#Review MLW Fusion Episode 81

Welcome once again to the MLW Fusion review here for episode 81 on the Pro Wrestling Post. We’ll be looking at episode 81, taped in conjunction with MLW partner The Crash Lucha Libre. The episode opens with a promo from Josef Samael of CONTRA Unit. He reminds us that Promociones Dorado is looking for another partner for tonight. LA Park Jr. was taken out by CONTRA, beaten and left lying for dead. We go into the arena where Rich Bocchini greets us with AJ Kirsch. This is, of course, the final stop before MLW Saturday Night Superfight.

In action first, we have the team of Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr representing the Hart Foundation. Their opponents are the team of Extreme Tiger and Dragon Lee. In an interesting move, they acknowledge Lee’s recent departure from CMLL. It’s also broken to us by Rich that Brian Pillman’s challenge to Low-Ki for Superfight had been accepted. The match began with Pillman mocking Dragon lee and his brother, Rush with a Tranquilo pose. The action was fast-paced except when Davey Boy Smith was involved.

Dragon Lee rallied late in the match, helping to get some revenge on Pillman. However, a suicide dive by Extreme Tiger was used against their team, as Pillman got out of the way and Lee took the hit. Smith then used his crazy strength to deadlift the fallen Extreme Tiger into the ring. From there, the legendary teamwork of the Hart Foundation was on full display. Davey Boy Smith picked up the pin and the victory, much to the crowd’s dismay.

We then go to the MLW Saturday Night Superfight Control Center, where Rich gets us caught up on all the action set for November 2nd:

MLW Fusion
Photo / MLW

Three-Way Stairway to Hell Match
Mance Warner vs. Bestia 666 vs. Jimmy Havoc
Brian Pillman, Jr vs Low-Ki
MLW World Tag Team Championship Match
the Dynasty (c) vs. Von Erichs
MLW World Middleweight Championship Match
Teddy Hart (c) vs. Austin Aries
Injustice vs. Gringo Loco, Puma King & Septimo Dragon
MLW National Openweight Championship Match
Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Boy Smith, Jr
Timothy Thatcher vs. Tom Lawlor
MLW World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. LA Park

Next, we hear from the empresaria herself, Salina de la Renta. Smoking a cigar, she threatens CONTRA Unit with a real war. This was followed by another video promo from LA Park. It was taped after the gruesome attack on his son, and he swears vengeance on CONTRA Unit. Later tonight, two representatives of both Promociones Dorado and CONTRA Unit will go to war. Following another episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic, we hear from the Von Erich boys. They promise to give The Dynasty a nice SuperFight hangover. We then see another episode of H2 TV.

The action continues to roll on MLW Fusion, with Proximo and Terror Azteca taking on Toto and Torito Negro. This will be a lucha libre rules tag team match, which is more similar to an American Tornado style tag team match. Direct hand-to-hand or other body part tags are not required. This match was over in quick order after Terror Azteca took Torito Negro down with a headscissors driver into the mat. Toto was very popular with the Tijuana crowd, especially the ladies.

It’s time for our main event here on MLW Fusion, as CONTRA Unit will clash with Promociones Dorado ahead of Superfight. CONTRA is represented by Josef Samael, Simon Gotch, and Ikuro Kwon. Salina leads La Rebelion Amarilla, Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf, along with her destroyer LA Park into this match. It might not be wise for him to be competing so close to his title match, but LA Park is a strong member of Promociones Dorado. He also is eager to get revenge on all members of CONTRA Unit for the attack on his son.

As has been the theme all night, the luchadors are more popular with the crowd than the gringo members of MLW. This match quickly devolves into a glorified street fight. The fighters engage in most of the action outside the ring and among the fans. About mid-way through the match, all of the combatants were in the ring, before Promociones Dorado unleashed their incredible arsenal of high flying moves. Bestia 666 went first with a suicide dive, followed by Ikura Kwon hitting a dive of his own. Next would be Mecha Wolf taking Kwon out like a dart. Finally, the legendary LA Park would fly onto the entire brigade with a plancha.

In the twilight moments of the match, Rich and AJ report that Jacob Fatu is attempting to get out to the ringside area. Security had formed a perimeter wall to control the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. After Bestia 666 hit a Muscle Buster, Mecha Wolf attempted to deliver a 450 Splash. He was stopped by Kwon, who sprayed him with red mist. Bestia turned around in the ring right into a fireball from Josef Samael. Samael turned around to eat a giant spear from LA Park. Fatu remained restrained backstage and Promociones Dorado was able to celebrate their very hard-earned victory.

That’s it for this edition of MLW Fusion, and we’ll see you next week for MLW Saturday Night Superfight!

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