Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review 11/17/19

Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate) my peeps! How are we all on this lovely Sunday morning? What’s that? You missed some wrestling news and tidbits this week? Fear not! For I have come to the rescue! I have scoured the internet to find the smallest and interesting stories that may have slipped through the cracks. Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review 11/17/19

WWE And Future Contract Releases

Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review 11/17/19

Earlier in the week, John Caul posted a news item that Sin Cara had asked for his release. It came as no surprise that WWE refused that request. The feeling is that they don’t want to let talent go to their competition (AEW, IMPACT). Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed out that along with Sin Cara many others had been vocal about their request and it being denied. Luke Harper and Mike Kanellis being just two.

There is news that a change of heart at Titan Towers could be coming soon. Uncle Vince and co could let some talents leave…but only the ones that they think wouldn’t be of any value to their competitors. Could Sin Cara be in amongst that group? Time will tell.

Arn Anderson Talks About His AEW Role, Chris Jericho, MJF


Arn Anderson wasn’t out of work for long after his departure from WWE. Quickly taking up an agent style role backstage. At Starrcast IV last weekend, Arn spoke with Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausmann about his current role and getting familiar with this new younger crop of talent:

“I really haven’t had a lot to do with AEW as far as the nuts and bolts, I’ve just kind of been talent so far. Which has been great, (the talent) is so in tune with the product. I’m just – Jesus Christ, guys, I’m 61 years old. To be able to walk through the locker room with these kids and them even know who I am, it’s pretty flattering, to be honest with you.”

Avoiding verbal jousting with MJF:

“I’m just getting used to all of those guys; I haven’t had a chance to see them perform a lot. MJF, are those the right letters? He is a real asshole! Now, I’m pretty good in the locker room about jousting. I’m pretty renowned about getting the last word pretty quickly. I don’t know if I want to get into a verbal joust with that kid – he’s a major smart ass.”

Giving AEW World Champion Chris Jericho his props on staying on top of the business after nearly 30 years:

“He’s become very unlikable. Chris Jericho is a guy that has morphed into that lead heel, that champion heel, but he’s not trying to be Luke Harper, or he’s not trying to be Braun Strowman, or Roman Reigns, or AJ Styles. He’s trying to be Chris Jericho, he’s drinking bubbly laying in the bathtub, fully-dressed, all that stuff. It’s perfect for Chris. Chris is now probably looking at what? 25 years in the business? That close, and he’s learned something from me everywhere he’s been and in everything, he’s done. And it’s wise surrounding himself with those two guys, LAX, and Swagger, and Sammy Guevara.”

Jordan Myles/ACH Update: WWE Tried Helping Before Issues Went Public


Editor-In-Chief and PWP Head Honcho Marc Madison posted earlier this week about Jordan Myles “quitting” the WWE. In light of that news, more reports have surfaced about the role WWE has played in this situation.

According to sources, WWE did indeed pull the offending t-shirt from WWE Shop as soon as Myles made his complaint. WWE officials reportedly “very much tried” to work with Jordan in the weeks before he went public with his issues. All of this took place around the time he stopped going to the WWE Performance Centre.

It’s worth noting that Myles is still listed on the NXT roster page and the company has not commented on the situation at all. The Wrestling Observer has reported that despite still being contracted to WWE, Myles has been in contact with at least one wrestling promotion. No word yet on who that promotion is. But it’s thought that they want him to at least make an appearance at a future show.

That’s it for today’s Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 11/11/19. Some great little nuggets of news if I do say so myself. As always I thank you all for reading not only my work but all the work here at PWP each and every week. It doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ll see you back next week for another edition of Week in Review!

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