Ring Of Honor Television Championship Title match to possibly be pulled from PPV!

Ring of Honor fans everywhere is waiting with anticipation for Death before Dishonor live on pay per view on September 27 in Las Vegas. The triple threat match for the Ring of Honor World Television title involving Shane Taylor, “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams, “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon, is officially pending and may be pulled from the ppv. 

First reported by Kevin Ecks of ringofhonor.com “The announced Triple Threat Match for the championship at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on Sept. 27 in Las Vegas is now pending” check full article here.

Shane Taylor has been a dominant champion since winning this title in the summer of this year. Playing the angle of the unappreciated champion, as well as hating on management, this was the match to solidify him as a real deal champion, especially since he was up against two young talented ROH stars “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams representing LifeBlood, and “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon representing Villain Enterprises! 

It’s not just about Taylor becoming the longest reigning world television champion of all time, Flip Gordon and Tracey Williams have had a heated rival ever since the backstab Flip Gordon did the LifeBlood when he joined Leader of Villian Enterprises. You can check a review about that and the eight-man tag match that followed here.

The story doesn’t just end there, we could witness history in this match as both young performers, Tracey Williams and Flip Gordon were not only looking to bring gold to their respected factions, they also were competing to win there very first ROH championship! 

With lots of stories here, this wasn’t just another title match for the pay-per-view, and now with this news, and no further details are given anywhere at this time, Ring Of Honor fans are left wondering, are we getting this epic triple threat television title match on the ppv, or, do we have to wait for a later date?