#Preview WSU Presents Is It Fall Yet?

Women Superstars United returns to the Colloseum in Voorhees, NJ on September 7th with Is It Fall Yet? There is top-quality women’s wrestling from top to bottom, as well as two key title elimiator challenges and two championship bouts. Kris Statlander, Kasey Catal, and Delmi Exo will be defending their WSU championships. There are also two huge debuts with Nicole Savoy and Alex Gracia joining the already stacked roster of WSU. 

Gabby Gilbert vs. Megan Mason

Gabby Gilbert is still on her mission to be taken more seriously in WSU. At Summer Kind of Wonderful, she failed in this endeavor against Brittany Blake. The bubbly Gilbert will set her sights on Megan Mason of The Endless at Is It Fall Yet? Mason recently picked up a victory at Summer, Kind of Wonderful over Kimberly Spirit. It pleased Mason and Mother greatly at that outcome and how Megan was able to “play” with her prey. Megan promises that this was just the beginning for The Endless, but Gabby Gilbert won’t make it for her. 

Sonya Strong vs. Ariela Nyx

Both of these women are at a crossroads at Is It Fall Yet? Sonya took a stinging defeat at Summer, Kind of Wonderful at the hands of Savanna Stone. The match was back and forth, highly competitive but Sonya fell victim to a spear and that was it. Ariela Nyx was undefeated going into Summer, Kind of Wonderful against the monster, Ruthless Lala. Despite putting up a valiant fight, much like Sonya had in her match, Nyx was defeated by a devastating lariat. Now each woman must begin anew here in WSU and they will go through each other to do it. These two have faced off before, for Game Changer Wrestling back in 2015, early in Strong’s career. Sonya was successful in that encounter, will history repeat itself? 

Ruthless Lala vs. Nicole Savoy

The undefeated Ruthless Lala will be on the welcoming committee for Nicole Savoy’s debut in Women Superstars United! Savoy is the current reigning SHIMMER Champion with her reign clocking in at over 600 days and counting. The Michigan native also recently took part in the Casino Battle Royale before AEW’s All Out event. In WSU, Lala’s list of victims includes Neveah Chantelle and Ariela Nyx. These two have crossed paths before, in 2016 deep in the heart of Texas for VIP Wrestling. Savoy was successful in defeating both Lala and Jessica James. Will Lala’s reign of terror in WSU continue or will Savoy make her debut with a huge splash? Find out at Is It Fall Yet? 

WSU World Championship Title Eliminator
Diamante vs. Aja Perera

This is one of two title eliminators that was announced at Summer, Kind of Wonderful. Diamante and Aja Perera will be squaring off to see who advances to the October event for a WSU World Championship opportunity. Aja has had a fairly good record in WSU in singles competition, defeating Kasey Catal and Delmi Exo. Diamante has yet to get a win in WSU; she debuted during the double weekend spectacular Thank You For Being a Friend/Travelled Down the Road and Back Again. She and Valentina Vasquez were eliminated in the tag team tournament in the first round, and she lost in singles action to Brittany Blake. Like many other matches, these two have faced off before, in a fatal-four way match also involving Ray Lyn and Xia Brookside. Diamante (as Angel Rose) was victorious on that occasion. Whoever walks away with the hard fought win here will face Kris Statlander and the other title elminator winner at the WSU October event. 

WSU World Championship Title Eliminator
Alex Gracia vs. Brittany Blake

In this second title eliminator, we will see the WSU debut of Alex Gracia. Gracia is a rising star in wrestling, having competed for Reality of Wrestling, RISE Wrestling, and World Wonder Ring Stardom, among many other promotions. She was trained at the Texas Wrestling Academy, which was started by Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and is currently run by Rudy Boy Gonzalez. Earlier this year, she also participated in a WWE tryout. Her opponent is less than thrilled with her arrival. 

Brittany Blake has been demanding a title shot against WSU World Champion Tessa Blanchard almost since WSU returned in March. Her track record does help her case, she’s appeared on every WSU event in 2019 and has picked up wins over Diamante, Jinx, and Gabby Gilbert. Her lone defeat was at Something Entirely New against Leyla Hirsch. Blake has also raised the ire of the current Spirit Champion, Kris Statlander. Statlander feels Brittany is overlooking her as Spirit Champion, as she explained in the The Candy Shop at Summer, Kind of Wonderful. Whomever wins this match, Alex or Brittany, will not be able to overlook Kris Stat any longer. The winners of the two title eliminators will face The Alien among us to determine the next challenger for Tessa Blanchard. 

WSU Tag Team Championship
Kasey Catal & Delmi Exo (c) vs. Masha Slamovitch & Violette 

Kasey Catal and Delmi Exo won the WSU Tag Team Championships from The Platinum Hunnies at Summer, Kind of Wonderful. Despite the unique circumstances that put them in the match and the mysterious disapperance of Angel Sinclair, Catal and Exo made the most of their opportunity. This led to them walkinga way as the tag team champions and this match will be their very first title defense. They will take on the new team of Violette and her back-up, Masha Slamovitch. We first saw Masha in WSU at Once More, With Feeling. Now the Russian Dynamite will team up with the explosive Violette. Violette is still undefeated in WSU, having walked away with the win over Kris Statlander at Summer, Kind of Wonderful. It was by disqualification, so Violette’s golden dreams are still in play. 

WSU Spirit Championship
Kris Statlander (c) vs. Davienne

Kris Statlander will make her fifth title defense against the bruising Not America’s Sweetheart from The Endless, Davienne. Davienne called out Statlander after her match at Summer, Kind of Wonderful while Statlander was ringside for commentary. Kris Stat is not one to sit back when being challenged, so she accepted this match and put her championship on the line. As the champion discussed in The Candy Shop, Statlander has done a lot for the WSU Spirit Championship since winning it, defending it successfully and against all comers. So while she waits for her October opponents to be determined, she will take out her frustration of being overlooked out on Davienne. 

Is It Fall Yet? will have a special 2:00 PM Eastern start time on September 7th. Single show tickets and season passes are still available. Purchase of a season pass includes not only Is It Fall Yet, but all remaining WSU shows for 2019. If you purchase a season pass, you also get a t-shirt, commemorative season ticket-holder card, and other awesome goodies. If you can’t make it out to catch the show in person, it will be available from CZW Studios after the fact for your streaming pleasure!

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