#Preview: Wrestling Revolver Presents The F’N Catalina Wrestling Mixer

On Friday, August 23rd, Wrestling Revolver presents the F’N Catalina Wrestling Mixer from the Brightside in Dayton, Ohio. The event showcases at least eight matches including six first-round tournament matches and a six-way final taking each winner from the first round and pits them into a match where anyone has a chance to win. The two other matches on the night include the matchup for the Revolver Championship and the Open Invite Scramble Championship match.

Each of these matches involves some of the most notable and talented men and women in professional wrestling today all-over North America. With a night filled with tons of star power, it is no wonder that the F’N Catalina Wrestling Mixer is sure to be a great night had by all.

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Zoey Skye vs Ace Romero – 1st Round

As a last-minute change to this first-round match, it will be interesting to see how well both talents are prepared for this contest. Romero was placed in this match to replace Trey Miguel who had another opportunity come up for him. This matchup will be quite special as the diminutive Skye will be giving up a huge difference in weight. Listed at just under 100 lbs, Skye isn’t relegated to having that hinder what she can do in the ring.

As a veteran of twelve plus years, she is coming off the heels for taking part of The Summit with promotion RiSE and SHIMMER for the Smash Wrestling supported the event. Skye is now slated to face someone whose career is on the upward trajectory young talent all hope for. At 6’0 and nearly 400 lbs, Romero continues to be in demand all over the U.S. While making a name for himself along the U.S east coast, Romero generated attention as part of All Elite Wrestling’s inaugural Double or Nothing event.

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Ace Austin vs Kris Statlander – 1st Round

This first-round match is another example of not necessarily a battle of the sexes, but one of two highly agile and competitive talents willing to do everything necessary to come out on top. Statlander as some will recall appeared on WWE programming as part of a tag team facing against The IIconics. That match doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Statlander is capable of doing. Her matches as part of Limitless Wrestling are highly encouraged for wrestling fans to check out.

In this particular match, Statlander faces the highly strategic feet and hands of the only true ace in Austin. Austin may be familiar to fans of IMPACT Wrestling who have seen him compete against some of the companies most notable names. The question that remains here is what is Austin willing and capable of doing to against Statlander. If using his cards to admonish paper cuts is any indication, then he will likely use any means possible.

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‘Undeniable’ Tessa Blanchard vs DAGA – 1st Round

One is undeniable and the other is unmatched. The keys to any good match is likely trust. In the case of this first-round match between Blanchard and DAGA, it can’t be ignored that trust and consent in any matchup will lead to success. In the case of Blanchard and DAGA, they are able to seemingly strike each other with an array of kicks and punches all the while still telling the most important story possible.

During this first-round match during the Wrestling, Catalina Mixer fans are getting to see two competitors that are as familiar with one another inside the ring as they are out. Blanchard is on the trajectory of competing with some of the biggest and most notable names in the IMPACT Wrestling World championship division let alone the Knockout’s division. Daga is just as determined to make a name for himself and is just as determined to do it at the expense of Blanchard.

Catalina Wrestling Mixer
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Jake Crist vs. Nevaeh – 1st Round

They’re bound by love, children and their complete and undeniable admiration for one another. That isn’t to say however that they’d still rip each other’s heads off. All kidding aside, Nevaeh is a longstanding veteran that will not hesitate to strike hard and strike often when it comes to facing her husband, Jake. As a member of oVe, Crist has been very successful. While working alongside his brother Dave, Jake has captured multiple tag team championships including IMPACT Wrestling’s as well.

This time around all bets is off. The story that could be told here could be simply one of the bragging rights in the home or the loser potentially be left sleeping on the couch. Nevaeh could accomplish a great deal in not only defeating Jake and winning the tournament a huge statement. Regardless of who comes out victorious was pretty sure the kids may not be staying up to see this one between mom and dad.

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Rickey Shane Page vs. Jody Threat 1st Round

Another of the first-round matches will be a real treat. For anyone that isn’t familiar with Jody Threat best be aware of women’s wrestling emerging hottest talent. The Canadian born talent has slowly been building a name for herself over the past few years including being an important part of Smash Wrestling’s growing women’s division. This marks’ Threat’s first match for Wrestling Revolver and faces a man that is pretty hardcore himself in RSP.

Threat is able to hit hard and hit often going at it with the best of them. Jody is part of this first-round match and is one of many matches that are intergender matches involving talent from men and women from all over the world. Threat’s involvement will be interesting as one has to wonder how well both she and RSP will match up with one another. Regardless of the result, Wrestling Revolver fans will be in for a real treat in watching the Wild Child as part of the tournament.

Jessicka Havok vs Jimmy Havoc – 1st – Round

Be afraid, be very afraid. In this first-round match between the two feared competitors will be certainly a sight to see. Two notable names with the last name of havoc are assured of one thing. The winner will have the same name. Everything outside this remains up in the air. Fans are ensured that the two will likely beat each other from pillar to post in this match up. Many are ensured that Jimmy Havoc will bleed and be willing to subject himself to such punishment.

The question is what will he subject the Havok Death Machine to just to get out of the first round between them. Havoc isn’t new to Wrestling Revolver, but a match between him and Jessick Havok with the stakes being what they are is certain to generate buzz amongst the Wrestling Revolver faithful. Who walks out and on top and who runs the risk of being carried out in this first-round matchup?

Catalina Wrestling Mixer
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Open Invite Scramble Championship Gauntlet Rumble Match

Manscout © v.s Dave Crist vs. Madman Fulton vs. Clayton Gainz vs. ?? vs. ?? vs. ?? vs. ?? vs. ??

One of the most popular matches that are capturing the attention of those watching Wrestling Revolver is the scramble match. This is no different as once again the scramble match is one fans are left talking about long after the match is over. This time around though the Open Invite Scramble Championship will be on the line as Manscout puts his title up against seven other competitors in what is sure to be a fun match. Of those involved the chances of a member of oVe walking away as the winner and new champion.

With both Crist and Fulton involved and the potential for Sami Callihan potentially named as one of the unannounced participants of the match, their chances of winning are fairly good among the eight involved in the match. Manscout remains likely the odds-on favorite to retain. Who walks out the winner or does once again Manscout overcome the odds and is able to retain the championship during the F’N Catalina Wrestling Mixer?

Catalina Wrestling Mixer
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Revolver Championship 

Larry D vs. Chris Dickinson

Two men that are determined to make this match as hard-hitting and intense as possible will face each other for the Revolver Championship match up. For Dickinson, this championship opportunity is long overdue. As two well-versed veterans of the sport, Dickinson is sure to take the fight to Larry D and bring the Revolver Championship to new heights.

In Larry D he has held the title for his 106-day reign (come Friday) will be put to the test against a man that is a multiple-time EVOLVE Tag team champion for the man known as Dirty Daddy. These two men have been there and done that with their years of experience in the ring. For Dickinson, this marks his latest opportunity to hold championship gold during the F’N Catalina Wrestling Mixer.