RAW Rebound for 10/14/19 (Firefly Funhouse)

Monday Night Raw opens with a replay from the Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins, and The Fiend. Why lies ahead for the Firefly Funhouse?

The Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her way down to ringside to kick off the show. She remarked about how she was looking forward to beating up Sasha Banks. However, Banks had to sit this one out because she still smarting from the last beating Becky gave her. Which brought Becky to Charlotte Flair. Lynch would be facing Flair in a one-on-one battle to determine the first pick in tonight’s continuing WWE draft.

Charlotte claimed that she wanted to be friends with Becky but Becky makes it so hard. Shortly thereafter she caught Becky with a sucker punch and the melee ensued. The officials and referees try to break it up as we go to commercial. Once we returned from commercial, the match was underway. After several near falls, Becky Lynch would pick up the victory by rolling up Charlotte Flair. Therefore, Monday Night Raw gets the overall first pick in tonight’s draft.

Burn it Down?

In a backstage interview segment, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins claimed that he was going Fiend hunting and would find The Fiend’s Firefly Fun House and ‘Burn It Down.’

They show several backstage shots of alleged Fox and USA Network Executives working an NFL-style draft room. Stephanie McMahon comes out to announce the picks for tonight’s draft. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins is the first pick and goes to Monday Night Raw. Brock Lesnar, the new WWE Champion was drafted to SmackDown. Charlotte Flair was drafted to Raw. The New Day was drafted to SmackDown. Andrade, along with Zelina Vega was drafted to Raw.

Renee Young, Booker T, Beth Phoenix, and Samoa Joe all give their thoughts and opinions on the night’s draft picks thus far.

Andrade and Zelina make their way to ringside as Zelina tells the crowd there’s gonna be some changes to Raw. We come back from commercial and Andrade’s match with Ali is already underway. Ali got a few moves in offensively but it was a rather short contest that ended with Andrade nailing the Hammerlock DDT to pick up the victory.

Second Round of the WWE Draft

Stephanie comes out to announce more draft picks. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors were drafted to Raw. Daniel Bryan was drafted to Smackdown. Rusev was drafted to Raw. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley was drafted to Smackdown and Aleister Black was drafted to Raw.

We’re going to see the Viking Raiders in action tonight as they prepare for a tag team title opportunity against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

Between entrances, they air a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment.

The champions make their entrance and we’ve got action. The Viking Raiders earned their title opportunity by defeating the champions last week in a non-title matchup. It should be noted that the commentary team mentioned the Viking Raiders undefeated streak since being called to the main roster. That streak remained intact and topped off by picking up the victory and becoming the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

Firefly Funhouse
Photo / LordsofPain.net

Stephanie announced Cedric Alexander has been drafted to Raw. Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was drafted to Smackdown. Humberto Carrillo was drafted to Raw. Ali was drafted to Smackdown. Rowan was drafted to Raw.

Black vs Young

Aleister Black took on Eric Young in a one-on-one contest that ended with Young tapping out to an Aleister Black submission hold.

Stephanie announced Buddy Murphy to Raw, former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to SmackDown, Jinder Mahal to Raw, Carmella to SmackDown and R-Truth to Raw.

Ricochet defeated Shelton Benjamin in another short draft showcase matchup.

Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman met face to face with Jerry Lawler officiating the contract signing. They were cordial at first but then turned super aggressive. Tyson Fury said he was comfortable in a WWE ring and snapped a pen in half to display his anger. The two will face off at WWE Crown Jewel, their annual Saudi Arabia special.

Stephanie came out again to announce Samoa Joe to Raw, The Miz to SmackDown, Akira Tozawa to Raw, King Corbin to SmackDown, Shelton Benjamin to Raw.

In another draft showcase matchup, Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander, two of Raw’s newest picks went one-on-one with Buddy Murphy picking up the victory over his long-time 205 Live rival.

To conclude the draft, Stephanie announced Rey Mysterio to Raw, Shorty Gable to SmackDown, Titus O’Neil to Raw, Elias to SmackDown and Liv Morgan to Raw.

Lacey Evans and Natayla vs Kabuki Warriors

In a somewhat odd pairing of ladies who just beat each other to a pulp last week, Lacey Evans and Natalya faced off against the Kabuki Warriors. Asuka would pick up the victory for the women’s tag team champions by rolling up Lacey Evans for the three count.

As Bray Wyatt attempted to host another episode of the Firefly FunHouse, it was interrupted by WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who attacked Bray Wyatt. Seth ended up getting the upper hand, with Bray asking him not to destroy the Firefly FunHouse. Seth, like Randy Orton before him, showed no mercy to the Firefly FunHouse and eventually ‘burned it down’ as Raw went off the air. The Fiend, Bray Wyatt could be heard laughing loudly.

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