Raquel González wins NXT Women’s Championship | #AndNEW

In the main event of NXT TakeOver’s night one, a new champion was crowned. During the NXT Women’s Championship match, Raquel González defeated Io Shirai to capture the NXT Championship. The narrative going into the match was unlike one typically told in wrestling. This was an instance where the champion was in pursuit of the challenger. From the moment Raquel González and Dakota Kai lost the NXT Women’s Championship, Shirai was quick to come right after Big Mama Cool. She didn’t blink in her pursuit of her. Once both parties agreed to the match, the leadup was as intense as ever. Shirai was determined to prove she was a champion that would stand up to all challengers. On this night, we share how Raquel González wins the NXT Women’s championship.

It was a heated affair between champion and challenger. The match was filled with dives both in and out of the ring. Fans were also privy to an insane leap by the Genius of the Sky as she hit a crossbody from the top of the skull sign nearly twenty feet in the air. It was one of several spots that took place in the match. It was clear that the champion was determined to take out the much larger champion with strikes from every part of the area. To her credit González would not relent under pressure. Although she has less experience behind her, González didn’t let it show.

Raquel González wins NXT Women’s Championship

As the match was reaching its closing moments, it was clear that Shirai would have to go above and beyond in this match in order to retain it. With González laying prone in the ring, Shirai climbed to the top rope and hit her patented moonsault on the challenger. Unlike her previous challengers, when Shirai went to pin González she kicked out at two. Much to the champion’s shock and dismay, it was clearly a sign of things to come. After Shirai hit González with an open palm strike, the challenger hit the champion with a clothesline that sent her head over heels. González then picked up Shirai and powerbombed her to the canvas. She covered her for the three count and the win.


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