Miss Elizabeth. Pomp and Circumstance once again plays as Elizabeth comes down to the ring, much to the delight of the fans. Ventura calls Elizabeth a ‘gold digger.’

All four men exchange blows, and Zeus is taking everything Hogan is dishing out. Zeus then mounts his own attack. Beefcake tries to attack Zeus only to get caught in a bear hug. Zeus then puts Hogan in a bear hug. Next, he tags in Savage, who attacks Hogan from behind with a double ax handle. Savage cinches in a rear chin lock on Hogan in the middle of the ring. Hogan tries to get to his feet, but Savage maintains control and keeps him down. Hulk eventually does get to his feet and drives a series of elbows to Savage and then hits a couple of shoulder tackles. However, Zeus drives a knee into the back of Hogan. He is tagged in and again applies a bear hug.

And what use is it going to do to tag Beefcake? – Jesse Ventura
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Hogan tries to fight off Zeus’ attack, but the ‘Human Wrecking Machine’ continues to hold onto the bear hug. He is down to a knee but is reaching for Beefcake.  He makes it back to his feet, but Zeus hoists him up to maintain the bear hug. Savage is t tagged in, and he continues the attack on Hogan. He then hits a belly-to-back suplex. Savage goes for a pin but only gets a count of two. Next, he tries to drop a series of elbows but to no avail. Beefcake is then tagged and hits Savage with a series of strikes.

Beefcake applies the sleeper, and Zeus tries to come in as his partner looks like he is going out. But Savage is able to break out of it. He then tags in Zeus, who also gets caught in a sleeper, but Beefcake is knocked out with Sherri’s purse, which might have been loaded. Hogan breaks up the pinfall attempt by Savage. Savage tags in Zeus, who works over Beefcake. He tags his partner back in, but Savage and Beefcake knock each other out.

But maybe that’s what Hogan wanted – Jesse Ventura

Hogan is tagged in and goes after Savage and tries suplexing him into the ring, but Sherri trips him up. ‘Macho Man’ knocks Hogan down with a clothesline and hits him with his top rope elbow. Hogan gets up immediately! He atomic drops Savage over the top rope, but Zeus gets tagged in the process. Zeus is staggered by a series of fists and clotheslines. He goes down to one knee. Sherri tries to get involved, and Elizabeth trips her up. Hogan uses Sherri’s purse on Zeus and then slams him. He drops the big leg and gets the three count for the win at SummerSlam 89′.

Winners: Hulk Hogan & Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake

Sherri tries to get involved, but Hogan picks her up, and atomic drops her into Elizabeth. Beefcake takes a pair of shears and cuts Sensational Sherri’s ponytail. The winners all celebrate in the middle of the ring while Zeus, Savage, and Sherri leave the ring as they live to fight another day. SummerSlam 89′ draws to a close.