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WWL rolls on and it’s crunch time for their upcoming big show “Apuesta Letal”. The company is intentionally holding up matches in order to release them closer to the show to raise the hype. Today’s show has a big talking segment as World Champion BJ expresses himself after being attacked by Might Ursus and Mike Mendoza.

After a recap of last week, Justin Dynamite tries to cut a promo but is immediately attacked by Mighty Ursus and we go to the intro.

Los Apostadores (Jack Daniels & Mike Piconose) vs The Lights (Gordy & Georgie Light)

Los Apostadores [The Gamblers] have been working lower tier promotions in Puerto Rico for years and this is Jack Daniels’ return to wrestling. The Lights are brothers. Things are pretty basic as the Lights chop Daniels as if it was a “welcome back” rib for quite a while. A Dropkick from Gordy leads to a break and coming back Piconose gets chopped. The four come in for some double teaming. Gordy hits a Flatliner/DDT to both Gamblers and set up the team finish but the Gamblers come back and hit a combo Death Drop and Frog Splash to win. It was very basic. Nothing bad though.

Image: WWL

After the match, The Gamblers take the mic and issue a challenge to the Tag Team Champions, LAX. However, we hear a familiar yell and out of the crowd, the extremely popular West Side Mafia appear. Morgan and Tabu return to WWL and say they’re owed a rematch for the titles, therefore they deserve the next opportunity against LAX. The Gamblers back off and LAX vs WSM is on for ‘Apuesta Letal’.

Super Cruisers Champion Mark Davidson approaches Mike Mendoza and wants to be a part of his little group. Mike lets him know he’s not in charge but will talk to whoever is above but Mark has to impress. Not an issue for Mark.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs for the WWL Tag Team Championships: West Side Mafia (Morgan & Tabu) vs Primos Melendez (Alex & Victor Melendez) (c) vs 3ra Generacion (Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion)

This one is from all the way back in August and is an edited version. The use of these items is actually pretty rare in the island. Sure, we’ll get plunder. But actual tables and ladders? Let’s just say you can see why as they don’t use the WWE/TNA/ROH variety. These are VERY sturdy wood tables that use one inch, thick boards. How do you smash through that?! The ladders are regular ones too so they’re very easy to warp and twist.

We get Topes right away as Morgan and Mendoza fly outside. Tabu, a rather short but portly guy, shows he’s great with the Suplexes as he tosses Mendoza with a Taz Capture Suplex. Angel Fashion, however, grabs his beard and Facebuster’s him by it. Unique to say the least.

Coming back from break, I witness one of the scariest spots ever as Morgan dangles by his legs from the ladder and Mendoza climbs to the top. He leaps onto Morgan and a table under him with one of these very stiff tables. As he leaps though, he grabs the cable hoisting up the titles and we get a gigantic crash with Mendoza trying to break the fall but instead, he just bends the polls holding the titles up very violently. I was scared Mendoza would lose his hands and dislocate his shoulders there grabbing the cable.

They keep attacking each other with all the leftover plunder including the broken bits of the table. That leads to the finish as El Nazareno appears. Who is El Nazareno? Well, a masked wrestler that is also a preacher. It’s all based on a rather bizarre issue that happened online regarding a wrestler jumping from companies too much. He walks down to the ring and takes Angel Fashion (they’re roommates) out of the ring. He blesses Tabu who finds the faith within him to knock down The Melendez and climb up to regain the titles. The ending is quite wacky but it’s a stamp of the time period as Nazareno is a wacky but fun character.

Image: WWL

The show ending angle is World Champ BJ and Willie Urbina sitting at a park for an interview. BJ discusses how different he is to Mike Mendoza. Yeah, he cheats in his matches. But he does it in the name of winning, to prove he’s the best. That’s not what Mike does though. He actively went out of his way to end his career and for the first time in his 18 year career he woke up in pain. Urbina questions that he has attacked Mendoza but BJ responds that it’s because he knew Mendoza was gonna challenge him so he preemptively made the first move. And he turned out to be right. He just didn’t expect Mendoza to stoop so low.

As the interview goes on, the cameraman indicates that BJ’s phone keeps ringing but BJ says he’s busy. He adds that he’s in pain but he’ll double that for Mendoza. Mendoza wants to leave World Champion. But he wants it far more.

Willie wraps up and leaves, saying it was a good take and BJ checks his phone and yells “Roger?!” ending the show on a cliffhanger. Roger is the name of Star Roger. A big name like BJ who was CWA World Champion for 2 years. He beat Jay Lethal of all people for that title and is coming back to WWL.

Image: WWL

The episode was lacking in action but solid in character development as BJ now falls onto the role of top babyface with very little issue, especially covering the base of him being a heel until recently. It’s a change of heart born from a greater evil. Cheating is now pointless for BJ because his opponent has a backup and is trying to injure him rather than just beat him in a match.

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