#Review: PCW ULTRA Mutiny Manuscripts – Episode 14

PCW ULTRA Mutiny – Episode 14 is the final episode to the air prior to the league’s Into the Void show, in Wilmington, CA, on October 18.

The show included promo videos from the previous weeks’ Mutiny episodes, providing much background information for the matches heading Into the Void. Click Here to read last week’s Review of Mutiny for more background information for Into the Void, as it will be airing online in two weeks on PCW ULTRA’s streaming website.

Josef Samael vs The Sandman

The first last match of this week’s episode of PCW ULTRA Mutiny involves these men. The show started off with Josef Samael taking on the icon himself: The Sandman. It was a hard-hitting slugfest between the two. They brawled through the crowds, slinging chains and smashing plenty of steel (and plastic) over each other. Interference from Warbeast’s manager, Kevin Sullivan, put Sandman at a disadvantage.

The match quickly went to the outside as the two brawled throughout the arena. Of course, Sandman fit in his iconic suplexing of a table straight onto Josef.

When the dust settled, it was Josef who scored the win with a fireball, blasting Sandman in the face. But that did not stop Sandman from enjoying some post-match beer guzzling to the fan’s pleasure.  Expect an even more violent side of Josef at Into the Void, when he takes on Homicide in a Dog Collar Match.
Winner: Josef

Eli Everfly vs. Chris Bey vs Marko Stunt vs Jake Atlas

The second last match of this week’s episode of PCW ULTRA Mutiny involves these men. Watching this match now, a year after it took place at PCW ULTRA – Possessed, it is intriguing how far along all four competitors careers’ have come.

Jake Atlas is now a GCW mainstay and the current PCW Ultralight champion and enjoys regular bookings and main events around the country.  Earlier this year, he took on Artemis Spencer in Portland, OR in the main event for the DEFY Championship.

Chris Bey recently won his third piece of gold, consolidating the Without a Cause (WAC) Championship.  It is a new wrestling league near Seattle, WA which has caught some considerable buzz on social media. Bey has been on fire and clearly become a west coast wrestling star over the last year and a half.

Marko Stunt, of course, got signed to All Elite Wrestling and can be watched on national television currently, as he teams with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.

And shortly after this match took place, viewers may recall Eli Everfly wrestling on November 20, 2018’s episode of WWE Smackdown under the name Dane Bryant. Even more surprisingly, he and his tag team partner, Keita Murray (under the name Wayne Bryant), scored an upset victory over Shane McMahon and The Miz.

On this episode of Mutiny, these four competitors prove just why their greater rise in prominence over the last year is no coincidence. These four represent some of the best cruiserweight talents in wrestling today.

The match is loaded with an overdose of chain wrestling, as competitors flip over each other, deliver plenty of high kicks and fly sky high in trying to outmaneuver each other.

Atlas delivers a few of his absolutely beautiful springboard and inverted arm drags early on, sending competitors to the outside.

Eventually, and as expected, everyone is crashed and out on the floor by the mid-match. As the four struggle to climb to their feet, Stunt tries to get the advantage. But Atlas tosses him in the corner. Atlas -the standout star of this matchup- is once again firing away at each competitor with plenty of agile maneuvers.

Everfly delivered a standing Spanish fly that spiked Bey on his head. But Atlas shot back at Everfly with some sort of spinning Argentine backbreaker into a Death Valley Driver off the top turnbuckle. Regardless of what its name may be, it was nothing short of breathtaking (and risky). And it was perhaps the highlight of the match if one is even capable of choosing one among the many high spots here.

The match concluded with a final fight between Atlas and Bey, as Atlas finally scored his signature LGBT-DDT on Bey. And with that, he scored the victory by pinfall.

At the end of the match, Hammerfall came out of nowhere and decided he had a problem with Marko Stunt. He threw Stunt over a couple of rows of chairs straight onto the concrete.
Winner: Jake Atlas

Hammerstone vs Jeff Cobb

This is a hoss match clearly designed to give viewers a taste of Hammerstone’s capabilities as we head Into the Void where he takes on Schaff. It will be a hoss match similar to this matchup, but to become the number one contender for the PCW ULTRA Championship. On this episode of Mutiny, Hammerstone faces Jeff Cobb; a man of similar size and proportions to Schaff.

The match started with Jeff Cobb mocking Hammerstone as a Triple H look-alike by doing D-Generation X body gestures (at the time of this matchup, Hammerstone had long and wet hair).

The two bludgeoned each other throughout the nearly 20-minute match. Hammerstone delivered plenty of his stiff kicks. The two proceeded to trade German suplexes and other power moves, each one fueling the other, rather than putting them out. It is a match reminiscent of Japanese spirit-style wrestling between heavyweights.

The size and weight of these juggernauts did not stop each competitor from delivering a show of strength in utilizing an array of their signature moves on each other. Under normal circumstances, these power moves are usually executed against competitors a notch smaller than them in weight and size.

As the two fought to hoist the other up over a series of reversals, it was a big boot to Cobb’s face that set Hammerstone up for his finisher. Hammerstone effortlessly lifted Cobb all the way up into a vertical suplex, then rotated him downward with his Nightmare Pendulum finisher. It sent an earthquake across the ring upon impact, consolidating a victory for Hammerstone.
Winner: Hammerstone

Watch Into the Void online in two weeks, and find out if Hammerstone will once again demonstrate an aptitude for tossing giants around, or if he will get Schaft’ed! This was PCW ULTRA Mutiny.

Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.