#Preview: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Welcome to the ProWrestlingPost.com preview for the WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay per view. As of the posting of this piece, we have yet to have many matches announced, but anything can happen over the course of the weekend. Mark Blake and I will once again come together like to old school chums losing our collective breaths over what could be otherwise described as WWE’s tribute to Halloween. This preview won’t have pumpkins, ghosts or ghouls, but if poor decision making takes place fans can expect to be…SCARED with the outcome. Here is our preview for WWE Hell in a Cell.

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WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley vs Charlotte Flair

Marc: In a last minute addition this championship match was announced. It came about after their encounter as part of a tag team match with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. As it stands Bayley comes across different. She doesn’t seem timid like her character had been in the past. It’s as though she needed to have her ‘stand by my friend’ mentality in order to become more aggressive.

Personally, the ‘I’m a role model that breaks the rules’ gimmick does her well actually. The transition into that role just seems to make the most sense and meshes well with her BFF who is challenging for the Raw Women’s Championship in the match below.

Mark: Makes sense for Sasha’s BFF to compete on the same card. Also makes sense for the fourth member of the Four Horseman, Charlotte Flair, to challenge Bayley for the title.

Personally I like the sound of this match. We know that both women can go, but we’ve never seen a heel Bayley. That gives this contest a new and different edge.

In terms of match result, I can see Bayley walking away the victor. Flair will push Bayley all the way to the end but by some heelish action (or maybe Sasha interference) the champion will retain.

Hell in a Cell
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WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Marc: With the WWE Raw Women’s championship on the line we have a huge match slated her for Hell in a Cell. Lynch and Banks last match didn’t end up with a clear winner as to when push came to shove we saw Lynch break out a Singapore cane and laid down a beating on Sasha Banks at Clash of Champions. This time around however with both women will be locked in a Hell in a Cell and will have the freedom to come at one another with not just an array of strikes but an array of equipment as well.

Fans are likely to see both women taking the fight all over the cage and potentially raising the stakes and climbing the cage as well. Will this be the changing of a guard and could a new Raw women’s champion be crowned on Sunday?

Mark: For months I suggested that Sasha Banks would come back from her self enforced exile, to feud with Becky. Every event I would say she would return. And every event I looked like a fool….ok more of a fool. And then just like that, she returned! She helped Bayley embrace her dark side and went straight after Becky. Everything I said that would happen, happened…

And it all went flat. The story didn’t progress, it kinda hit the pause button with the same things happening each week. The same promos each week. I got bored as you can tell. What I’m hoping for is a complete and comprehensive Banks victory. Let her take over the mantle of The Man (so to speak) and run the division. Let the Sasha and Bayley run both divisions and go wild.

What will happen is that Becky will once again retain and in the process make Sasha go back to looking weak. I mean I could be wrong (see above for that) but c’mon, WWE are gonna ride this Man train and run it into the ground aren’t they 🙁

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WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins vs ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

Marc: If there was an immediate threat for the Universal championship it is here. From the moment, the Fiend was introduced rumblings began with his challenging for the Universal championship. In a character that is so steeped in layers of fear and one’s fans continue to clamor about time and time again. Wyatt has reinvented himself with a persona that fans look at in fear. It has also become a persona that has left its mark on stars past and present.

Regardless of whether it was Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, or Braun Strowman the Fiend has made a name for himself creating a list of casualties a mile long. The biggest concern is will Bray Wyatt’s mind games tend to play a part in whether or not this costs him the match? Wyatt may just have too much momentum to have it stopped moving forward during Hell in a Cell.

Mark: The Fiend has targeted the champ Seth Rollins over the past month or so. He desperately wants that Universal Championship and he doesn’t care if he has to destroy Seth in the process. Bray has pummelled Rollins mentally with his sneak attacks and beat downs. And I’m pretty sure that inside the cage he’ll pummel Seth physically.

Seth has obviously overcome the odds before by beating Brock Lesnar not once but twice. He’s not averse to overcoming the odds. But I think this may be a step too far.

With FOX wanting Wyatt over on SmackDown, I can see him taking his newly won Universal Championship with him. Yup, that’s right! I’m calling a Bray win here. No way you build a character like The Fiend and have him fall at the first hurdle. Sorry, Seth 🙁

Hell in a Cell
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Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Marc: In a matchup that came out seemingly out of necessity, an unlikely duo of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns face off against a duo guilty of many a bludgeoning in Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. It seemingly came about as Bryan learned that Rowan was actually behind the Reigns attack. His slapping him and calling him a liar was meant to serve as some sort of false partnership. We are then followed with Rowan beating down Bryan not once, but twice.

This leads us to believe that the matchup on Sunday is meant to be something that will bring an end to the belief that Daniel Bryan had nothing to do with Reigns attack. However, many are skeptical about Bryan and that this is just a means to confuse the fans and have them believe otherwise about the upcoming match during WWE Hell in a Cell.

Mark: I’ll begin this by repeating myself. There’s no way you build a character like Rowan and have him fall at the first hurdle. The development of Rowan since SummerSlam has been great. Each week tiny little additions to his character have created a legitimate threat to Roman Reigns. Add his former tag partner Harper and you have what the Bludgeon Brothers should have been.

Seeing Reigns out of the title picture, and you can add Bryan to this too, has been a breath of fresh air. By using Roman to build existing characters into legitimate possible main event talent is a master-stroke. There’s no doubt that both Roman and Daniel will eventually be inserted back into the title race, but for now, they’re doing great in this storyline.

The match? I have a feeling that Harper will take the pinfall loss from Reigns here. But both Harper and Rowan will have a great bug man showing and hopefully cement their places as at least upper-tier talent.