Pro Wrestling EVE Present SHEvivor Series

If any of you read my last article on the history of Pro Wrestling EVE, you’ll know that it’s a pioneer in women’s wrestling, and their wrestling shows are evidence of this!

Their next show Shevivor Series is on Saturday, 8th December in Bethnal Green, London. Here is the preview: for Pro Wrestling EVE as they present SHEvivor Series.

This is the last EVE show of the year, and they’ve announced some really amazing matchups and; as well as being the last show of the year, it might be the last time to see some of the wrestlers at these shows.

Pro Wrestling EVE Present SHEvivor Series
EVE championship
Nina Samuels (c) vs Charlie Morgan vs Kay Lee Ray

Everyone loves a good title match and EVE has made the championship match even bigger by making it a triple threat! We’ve got the current champ Nina Samuels, who won the title as a Wildcard at their WrestleQueendom event, defending against her opponents from that event: Charlie Morgan and Kay Lee Ray!

All three wrestlers are phenomenal and have different strengths from Samuels, who have not have been wrestling as long as others but is very strong and knows how to make the most out of her opponent’s weaknesses.

You then have the fast and agile Charlie Morgan, who perfectly combines speed, strength, and athleticism to get the upper hand against the other competitors.

Veteran Kay Lee Ray, who is most definitely one of the best wrestlers in the UK with her knowledge of the business, fearlessness, and athletic abilities. Put the three of them together in a high-stakes match, and it’s going to be one to watch!

Pro Wrestling EVE Present SHEvivor Series
Toni Storm v Jordynne Grace

If this match alone doesn’t excite you, then something is definitely wrong with you – it’s a first-time match-up between two top stars! We’ve got Toni Storm, who is on a roll at the moment after winning the Mae Young Classic but who has also been a pioneer in women’s wrestling, particularly in the UK, for as long as I can remember.

Not only is she one of the best technical wrestlers with, but she has one of the best personalities and really encompasses what it means to be a superstar.

Put her against the powerful strength of Jordynne Grace, who has done nothing but amaze me after I first saw her in the All In Over Budget Battle Royal, and then you are on to a winner.

The match is a perfect mix of styles with Storm’s speed and Grace’s strength, so this makes it a really match to predict – I mean it’s anyone’s game and will be a case of who gets the upper hand!

Pro Wrestling EVE Present Shevivor Series
Shotzi Blackheart v Jinny

This match is a big deal because it’s the debut of Shotzi Blackheart in EVE, and it really is a clash of personalities.

We have the badass and quite alternative, Blackheart, going up against the queen of fashion, Jinny who, make no mistake about it, is as sassy and fierce as they come. Jinny has really come into her own these last few years in the business, and she’s a real force, especially in EVE.

It’ll also be interesting to see how she reacts to Blackheart, who’s wrestled in some of the biggest companies in the world from Shimmer to Impact.

I also wonder who the crowd is going to root for because Jinny is a homegrown wrestler and is really at the forefront of the British women’s scene, especially down south but Shotzi is new and dynamic.

Also, will the unpredictability of Blackheart be the game-changer and lead her to her first victory in EVE? Only time will tell!

A Ballsy Appearance!

Shotzi Blackheart isn’t the only woman making her EVE debut this coming Saturday at Resistance Gallery as the bitter fiend from Australia – Kellyanne makes her EVE debut as part of a SHEvivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match!

Kellyanne has been wrestling since she was 14 and is bound to make a big impact on the EVE roster with her unorthodox style and in-ring knowledge! So, with these debuts, along with other amazing wrestlers like YUU, Kris Wolf, Eve Jamie Hayter and many more, there is a wrestler here for everyone!

Phew! What a line up with some of the best names in not only women’s wrestling but the whole business in general. There are still a few left which you can buy here for £25, which is a bargain.  Doors open at 7:15 pm with the show starting at 8 pm, make sure you get there early to avoid missing any of the action!