#Review: PCW Ultra MUTINY – Episode 13 – 10/12

MUTINY, Episode 13, kicked off on the PCW Ultra’s Youtube channel on October 11 with Daga taking on ACH from September 2018’s Vision Quest show.

Jake Atlas, the current Ultralight Champion, will have to overcome the high caliber skills of  Daga at Into the Void.  So it comes without surprise that this week’s episode of MUTINY showcases Daga at his best.

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Daga vs ACH (from Vision Quest, September 2018)

The early matchup started with some fundamental wrestling lockups and various forms of roll-outs to escape their holds.

The speed quickly picked up as chain wrestling ensued, followed by an exchange of dropkicks and arm drags. ACH flaunted himself to the crowd as he perhaps bought some time to rethink his strategy.

The two competed for momentum, with shin kicks, hard elbows, and stiff strikes, and Daga ultimately capturing the early momentum.

ACH turned the tides as he caught Daga in a successive backbreaker and german suplex.  Moments later, ACH executed a tiger bomb out of nowhere.

As ACH executed his frog splash off the top rope, Daga raised his knees, winding him.

Daga ultimately was able to set up ACH for his double knee backbreaker scoring the win by pinfall.
Winner: Daga

Photo // PCW Ultra

Daga interview:

In a recent interview aired on this episode of MUTINY, Daga made the challenge to Jake Atlas, referring to himself as “The Boss” of Lucha Libre. Daga acknowledged that Atlas is doing something different in wrestling and that he should enjoy his Championship reign while it lasts.

However, on October 18, all that will change when he, “the Boss”, is standing over Atlas as the new champ at Into the Void.

Photo / PCW Ultra

Outlawz Inc. Has a Message:

Eddie Kingston and Homicide – the team of Outlawz Inc. – took forceful control of one of PCW Ultra’s cameramen and broadcast a threatening message to Warbeast.

Accusing Warbeast of being “marks”, Kingston made the accusation that the only reason they do not hold tag team gold is that promoters are too afraid to book them.

Kingston ominously warned of revenge and dared the Sheikh and Fatu to come and seek them out.

Next week at Into the Void, “The Samoan Werewolf” Fatu and Eddie Kingston face each other singles competition in an I Quit Match.

But the violence between these two tag teams does not stop there, as “The Sheikh” Josef Samael takes on Homicide in a Dog Collar Match.

This all comes off the heels of PCW Ultra’s last show in which the tag team championship between both teams resulted in a no-contest.

Next Week’s Preview:

Highlighting what is to come on next week’s episode of MUTINY, the following matches from PCW Ultra’s archives are set to air in their entirety:

  • Josef vs The Sandman (Refuse to Lose, December 1, 2017)
  • Jake Atlas vs. Chris Bey vs. Marko Stunt vs. Eli Everfly (No Quarter, August 9, 2019)
  • Jeff Cobb vs. Hammerstone (May the 4th, May 4, 2018)
Photo / PCW Ultra

Hammerstone Shoots on Schaff:

Hammerstone had a lot to say about Schaff, accusing him of restarting a feud that he would not be able to finish and making matters very personal.

Stating that Schaff is really just a regular man trying to act tough as an attempt to form a self-identity, he threatened to expose him and prove himself the better man.

Though their feud may be off to a fresh start in PCW Ultra, these two men clearly have a history of beef between each other that has carried over from DEFY wrestling in the Pacific Northwest.

For a more detailed breakdown of the heat between these two, read Pro Wrestling Post’s past Rivalries piece by myself, Micah Shapiro, by clicking here: Schaff vs Hammerstone: Hatred That Transcends the Show.

At Into the Void, these two juggernauts meet once again, with the victor earning a shot at the PCW Ultra Championship.

Photo / PCW Ultra

PJ Black vs Penta El Zero-M – PCW Ultra Championship Match (PCW Ultra – Possessed – October 26, 2018)

In one of PCW Ultra’s past classics, PJ Black takes on Penta El Zero-M in this episode.

