#Review NXT UK for (2/20/19)

On this week’s review episode of NXT UK, Rhea Ripley cashes in on her rematch, as she challenges Toni Storm for NXT UK Women’s Championship. Will Storm’s reign continues, or will Ripley become not only the first NXT UK Women’s Champion but the first two-time champion to boot? Tonight, we find out, as NXT UK comes to us this week from Phoenix, Arizona!

Match 1: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs. Mark and Joe Coffey

The match starts with Mark and Webster, with the latter quickly being taken down to the mat. Webster runs into a slap by Mark, who tags in his brother. Joe stomps at Webster’s chest, but Webster springs up to hit a dropkick, tagging in Andrews. Andrews escapes a powerbomb attempt and comes off the second rope with a hurricanrana. Joe makes the bling tag, and the Coffey brothers lay out Andrews with a pop-up uppercut. Mark hits a big scoop slam and a knee drop. Mark tags in Joe once again as the onslaught on the smaller Andrews continues.

Joe corners Andrews, throwing several lefts and rights, before shooting him into the opposite corner. The tag is made to Mark, who traps Andrews with a full nelson. Mark tags Joe back in and the two brothers hit a double chop on Andrews. Joe locks in a full nelson on Andrews, keeping him grounded. Andrews begins to will himself back into the match, struggling to reach Webster. Joe lays in several strikes, though, flooring the high-flying star again.

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Joe lifts Andrews and begins to swing him around in a hammerlock position, nailing him with an overhead suplex. Joe goes for the cover, but Andrews kicks out at two! Andrews starts to fight back, though, and avoids another powerbomb attempt to finally tag in Webster. Off the hot tag, Webster goes after the Coffey brothers, concluding with a springboard moonsault to the inside on Mark. He then charges at the corner, running around to the outside to land a jumping hurricanrana on Joe. Mark reenters the ring and tags in his brother.

Joe makes the tag soon after, exchanging strikes with Andrews. Webster makes the bling tag to Andrews, hitting Joe with a big knee and Andrews following up with a DDT. With the Coffey brothers to the outside, Andrews and Webster hit simultaneously planchas to the outside. Back in the ring, Joe is hit with a Stun Dog Millionaire by Andrews. However, Mark hits Andrews with a suplex on the apron. With Webster left alone in the ring, Joe hits All the Best for the Bells, covering him for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Mark and Joe Coffey

Later on tonight, we will see Storm defend the NXT UK Women’s Championship against Ripley. Also, we will see Trent Seven of Moustache Mountain in singles action! Before going to commercial, we are treated to a video package featuring Nina Samuels, an NXT UK Superstar who considers this stage to be all her own. Be on the lookout for this dazzling Women’s Superstar.

Back from commercial, we are treated to a video featuring Jordan Devlin, who says that he has unfinished business with Travis Banks. We cut to a video package featuring the confident Kylie Rae, yet another promising competitor in the NXT UK Women’s Division.

Match 2: Trent Seven vs. Shane Thorne

In Thorne’s NXT UK debut, we see he and Seven lock up in the center of the ring to begin. Both men remain locked in this position, attempting to gain leverage over the other. They lock up again, Seven taking hold of Thorne’s shoulder, which is wrapped with kinesio tape. Thorne chops Seven in the corner, but Seven returns with numerous chops of his own. Thorne hits a shoulder block, but Seven comes back with a running cross body. Seven goes for the pin, but Thorne kicks out at two!

Thorne, on the outside apron, drops Seven’s arm across the top rope. He continues to go for Seven’s arm, wrenching it across the ring post. Thorne wrenches on Seven’s arm in the ring, stomping away at him. He goes for the cover, but Seven kicks out at two. Thorne goes right back to the arm, keeping it cinched. Seven starts to rise to his feet, finally hitting a stunner to break the hold. Seven chops at Thorne, using his good hand, before following up with a DDT. Seven charges at Thorne in the corner, hitting an overhead slap followed by two suplexes. He goes for the cover but, once again, Thorne kicks out at two!

Seven locks in the figure-four leglock, he and Thorne exchanging slaps. Thorne finally rolls over to the ropes, but Seven keeps the hold locked in. Finally, both men roll off the apron, hitting hard on the mat outside. Seven and Thorne lay in on each other with strikes, with Thorne getting the better of the exchange with a back suplex on the apron. Thorne begins to go up to the top rope, but Seven stops him with another series of chops. Seven climbs up the turnbuckle, hitting Thorne with a superplex! Seven goes for the cover but it’s only good for a two count!

