The Best Hype Man in Alberta | Tales from Ringside

This week’s tale is ironically about a man who has flipped wrestling in Edmonton on its ear again. It seems that things are all over the place when it comes to talent in 2019. He is the best hype man in Alberta.

When podcasting, one of the things I personally hate to record is “best of” and prediction shows. The reason being, is that it almost guarantees one or two people will be missed or overlooked.  If you take a listen to our Backbreaker Media Honours from this past month here, you will notice one egregious omission.  In talking about the best shows of 2018, we missed the one man who is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to promoting the local product, Thaddeus Archer III and the Archer Report.

The Hype is Here

When you first see Thaddeus, you’ll notice the unique suits, the black-rimmed glasses, the oozing of confidence, and his willingness to talk.  This man has a gift of gab like no other.  Many see a likeness of Bobby Heenan in his charisma, and he deserves many similar accolades to the greatest manager to ever grace the squared circle.  Thaddeus has served in many Alberta promotions as ring announcer, manager, General Manager, and now Commissioner.

What a lot of people do not see is the commitment to the product in all facets.  This man is willing to go to any length to promote wrestling and get the word out there in a market ripe with wrestling fans.  I’ve seen Mr. Archer eat an insane hot turkey sandwich in the name of RCW, along with other various hot foods.  He has been a weatherman, in full character, on the local news station.  Any event I see him at, he is in his trademark suits, pushing tickets and letting people know about the product.

The Best Hype Man in Alberta

But without a doubt, his greatest creation has to be The Archer Report.  Thaddeus has created a YouTube channel full of comedic episodes, all highlighting the local wrestling scene.  Most of these videos are 10-15 minutes long, and are not only packed with interviews but funny segments showing the characters of everyone on the roster.  Sometimes these videos push some boundaries when it comes to multi-promotional talent, but it is never in a bad way, always promoting the product. 

Some of my favorites include the time they parodied “Freaky Friday” where he and his assistant (and RCW ring announcer) Kyle Shaw switched bodies, and just the reactions to those situations were hilarious.  They take on given wrestling stereotypes. These include the likes of Dougie the Blind Ref, or the weekly “relaxation” sessions outside the venue. It is straight out of That 70’s Show led by Sweet Daddy Soul.  Top Talent insisting on their rider being absolutely perfect each week.  Every Thursday at 10 MDT is an adventure checking out The Archer Report.

Thaddeus’ Departure

Sadly, this past Thursday, Thaddeus announced on his latest edition of the Archer Report that he was leaving Real Canadian Wrestling.  He explained that RCW was increasing their show schedule, and that would take away time from his family.  A very admirable reason for leaving, and something that many a time is forgotten in the world of wrestling.  However, low and behold a bomb-shell was dropped at the Prairie Wrestling Alliance show just two days later. Thaddeus Archer III has been appointed the New Edmonton Commissioner for PWA.  With the reach that PWA gets throughout North America, and Thaddeus’ charisma, this seems to be a perfect match.

The best part is, Thaddeus has mentioned that The Archer Report will continue. It will include more of a focus on the PWA.  With the creative mind that Thaddeus Archer III has, I can not wait to see what 2019 has in store for the Archer report. Not to mention for #AlbertaWrestling.