SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20 (What’s a Buzzin Cousin?)

Ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange. SmackDown is in reset mode. The Fiend has become a crowd fave while Roman Reigns, with a new bad-assed heel persona, is the new Universal champion. Add to the mix that Paul Heyman is now guiding him, and you have to wonder if this isn’t just a crazy dream. This, though, is your SmackDown Synopsis Review for 9/4/20.

While the Fiend turned out to be a transitional champion who wasn’t pinned, this sets up a Reigns-Fiend championship feud, the match that should have headlined WrestleMania 36. That dream encounter was derailed by a horrific pandemic and some equally cringe-worthy booking that saw Goldberg take the gold in Saudi Arabia.

In the next few weeks, if not months, expect the Blue Brand to revolve around this storyline. One feature we will no longer see is any sign of Retribution. The vigilante faction will appear solely on Raw from now on. It is never a wise move encroaching on the Big Dog’s yard. Roman has never been a fan of flickering lights. He also feels tire rods have no place outside of a service bay. Can we check your fluid levels, champ?

Roman will deliver a locution tonight accompanied by his counsel Paul Heyman. There will also be a fatal four-way for a shot at the Universal title. The participants were Sheamus, King Corbin, Big E, and the Bro That Runs The Show.

Big E is still on the rise and will most not likely be made into a lamb at the altar. The Fella could pull off a surprise, then lose to Reigns yet not be buried. We are seeing another Corbin-Reigns program that would be like watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island. Last but certainly not least, The Bro That Runs the Show has enough momentum to survive a loss to the champion. We might even see a surprise alliance between Roman and Corbin. What better way to clean the air after those dog food dousings than with a chance at the King’s Ransom?

In other news, the Golden Role Models, having lost their tag team titles to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, have fallen on hard times. While no one is eating cold beans out of a can just yet, one can expect Sasha Banks and Bayley’s relationship to begin imploding. This potential feud that has been teased for months will inevitably see the light of day. Tonight could be the perfect occasion when the pair invokes its rematch clause against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. That pair can hit harder than a Tsunami.

The Inter-Continental championship picture is very murky. Jeff Hardy’s clean victory over Shinsuke Nakamura was followed by the return of Sami Zayn, who has been M.I.A. for months. The Great Liberator making it known very clearly that he never lost his title either.A.J. Styles will not be a mere bystander either. The stars or Superstars are lining up for some very compelling television indeed.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20

A Word From The NEW WWE Universal Champion

Paul Heyman speaks first and is in vintage form. The polysyllabic words flow. Heyman asserts that he didn’t corrupt Reigns, but the opposite was the case. “He pulled me back in… I was gone, tossed aside only to be rescued and saved to the island of relevancy. Why, because they did the same damn thing to him as they did to me.”
Roman then let us know, “I’m a man of my word. I signed the contract; I wrecked the Fiend, I wrecked the Monster. When you have this kind of power, all you have to do is show up and win.”

By the way, it’s no longer Reigns yard but his island. The Big Dog has become a Tribal Chief.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz & John Morrison

At stake would appear to be a potential match with Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. The current S.D. tag team picture seems as weak as seven consecutive days on your calendar.
During the Machinery’s ring entrance, Otis turned cartwheels, the likes of which would even impress Ozzie Smith. How about that.

Plenty of tags early on with Heavy Machinery dominating with both power and speed. Tuck and Mr.M.I.T.B. threw their opponents outside the ring. Otis was aptly described as being a human wrecking ball.

Johnny Drip-Drip had his fifteen seconds of glory when he kicked Otis on top of the forehead before applying a spinning neck breaker on Tucker in the center of the ring.
Otis then would get his adrenaline rush similar to the days of yore and Hogan’s hulking out. He applied the ever so dangerous Caterpillar, followed by a maneuver off the second rope, which led to an easy pin.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

While Heavy Machinery celebrated, Morrison absconded with what he believed to be the M.I.T.B. briefcase.

Sheamus ATTACKS Big E Backstage

We are led to believe a double celebration is in order: the return of Xavier Woods and the celebration of his birthday. BIG E is holding a delicious looking cake while Drew Gulak is sporting a party hat. The Lucha House Party is present as well and putting on a united front.

