#Review MLW Fusion Episode 57

Welcome to this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post MLW Fusion for Episode 57 Review. We will be taking a look at episode 57 as we are on the road to MLW Fury Road. Last week was the landmark episode in which Salina de la Renta was the executive producer. You can check out the review of that episode here. This episode opens with a video package. It is hyping up the match tonight between the undefeated Caramel Colossus Barrington Hughes and Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit. Following that video, the opening video of MLW Fusion rolled. From there, we went straight into the action.

The first match of this episode features Air Wolf and Rey Fenix. Air Wolf is a 19-year-old flyer out of Minneapolis that is fairly new to Major League Wrestling. He takes on a veteran of the skies and one half of the Lucha Brothers. These two are well-matched size and style wise and the match itself is a real treat. Before the match starts, Fenix during his entrance throws in a little Latin shoulder shimmy. This was, of course, made famous in wrestling by the late Eddie Guerrero. Fenix would dominate a good chunk of the contest, but Air Wolf would find ways to kick out. The end came when Fenix attempted a second Muscle Buster. Air Wolf was able to use that and roll through to catch Fenix with a quick pinfall. The fans, the commentators and Fenix were all taken by surprise.

Fenix laughed out of surprise of being caught like that. He immediately stood up and shook Air Wolf’s hand in respect. With such a monumental victory, MLW management is bound to take notice of this cub. Speaking of notices, following this contest we got another one of sorts. A promo was shown that Austin Aries is coming to MLW. Hopefully, more news on this monumental signing and Aries’ involvement will be forthcoming. Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette recap from last week’s episode of MLW Fusion. Salina de la Renta was in charge, but Sami Callihan and Mance Warner did their best to wreak havoc on her plans. We then go to the back where Kaci Lennox was standing by with the empresaria herself. Salina promises that she will bring havoc their way. Sami and Mance will have to take on two of Salina’s finest from Promociones Dorado on MLW Fusion!

Up next is the match we’ve been waiting for, the ultimate clash. Barrington Hughes will have his chance at revenge on CONTRA Unit. He will take on the Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu. Unlike many of Hughes’ opponents, Fatu is not intimidated. Hughes looked to have the advantage in the opening seconds of the contest. However, after a momentary space was given, Fatu served up a superkick. He then darted across the ring and scaled the turnbuckles. Jacob Fatu crashed down on Barrington Hughes with a corkscrew plancha. This put the Caramel Colossus away for the three count, his first loss in MLW. Following this, we are treated to another episode of H2 TV. Unlike previous episodes, this one covers many topics. They include the Lucha Brothers, MJF and Rich Swann. The real star though was Mr. Velvet, Teddy showed the cat’s moonsault abilities. Caspian makes a cameo appearance as well.

Next, we revisit the semi-final brackets of the MLW National Openweight Championship. Tonight, on MLW Fusion, Alexander Hammerstone will take on Gringo Loco. Next week, Rich Swann will battle Brian Pillman, Jr. The winners of these two matches will go onto the finals at MLW Fury Road on June 1st.  After the MLW Control Center on Fury Road, we get an update on new free agent talent. Marshall and Ross Von Erich have signed with MLW! They are the sons of Kevin Von Erich and have made a bit of a name for themselves in Japan. We then see a promo from the MLW World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor will be defending his title against the Avalanche Robert Dreissker at MLW Fury Road. Back in the Melrose Ballroom, the action rolls on for MLW Fusion.

Bryan Idol makes his MLW debut and he will be taking on Team Filthy member Ariel Dominguez. Idol attempts to dominate the much smaller Dominguez. Dominguez, however, refuses to give in. He fights back every time and doesn’t give up. Following a satellite DDT, Dominguez attempts a cover not once but twice in order to finally score the pin. Training with Team Filthy seems to be doing Ariel Dominguez some good.

In the back, Mance Warner and Sami Callihan respond to Salina’s challenge from earlier in the night. What bonds Ol Mancer and the Draw together is a mutual hatred of Salina de la Renta. Salina ruined their singles match, their fun and now they’re fixing to ruin Salina.They accept the challenge and hopefully MLW officials sign this match. Speaking of Salina, Kaci Lennox and a cameraman track her down with Low-Ki near a stairwell. They appear in the midst of an argument, talking about their partnership. Low-Ki confirms that his deal with Promociones Dorado is almost up, however before they could get further into it, Salina notices the camera. She calls Low-Ki by his real name, and they both storm off in opposite directions.

Now it’s main event time here on MLW Fusion. Gringo Loco will be taking on the heavy hitter of the Dynasty, Alexander Hammerstone. This is the first of two semi-final matches for the new MLW National Openweight Championship. Whoever wins punches their ticket to Fury Road and the tournament final. Hammerstone, of course, comes out with fellow Dynasty members MJF and Richard Holliday. However, after some fist bumps and a big group hug, he sends them to the back. This will indeed be a true one-on-one affair. Hammerstone was initially thrown off by the unique ring style of Gringo Loco. However, he was able to gain control rather quickly. It didn’t take too long for his prediction of a Nightmare Pendulum to come true. Alexander Hammerstone advances to Fury Road and the finals of the MLW National Openweight Championship.

Next week on MLW Fusion, we will have the second semi-final match in the tournament. Rich Swann and Brian Pillman, Jr. will battle it out to see who will face Alexander Hammerstone. Also signed for next week is El Hijo de LA Park and Ricky Martinez versus Mance Warner and Sami Callihan. Until next week, this has been your MLW Fusion Review right here on the Pro Wrestling Post.

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