MLW Fusion Review Episode 56 presented by Salina de la Renta

Welcome to a very special edition of the MLW Fusion review here on the Pro Wrestling Post! This will be reviewing MLW Fusion for episode 56 where the empresaria herself, Salina de la Renta was in charge. Salina served as an executive producer for this episode and arranged all of the matches for it. It’s MLW Fusion, Promociones Dorado style!

The show opens with the lovely Salina de la Renta sitting on a posh couch. Her charge, Low-Ki, is warming up for his match. As she discusses business on the phone, Low-Ki feels she does not have her eyes on the important things, like his match. She assures him to let her worry about business and him worry about wrestling. Going into the arena, Rich Bocchini introduces our lovely hostess, despite Jim Cornette’s objections. Salina then personally welcomes us to this episode, where she will seek to prove that she is the one to be in charge. The main event will be a rematch between two of lucha libre’s heaviest hitters, Pentagon, Jr. and LA Park presented by Salina de La Renta.

Our first contest will be Low-Ki taking on Daga, this is their first formal encounter since Low-Ki almost ripped Daga’s ear off. That happened back on episode 30, however, unlike that night, Salina does not accompany him to ringside. We break from the action, going back to Sami Callihan who has shanghaied a cameraman into following him. Callihan had been barred from the building, but he attempts to break in! Returning inside, we see Daga make his entrance and it’s clear he’s been waiting for this for a long time. Neither man wastes the moment and they brawl on the entrance ramp before Daga tosses Low-Ki into the ring. Daga has the advantage in the opening moments, peppering Low-Ki with strikes.

Daga refused to break once he backed Low-Ki into the corner, so the official forcibly separated them. This opening allowed the cerebral professional fighter to attack the eyes of Daga. Daga’s fury could not be denied though, as he came back hard against the former World Heavyweight Champion. Low-Ki was finally able to create an opening for himself by dropping Daga abdomen first across the top rope. This gave him both time and the vertical advantage to get on the offensive. For the next few minutes, it was all Low-Ki as he battered and punished Daga. As Low-Ki kicked at Daga on his knees, Daga created an opening by grabbing the leg and unleashed a series of vicious dragon leg whips.

In the closing moments, Low-Ki had Daga tied up in the tree of woe. Daga was able to send Low-Ki flying and grabbed him with a front-face lock after. Ever ring-aware, Low-Ki backed Daga into the corner and gave Daga a fisherman’s suplex, using the ropes to aid his bridging pin. Referee Doug Markham did not notice this and counted the fall. We then go to the back and to our hostess, the executive producer Salina de la Renta. She introduces the much-anticipated tournament brackets for the new MLW National Openweight Championship. In the first semi-final match, it will be the highly impressive Gringo Loco taking on the dominant Alexander Hammerstone. The second semi-final match will feature the young lion Brian Pillman, Jr. and Rich Swann.

The two fighters who advance to the finals will fight on June 1st at MLW’s debut in Milwaukee. Next, we recap the current challenges weighing on the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Tom Lawlor. There’s the unpredictable CONTRA Unit, the 2019 Battle Riot winner LA Park, and Germany’s Avalanche, Robert Dreissker. Then we see him training with fellow Team Filthy member, Ariel Dominguez. Returning to the arena, we see Sami Callihan has made his way into the building. The desperado of MLW Fusion ambushes Ricky Martinez and makes off with Martinez’s cell phone. The left eye of El Sicario of Promociones Dorado is also damaged. Before we can find out where Callihan is off to next, it’s time for the next contest on MLW Fusion.

Presented by Salina de la Renta, El Hijo de LA Park makes his way to the ring to take on Gringo Loco. Salina is completely carefree, unaware that the worldwide desperado has made his way into the building. The opening exchanges between the two are unorthodox and full of lucha libre rolls, leading always to stalemates. Hijo de LA Park appears to be slightly frustrated by Gringo Loco, while Loco appears cool as always. The son of LA Park does get the advantage following a hurricanrana to the outside and then a suicide dive. The “Kenny Powers knockoff” as Salina calls him, turned the momentum his way by hitting a Falcon Arrow from the top rope. It was only good for a two-count though.

El Hijo de LA Park recovers quickly, and after jockeying for position, plants Gringo Loco. This allows Hijo to pick up the victory, to Salina’s great delight. We then see another video manifesto from CONTRA Unit. They reveal their sights are now trained on Barrington Hughes. Hughes, who is undefeated in MLW will face Jacob Fatu next week on MLW Fusion. En route to the main event, we check in on Sami Callihan. He makes a phone call to Salina; he advises her that this is what happens when you get in his business. Callihan also promises that he has more surprises in store for her and takes off, the cameraman unwillingly in tow.

Now it is main event time, and it’s LA Park versus Pentagon, Jr. The Grim Reaper of MLW didn’t feel like waiting, as he attacks Pentagon on the entrance ramp. This match was almost all LA Park, from start to finish. Whenever Pentagon, Jr. would get some momentum going, LA Park or Salina de la Renta would stop him. Following a huge dive on the outside and a devastating spear, LA Park is your winner. After the match, fans appreciative of the hell they just witnessed, threw money into the ring for the legend. Salina then got on the microphone and insulted the New York crowd, before beckoning LA Park to her. They went to open a gift on the stage, allegedly from the sponsors.

The box opened itself, as it was Mance Warner! He attacked LA Park and they brawled towards the back, an enraged Salina de la Renta following behind. That’s it for this episode of MLW Fusion, but they will be back next week! We’ll see you then!

Originally written by Brandi Wagner

My name is Brandi, I'm 30 years young and have been a wrestling fan since the tender age of 2. My love of writing grew from school and I soon found ways to merge my two loves. Aside from writing and the pro graps, I love to do crafts and read. I was born and raised in Alaska, which is also where I currently make my home. Hit me up, I love to chat!