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From my years of watching wrestling, both as a fan and as someone behind the scenes, one of the things that is the hardest to execute in an effective double-turn and changing places.  Having someone change from a bad guy to a good guy, and vice versa, with the fans getting fully behind it, is one of the best accomplishments that a pair of wrestlers can accomplish.  When done right, you can turn Bret Hart into the most hated heel in a company, and Stone Cold the most loved face.  In this week’s tale, I will take you back to when this happened in Alberta, involving two of the top female wrestlers, Envy and the Bombshell Angelica. This is a tale of both competitors changing places.

Going back to the end of 2018, Angelica captured the Real Canadian Wrestling Women’s Championship from Envy. This came after a very challenging run involving not only the Champ but also Pride.  It was a great moment in 2018.  But 2019 presented a huge challenge, with the introduction of ECCW star Nicole Matthews in the mix.  On the first night in Calgary, the RCW Women’s Championship was defended in a Fatal Four-Way Match.  Nicole Matthews, Envy, and fan-favorite Kaia March were all gunning for the title.

It was a hell of a contest.  All four ladies brought it, and then some.  The ending of the match came when Kaia was isolated in the ring with Matthews.  Matthews hooked March in a Lion Tamer.  Angelica, who was held outside the ring by Envy, had to watch her title reign disappear as March tapped out.  Nicole Matthews was the champion, and Angelica was not even involved in the decision.  The look on her face told a thousand stories, as the shades of disappointment and frustration showed.
Changing Places
Angelica delivers a boot to Nicole Matthews as she defends her RCW Women’s Championship in Calgary. SOURCE: (Angelica-Wrestler)

Yet, Angelica had a chance to regain her title the next night in Edmonton.  A triple-threat match with Matthews and Envy gave Angelica one less obstacle to deal with on the road to the Championship.  In a match that has been one of the best in 2019 in Alberta (which Chris Perish and I got to call), it was anyone’s ballgame on who would end the match with the title.  In the end, another distraction by Pride and a belt shot, followed by a DDT on the RCW Women’s Championship got it done for Envy, making her a two-time champion in RCW.  Angelica once again gets screwed over in her chance to regain the title, and in a matter of 26 hours, she was back right where she was in December.

Following the show, I got the chance to talk to Angelica.  Understandably she was frustrated and upset, but there was just something in her eyes that night and her voice.  Something had changed, it’s almost like something had snapped.  It was hard to describe, but this loss of the title sent something through her that was going to be apparent for months to come.
Changing Places
Angelica has absolutely lost it, and looks to take the head off of Envy in a Street Fight in Edmonton.  SOURCE:  Backbreaker Media

The following month’s Envy and Angelica had what would be best classified as wars.  Referees were victims.  Chairs were destroyed.  Two matches, which were street fights, did not happen because both these ladies attacked each other before the bell rang and tore each other apart.  They had to find a way to settle this once and for all.  It was agreed that both these ladies would settle their differences in a Last Woman Standing match, a first for RCW.

These ladies absolutely destroyed each other in this match.  They fought all over the Calgary Legion. This was to the point where it looked like the match might get thrown out again.  Envy looked like she was about to finish off Angelica when suddenly Sydney Steele appeared changing places.  Sydney Steele recently joined a faction in RCW known as Dirty Inc. and was one of the most decorated wrestlers in the company.  As a bad guy, the fans expected Steele to be out there to help Envy retain her title.  However, in a shocking turn of events, Steele planted Envy with what is now known as the “Dead in the Water”, knocking Envy out for the 10 count.
Left to Right: Sydney Steele, Angelica, and Dirty Mike Jones celebrate Angelica defeating Envy, shown fallen in the ring, in a Last Woman Standing Match, thanks to the assist by Steele. CREDIT: Backbreaker Media

From there, Angelica joined Steele in celebrating her regaining of the RCW Women’s Championship.  Rather than the crowd cheering this moment after the shock wore off, Steele and Angelica were booed out of the building.  The crowning of the Bombshell had arrived, and the crowd was having none of it.  And then there is Envy, who looked to have a concussion, lying prone in the ring.  No Pride at her side, no title in her hand, just lying there.  The crowd gave her a rousing ovation sparking a change that flows its side effects to this day.

Now, both these ladies have had a complete role reversal in the months to come.  Since then, Envy has separated herself from her running-mate Pride and changed her name to Kayla Jaye.  The Golden Child had been reborn and is a fan favorite all over Alberta and Eastern British Columbia.

Angelica as well had a remarkable change.  Embracing her evil side, she has become the essence of a Bombshell.  Crowds were despising her, and many envying her (all puns intended). Her victories and charisma were opening opportunities she had not seen before.  In the last year, Angelica has had the opportunity to work in Mexico and British Columbia.  As well, Angelica will be making her debut in Nova Scotia next month possibly changing places.  On a merchandise side, I believe Angelica is one of the few wrestlers currently working in Alberta who is prestigious enough to have her own shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees.

Very few times does a double turn work out for both participants.  But in this case, both Kayla Jaye and Angelica have raised their careers to another level.  Sometimes the best things happen when wrestlers are Changing Places.

Until the next tale…