PJ Black started off the match with the offensive advantage, gaining a springboard crossbody onto Penta early on.

Penta fought back with a quick slingblade, then attempted his vicious handbar. But PJ Black escaped and fought back, catching Penta in a pendulum.

The two brawled back and forth in the mid-match. Out of nowhere, Penta came off the ropes for a springboard crossbody, then an early Penta Driver. Black barely kicked out.

Moments later, Black scored a hurricanrana on Penta off the top rope, followed with a beautiful springboard moonsault.

Black went for a double stomp off the top, but Penta rolled out of the way and scored a skull shattering Canadian Destroyer. Black somehow kicked out, only to set himself up for a Fear Factor.

Penta snapped Black’s shoulder with his signature hyperextension, thereby scoring the pinfall.
Winner: Penta

Photo // PCW Ultra

Upcoming Grudge Match and Rivalry –  Douglas James and Brian Pillman Jr.

As the grudge match approaches between Brian Pillman Jr. and Douglas James at Into the Void, MUTINY had a few messages and highlights from both men.

Pillman absurdly stated that the West Coast was in need of a star and hero and that he was brought to this region precisely for such reasoning.

Douglas James’ prominence on the west coast has also grown.  He has established himself as the longest-reigning PCW Ultralight champion previously and has recently become a regular mainstay in DEFY Wrestling.

Douglas James has also been quick to shoot back at Pillman’s jibes. “I’m not here to wrestle, I’m here to fight.” James’ frustration in this matter ultimately began with a chair shot to his cranium by Pillman at the last show, which caused his defeat in a triple threat match between himself, Pillman and Schaff.

This week’s MUTINY main event showcases Douglas’ at his finest as he takes on Lio Rush from July 2017.

Photo // PCW Ultra

Lio Rush vs Douglas James -Ultralight Championship (PCW Ultra – Second to None – July 28, 2017)

The match started quick, with both competitors going off the ropes, dodging offensives, engaging in lockups and shoulder-to-shoulder takedowns, as the two enshrined the sheer speed of their abilities.

Rush springboard dropkicked Douglas to the outside, followed by a series of rock-solid kicks to Douglas’ chest.

Douglas ducked a spinning kick, delivering a dropkick in return, which sent Rush to the outside, followed by a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Douglas nailed an elbow drop off the top rope, followed by a running knee strike which Rush dodged. Rush fired back with a series of kicks and palm strikes. Ducks and reversals ensued as the two waged a war of stiff kicks, knees to the face and spinning backhands, the final blow grounding Douglas to the mat.

As Rush prepared to finish Douglas off, he was met with a surprise knee to the face.  The two men slowly rose and went blow for blow.

But Rush remained a slight step ahead and caught him with a spinning heel kick. Rush attempted his signature frog splash, but Douglas raised his knees.

Rush attempted to fight back in his weakened state. Douglas responded with another superkick to Rush’s jaw, laying him out.

As Rush stumbled to his feet, Douglas darted towards him ready to finish him but was suddenly caught by Rush’s Spanish Fly.

As both competitors slowly stumbled back up and traded blows, Rush caught him in a brain-rattling corkscrew driver that should have ended the match.

But as Rush approached Douglas, he was met with a jumping knee strike out of nowhere.

Douglas, running on fumes, nailed Rush with a second knee strike to the face that knocked him viciously backward.

Miraculously, Rush somehow kicked out. Douglas, bewildered, delivered yet third knee strike, followed by a frog splash which finally scored the pinfall over Rush.

Winner: Douglas James

Lio Rush thanked the fans for their support, considering it was his last match in PCW Ultra before his transition to WWE NXT.

The caliber of this match clearly stands as a demonstration of the sheer challenge and tribulation that awaits Brian Pillman Jr. at Into the Void next week.

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Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.