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Changing Places | Tales from Ringside

From my years of watching wrestling, both as a fan and as someone behind the scenes, one of the things that is the hardest...

Tales from Ringside: A Moment of Pride

Now I had a rather scathing tale to bring to you this week, one that would have brought anger, distress, confusion, and all the...

When the Inmates Run the Asylum | Tales from Ringside

Sometimes in life, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  With the WWE introducing the new 24/7 Title the night after Money in the...

The Viking Rage of Vince Austin | Tales from Ringside

After watching Double or Nothing this weekend, I saw some big differences between the conventional wrestling program and what was on there.  One of...

When Opportunity Knocks | Tales from Ringside

Well, I am back with the latest edition of tales from ringside!  Those that have followed me on social media may know this, but...

When Wrestling Matters | Tales from Ringside

Normally with my “Tales from Ringside”, I chat about a wrestler or an experience I had on a certain night.  Well, this...

In a Blais of Glory | Tales from Ringside

Sometimes in life you just must look back and truly appreciate what you have and realize that...

Tales from Ringside: A Lethal Dose of Poison

There are things in people’s lives that one doesn’t necessary want, but they are essential to being successful in some portion of...
The Forging of Steele

The Forging of Steele | Tales from Ringside

If you go back in time to some of the greatest factions, there has always been a wrestler that seems to be...
The Best Hype Man in Alberta

The Best Hype Man in Alberta | Tales from Ringside

This week’s tale is ironically about a man who has flipped wrestling in Edmonton on its ear again. It seems that things...