#Review: The NWA Powerrr Files Episode #7 (Cabana/Starks vs Mark/Stevens)

The show begins with highlights of the week before. Kamille provides a distraction leading to James Storm losing his NWA National Heavyweight title from the week before to Colt Cabana. This would prove to be the last show with Jim Cornette on commentary. As always the show emanates from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Cornette and Joe Galli go over what fans can anticipate for the upcoming episode including Colt Cabana, Ricky Starks, Question Mark, Aaron Stevens and more.

David Marquez interviews NWA Heavyweight Champion, ‘the National Treasure’ Nick Aldis. Marquez asks about the absence of Kamille. Aldis says that the decisions made are hers alone. Nick Aldis then says he will step in the ring and prove why he is the best and face someone he has respect for in Trevor Murdoch. They said it wouldn’t be for the championship but rather an ‘exhibition’. Aldis says that it is no disrespect to Murdoch but leaves in a backhanded compliment. ‘Maybe looking at the ten pounds of gold behind a pane of glass will be how close he gest to it’.

Cabana Mark Stevens Starks
Photo / NWA
Nick Aldis (C) vs. Trevor Murdoch

The two have a handshake to start the match. Murdoch gets the advantage early in the match with hammerlocks a plenty on the champion. He then follows up with a few fists and then follows with a scoop slam not once but three times. Aldis hits an elbow but Murdoch recovers and climbs to the top rope. He hit top rope bulldog and makes a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. Murdoch climbs up again but Aldis stops but temporary. Trevor Murdoch tries a dropkick to the leg but misses it. Aldis puts on the cloverleaf for a submission.

Winner: via submission Nick Aldis

After the match, the two men shake hands in a sign of respect. Aldis calls him a ‘crafty bas***d’.

After the break, the Rock n Roll Express are interviewed by David Marquez. Ricky Morton says that they are headed for their ninth reign as champions. Once they leave Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs come in and say that they have the number of the Rock N Roll Express. Marquez then asks Latimer about his relationship with Kamille. His response is that they are friends. So for the sake of this review let’s just go with that.

Last week we see Question Mark square off and more questions are asked about this new competitor. The National Heavyweight Champion, Colt Cabana is at ringside watching The Question Mark against Ricky Starks.

The Question Mark vs Ricky Starks

Upon the arrival, of The Question Mark into the ring, the ovation he received was deafening. Starks awaits him in the ring. Starks gains the advantage after an early set of moves by The Question Mark. For every punch, he administers the fans are right behind The Question Mark. Starks then hits a tope suicido to the outside. When he isn’t suspecting it Aaron Stevens comes to the ring and attacks Starks from behind.

Winner: No Contest

The finger thrust to the throat of Starks not once but twice. Cabana won’t stand for it and comes to the aid of Ricky Starks.

After the break, Jim Cornette announced that the main event for the evening has changed to be Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks against the Question Mark and Aaron Stevens.

Eli Drake comes to the commentary table and tells them, in particular, Ken Anderson that if he walks in past best date. Anderson comes out and says that while he has been all over it is that it is no better place than to come to HOTlanta and the rebirth of the NWA. He also is tired of Drake running his mouth and challenges him to a match right now. Drake looks around and takes off his jacket and then jumps Anderson from behind. He goes to the commentary area that had a turnbuckle drilled Anderson from behind with it. Cornette and Galli attempt to take control of the action. Crimson pulls Drake away.

Two weeks ago we see the attack by Thunder Rose on Allysin Kay and Marti Belle who followed suit.

Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa

Vox and Kay charge the ring while Belle and Rosa await for them in the ring. The bell rings and Vox and Belle start the match off in a collar and elbow tie-up. Eventually, Vox gains the advantage with a drop toe hold and a senton drop. Belle gets up and attacks Vox. Rosa is tagged in and lays in a wicked chop on Vox. The beatdown on Ashley is relentless. Belle is then tagged in and whips Vox into the turnbuckle. She drives her knee into the head of the prone Vox sitting in the corner.

Belle then whips in Vox who stops it with a big boot and then follows up with a dropkick. Kay is then tagged in and both Rosa and Kay are going at each other. Rosa hits a stiff kick to the head of Kay. Rosa climbs the ropes and Allysin Kay stops her. Kay then hits a superplex on Thunder Rosa.

Both women struggle on the mat to get to their feet. Just then Melina Perez comes down from the stands to the ringside area. Melina is a distraction with all the women focused on her. Kay is caught with a roll-up and a pin.

Winners: Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle

After the match a beatdown of both Kay and Vox takes place. Melina comes into the ring and stands with Rosa and Belle.

Aaron Stevens and Question Mark vs Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana

Cabana and Starks wait in the ring for the Question Mark and Stevens. Stevens is trying to force back Stark only to tag in Question Mark. Starks then gains the early advantage until Colt Cabana is tagged into the match. Cabana gains the early advantage until Question Mark regains control and tags in Aaron Stevens. Stevens plays the heel role very well. Question Mark begins to choke out Ricky Starks and lays in chops in on him. Stevens then is tagged in but momentarily but then so is Stevens.

Aaron Stevens then moons the crowd. After posturing to the crowd, Stevens is caught with a sling blade. Cabana is then tagged in and is on the attack. Starks is then tagged in. Both men exchange tags and maintain control. Starks attempt to remove the mask of Question Mark but is then caught with the spike. Stevens is then tagged in and makes the pin.

Winners: Aaron Stevens and The Question Mark

As soon as it appears as though the show is going off the air, James Storm comes out and questions the champions on the promotion and who they aren’t defending their titles. It is at this point Kamille comes out and interrupts Storm. She whispers something in his ear and walks away. Storm then says ‘sorry, about your damn luck’ and then follows her out.