Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 5/5/19

News! News! Get your news! Read all about it right here! Welcome one and all, to your weekly irrelevant round-up of the weeks hottest stories in pro wrestling. As always, I, “Smart” Mark Blake, have scoured the internet to find the biggest and most interesting stories. So kick back, put your feet up and feast your eyes on this week’s Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 5/5/19!

SmackDown Live Superstars To Invade RAW Tomorrow?

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Rumors are swirling around the WWE Universe (ugh!) right now. Why? It’s all due to WWE officials postponing this Monday night’s SmackDown house show in Corbin, Kentucky. Instead of the house show, Uncle Vince wants the SD Live stars on RAW which is being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help promote the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV on May 19.

To add fuel to the fire, SmackDown Live’s newest star (and biggest acquisition) Roman Reigns tweeted that he “still had business on RAW” and would be at the show. WWE then tweeted to refute Roman’s earlier tweet, as seen below –

Is kayfabe alive and well? It certainly looks like that with what WWE tweeted in response to Roman. Falling viewing figures (not that they mean much in today’s TV culture), falling stock numbers and a possible realization that the fans are turning away from the product for other alternatives (see AEW) has possibly forced Uncle Vince’s hand. Scrap the brand split for a few weeks to gain those viewers back and show them that they don’t need All Elite Wrestling. Well, that’s the plan by the looks of it…..

Joey Ryan’s “Farewell To The Indies Tour”

Joey Ryan Week In Review

As mentioned in the title above, Joey Ryan is saying a fond farewell to his beloved indies. He tweeted a few days ago saying that he has signed “somewhere”. Where that somewhere is, is anybody’s guess.

WWE has reportedly offered him a contract to wrestle and coach in NXT while his frequent appearances on the “Being The Elite” YouTube show, have led many to believe that he would sign with All Elite Wrestling.

At this point in time, I’m thinking he’ll join AEW. His current gimmick really wouldn’t sit well in the PG/corporate WWE world. There’s also a train of thought that WWE is only offering him this deal as a way to keep him out of AEW’s clutches.

It’s exciting times as we’re getting closer and closer to All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing, which takes place on May 24 in Las Vegas!

Daniel Bryan Cleared To Make Return To The Ring

Daniel Bryan Week In Review

You can expect former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan back on SmackDown Live pretty soon if Dave Meltzer is to be believed.

He spoke to Wrestling Observer Radio this past Thursday to confirm that Daniel was backstage at the SmackDown Live tapings on Tuesday. He has been cleared by WWE doctors and can come back immediately if WWE want him. It was thought that officials were bringing him back after the Money In The Bank PPV on May 19.

But due to those falling ratings I spoke about above, he speculated that Bryan could be inserted into the Kofi/Owens WWE title match this week and make it into a triple threat.

To add fuel to the fire, the upcoming WWE European tour has SmackDown house show main events as Owens v Bryan v Kingston. Make what you will out of that.

I’m just stoked that Bryan is back. He’s been the most consistent performer and has been sorely missed. The reason for his enforced time off still hasn’t been released but many feel it was concussion related. And with new blood on the brand due to the Superstar Shakeup (again UGH!) there’s plenty of new matchups for the former Dragon. And I for one can’t wait.

Brock Lesnar/UFC Conflict Which Resulted In MMA Retirement?

Brock Week In Review

Our last story for this week’s edition of the Week in Review pertains to the beast. As many of you know by now, UFC President Dana White said on Tuesday that Brock had retired from MMA.

“He told me he’s done. He’s retired. We’re going to move in another direction with (Daniel) Cormier”

The Wrestling Observer wrote this week that UFC and Brock were indeed in negotiations to for a fight against UFC Heavyweight Champion Cormier and Lesnar had a certain monetary figure in mind for that matchup. This price took into consideration his age (42), the prospect of going through fight camp at his age, and the fight against Cormier.

The UFC balked at his price and refused to go anywhere near it. With the company now getting guaranteed money from ESPN, they don’t need a “big name” to push their PPV’s.

With UFC not playing ball, Lesnar decided to retire effective immediately.

What does this mean to his relationship with WWE? Right now no-one knows. Brock has been booked for the company’s next Saudi Arabian excursion in June but nothing after that has been publicized. He could sign another short term contract. He could even sign with the Khan’s at All Elite Wrestling, they’re not short of cash. Again, who knows, but it’s always fun speculating!


That’s it for today’s Week In Review, some great little nuggets of news if I do say so myself. As always I thank you all for reading not only my work but all the work here at PWP each and every week. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

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