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Thorne rolls up Seven with an inside cradle, but it’s only good for two. Both men, clearly fatigued, continue to go at it with an exchange of strikes. Seven goes for the Seven Stars Lariat, but Thorne drops him with a German suplex. 1.. 2… Seven kicks out! Thorne looks to be going for a crossface chickenwing, but Seven evades the attack, nailing Thorne with a Seven Stars Lariat! Seven goes for the cover, 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Trent Seven

Earlier today, Jack Gallagher was interviewed regarding potential competition in NXT UK. Gallagher expressed that he may speak with Johnny Saint and discuss the possibility, so be on the lookout for him.

As we return from commercial, we cut to an interview with Joseph Connors. He says that Ligero caught him on an off-day. Connors says that he is better than ever, so it seems business between him and Ligero isn’t over.

Zack Gibson and James Drake, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, make their way to the ring to a less than favorable reaction from the Phoenix crowd. Gibson said that, for 13 long years, they worked across the world, finally standing before the crowd as champions. He also proclaims that they are the greatest tag team in the world. Being the champs, however, has some drawbacks, which brought them to Phoenix, where they would have to educate people about British wrestling. He wasn’t happy about Saint bringing them on this trip. The idea was that Gibson and Drake were given the best competition, but Gibson says that the competition should come to them, since he regards Drake and himself as the best. Gibson also targeted Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, which brought them out to confront Gibson and Drake.

Burch tells Gibson, on behalf of the crowd, to shut up. He follows up by saying that while he’s proud of being British, he’s also proud of representing NXT and calling Lorcan his partner. Burch follows up by saying that they shouldn’t have to wait to compete, which is when he and Lorcan start to make their way to the ring. As Lorcan and Burch enter the ring, the champs slide out, backing up toward the stage. As they leave, Lorcan and Burch stand tall in the ring, motioning to the titles in the possession of Gibson and Drake.

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For next week’s show, Tyler Bate will square off with Jack Gallagher! As if this wasn’t big enough, WALTER will challenge Kassius Ohno on that very show. It’s also been announced that Gibson and Drake will be defending the NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Lorcan and Burch. Coming up next, though, Ripley will challenge Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship in tonight’s main event!

Match 3: Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship

Before the match even begins, Ripley attacks Storm from behind, tossing her into the corner. The bell finally rings, which signals Ripley to lay in on Storm with a bevy of strikes. Ripley follows up with a few forearms and a headbutt, sending Storm to the canvas. Storm surprises Ripley with a low dropkick to the face, going for a quick cover. Storm rains down on Ripley with strikes of her own, but Ripley drapes her over the bottom rope, pulling her out of the ring, where she continues to attack Storm. Ripley rams Storm against the ring apron, before lifting her up and slamming her back first against the nearby ring post.

Rolling Storm back in the ring, Ripley continues to stomp away on the champion. Ripley straddles Storm and strikes with mounted punches. She then follows up with a body scissors, cinching her legs around Storm’s midsection. Ripley maneuvers the hold for a pinfall attempt on Storm, but she breaks out of it. Storm tries to fire back with a series of strikes, but Ripley silences her with a dropkick, going for the cover for the two count.

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As Storm tries to build momentum once again, Ripley strikes her with a knee to the midsection, sending her down to the mat again. Ripley locks in an inverted cloverleaf, but Storm rolls through it, sending the challenger out of the ring. Storm hits a suicide dive out of the ring, flooring Ripley and beginning to build momentum once more. Back in the ring, Storm hits Ripley with a German suplex, following up with a running hip attack in the corner. Storm hits a second German suplex, bridging through, but Ripley kicks out at two!

Storm goes for her finisher, Storm Zero, but Ripley reverses the hold, flooring the champion with two short arm clotheslines. Ripley goes for a third clothesline, but Storm hits a backstabber. With both competitors on their knees, they exchange strikes, slowly rising to their feet as they do so. Ripley hits a jumping kick on Storm, but Storm fires back with a headbutt. Storm goes for the pin, 1… 2… Ripley kicks out! Storm goes up to the top rope, but Ripley stops her in her tracks, hitting a jumping kick. Ripley climbs to the top rope, hitting a big superplex on Storm. Ripley goes for the cover, 1… 2… Storm kicks out!

Frustrating setting in, Ripley starts to kick away at Storm’s head. She hits a scoop slam on the champion, stomping away at her on the corner. Ripley keeps Storm in the corner, going for a running tackle. Storm leaps over the challenger, though, floating over in order to hit Storm Zero! 1… 2… 3! Storm retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship!

Winner: Toni Storm

The show closes with Storm standing tall, in the center of the ring, the NXT UK Women’s Championship high in the air. Tune in next time, as next week’s show looks to be very promising. Thanks for reading!