Suddenly, Big E is attacked from behind by Sheamus and is smashed through the windshield of a Hyundai. Terrible shame if he were to lose out on participating in the Fatal Four Way. As if the cake being pulverized wasn’t bad enough.

Meanwhile, Jey Uso reconnects with his cousin and new Universal Champion expressing his concern over his alliance with Paul Heyman.Roman not exactly effusive with Jey telling him to win something on his own for once. Later though, the special counsel would engage in a chat with the tag team standout.

Before returning to in-ring action, Adam Pearce informs us that Big E has suffered multiple lacerations and possible internal injuries. He was whisked off to a medical facility for further evaluation.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs Bayley and Sasha Banks

The gold-plated role models are interviewed, and Sasha exclaims that Bayley is her best friend and the tandem vows to bounce back tonight.

Bayley approaches the ring looking pensive and downright glum. Very unusual for the gregarious S.D. champ. The new champions might not be great friends but display cohesion and power. Nia Jax with a pair of two counts early on. Shayna Baszler was tagged in after another two count and went to work immediately on Bayley’s left arm.
Sasha Banks was tagged in and made immediate and significant use of her speed. A running knee and a Meteora both led to two counts.

That’s pretty well where the fun stopped for the Boss. When Sasha attempted a double knee in the corner, she wound up banging her knee off the ring post. The impact was heart-wrenching, and her being injured and possibly badly, was evident. While barely able to stand, she did carry on valiantly, even escaping submission moves and managing a roll-up and a two count. Seconds later, a Back Stabber Just too bad that Jeff Hardy’s trusty knee brace was nowhere to be found.

The champions would retain their belts thanks to a cross-body by Nia Jax taking out both competitors.

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

E.M.T.s rushed into the ring to attend to Banks, but she shoved them away. Then Bayley came to offer assistance seemingly but instead snapped and viciously attacked Banks. This unjustifiable betrayal lasted several minutes and showed a side of Bayley yet unseen. From merely obnoxious to psychopathic in no time. While most of us thought heaven forbid someone come from the back and stop this carnage, the brutality continued. Bayley even wrapped a chair around Banks’ neck and lept on it off the second rope.

Orlando’s ambulances were busy tonight as Sasha Banks was also rushed off to a medical facility.

Intercontinental Cacophony Courtest of The Great Liberator

Sami Zayn is introduced, and he is furious because he wasn’t pointed out as being the Intercontinental champion. The ring announcer mentions that it wasn’t in his notes, which prompted Zayn to seek out the production truck and the stage manager only to be given the same answer.

Jeff Hardy appeared and is still selling his limp from two weeks ago. Shortly after that, AJ Styles arrived upon the scene, and three-way chaos ensued. Zayn is running out of the ring proudly clinging to his version of the title.

Jey Uso is then revealed as the replacement for Big E in the main event.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20

Fatal Four-Way

Jey Uso vs. Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus vs. King Corbin

Hostilities boil over before the start of the match as King Corbin attacks Matt Riddle. Before the bell rings to kick the contest off officially, we are shown a condensed version of the Firefly Funhouse, where Bray promises a very special guest for next week.
Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross rekindle their friendship as we observe Ramblin Rabbit gyrating in the background.

The match itself was fast-paced from bell to bell featuring tremendous action. Everybody meshed well, and there were, of course, the predictable number of near falls with last-second intervention from a third party to keep the tilt alive.

Matt Riddle would have won the first star had it been a hockey game. He hit a pristine German suplex on Sheamus, got a two count before laying in the Triangle submission on the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus reversed the hold and put a Clover Leaf on the Original Bro. Jey Uso broke up that hold only to be put in a roll-up by Corbin. Uso cleared the ring and jumped over the top rope to take out Riddle and Sheamus outside the ring.

Things then looked very bleak for Jey. Corbin tossed over the first level panel of virtual fans. In the ring, Corbin was taken out by a Brogue kick, which opened the door for Riddle to topple Sheamus with a Bro To Sleep and a Floating Bro. While Riddle seemed poised for the victory and a championship shot, Jey Uso appeared out of nowhere and laid a Frog Splash on Riddle and will face his cousin in three weeks at the Clash of Champions.

Winner: Jey Uso

We left the air with a triumphant Jey Uso declaring, “I made the family proud too.” That you did, sir, that you did. This was the WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 9/4/20.