Women Superstars United Presents Thank You for Being a Friend

Women Superstars United returns for their first in a special weekend double shot on Friday, April 26th! This first show is entitled Thank You for Being A Friend; fitting as they will crown new WSU Tag Team Champions that night. There is a special six-team, two-round tournament to be held to see which pair of women will lead the rejuvenated tag team division in WSU.

Brittany Blake vs. Jinx

Brittany Blake has spurned a new group called The Endless. This has raised the ire of Jinx, who has seen the Light of The Endless. Now Jinx will do The Endless’ bidding; no matter what it takes she will attempt to bring Brittany to The Endless. Brittany won’t go down without a fight, either. But that doesn’t phase Jinx or her fellow member in The Endless, Megan Mason. Megan will be in action later in the night, but she will surely be around to assist her partner if needed.


Violette vs. Shazza McKenzie

Violette has been unhappy with her competition thus far in CZW and WSU. Violette is affiliated with the House of Glory, which was not so long ago banned from the company. Now that she’s back and unhindered, she wants some real competition. At Something Entirely New, Violette took on one half of the Platinum Hunnies in Angel Sinclair. In a recent video interview, she voiced her displeasure with this. WSU management has responded by bringing in an international superstar, Shazza McKenzie from Australia. Shazza will be making her WSU debut at Thank You for Being a Friend. While the Australian sweetheart may appear sweet and bubbly, there is a killer instinct inside the Heartcore one.

Kasey Catal vs. Corinne Mink

Kasey Catal was none too pleased to find she was not among those chosen for the WSU Tag Team Championship tournament. She has been given a #1 Contender’s Match for the WSU Spirit Championship for Traveled Down the Road and Back Again. Before she can get there though, she has to contend with Corinne Mink. Mink is a graduate of the Create-a-Pro Wrestler Academy out of Long Island, New York. She’s competed for promotions such as WrestlePro, Capitol Wrestling, and HeelFace Wrestling. Catal is likely familiar with Mink, as Kasey is also a graduate of CAP.

First Round Tag Team Championship Tournament Matches

Sci-Fi (Veda Scott & Aja Perrera) vs. The Endless (Megan Mason and ?)

Our first team in this mix is one called Sci-Fi. Super Aja Perera will be flying into Thank You for Being a Friend to team with Veda Scott. Aja is the current Shine Nova Champion and frequently teams in that promotion with Aerial Monroe. She’s no stranger to tag team competition and neither is Veda Scott. In her career, she’s teamed with Gregory Iron and Jason Cade. With Iron, she even won the Absolute Intense Wrestling Tag Team Championships. This may be her first proper team with another women’s wrestler if things go well for them. The Endless we know will be represented by Megan Mason, but we don’t know who will join her. Jinx will be wrestling Brittany Blake, so it could be either The Endless herself or maybe a new convert to their party.

Platinum Hunnies (Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair) vs. Diamante & Valentina Vazquez

The Platinum Hunnies had split levels of success at their debut on Something Entirely New. Angel Sinclair fell to Violette, where Ava Everett was able to get the victory over Vanity. Together, they may prove to be more successful. Both women are very comfortable with each other, as they have been together as valets for Anthony Greene for some time. They face a team that hasn’t teamed together before in Diamante and Valentina Vazquez. Diamante is making her Women Superstars United debut at Thank You for Being a Friend. Valentina was successful at Something Entirely New, getting the win over Megan Mason.


Rainbow Bright (Gabby Gilbert & Luscious Latasha) vs. Hex (Nina Monet & Ravana Xin)

Rainbow Bright are tag team experts, as they’ve been together for several years. They’re also the current reigning and defending Shine Tag Team Champions. Both women are bootylicious and powerful, but so are their opponents. The team known as Hex are the vegan cannibal Ravana Xin and Nina Monet. Both don’t mind dabbling in the dark arts, or taking a bite out of their opponents.


Triple Threat Main Event to Crown the New WSU Tag Team Champions

The three winning teams from the first round will mean in a triple threat match. One team will take it all and get the gold! Women Superstars United Thank You for Being a Friend goes down on Friday, April 26th at 8:30 PM Eastern. If you can’t make it out to New Jersey, it will be available from CZW’s streaming site at a later date.

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