Combat Panto RIPTIDE Wrestling | Preview

RIPTIDE Wrestling run their first show for a couple of months on Friday, December the 6th. In keeping with the season, the RIPTIDE Wrestling show is named Combat Panto, which is also presumably a pun on combat pants. Per Wikipedia:

Pantomime (informally panto)[1] is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is performed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and (to a lesser extent) in other English-speaking countries, especially during the Christmas and New Year season. [2] Modern pantomime includes songs, gags, slapstick comedy and dancing. It employs gender-crossing actors and combines topical humour with a story more or less based on a well-known fairy tale, fable or folk tale.[3]Pantomime is a participatory form of theatre, in which the audience is expected to sing along with certain parts of the music and shout out phrases to the performers.

Taking place from their home venue of the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton, expect RIPTIDE’s usual mix of cinematic storytelling and hard-hitting action. The lineup is all set, so let’s have a look at what they have lined up.

Combat Panto RIPTIDE Wrestling

Cara Noir vs TK Cooper

#Preview: RIPTIDE Wrestling: Combat Panto
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

The battle to reach the top of the card (escape the midcard?) rages on as TK Cooper and Cara Noir butt heads. Noir has been one of RIPTIDE’s success stories as he has been embraced by the fans as the unique talent that he is. TK is also something of a success story in RIPTIDE as he has been massively reheated after he had cooled off significantly.

Both have been there or thereabouts near the top of the card, but neither managed to unseat then Brighton champion Chuck Mambo. Now they each have Spike Trivet in their sights and need a tick in the win column to get close to challenging him. Considering the Black Swan’s gimmick seemingly precludes him from winning in RIPTIDE there is only one logical victor.

Prediction: TK Cooper

Jinny vs Chakara

#Preview: RIPTIDE Wrestling: Combat Panto
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Jinny faces off against Chakara in her first match for RIPTIDE since the first half of the year. These two women are very familiar with one another, and their careers have been intertwined across several promotions. Alternating between being team or stablemates and bitter rivals, there’s no question that their familiarity will result in an entertaining match. Both are fond of wrestling as hard as they possibly can. And are unafraid of taking painful bumps. It should be an evenly contested match too with a lot of back and forth as both women have a pedigree for domination. Two of the country’s premier wrestlers, this is sure to be an absolute belter.

Prediction: Jinny

Anti Fun Police vs Money Versus Everybody

#Preview: RIPTIDE Wrestling: Combat Panto
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

The Anti Fun Police clash with Money Versus Everybody in tag team action next. Spike Trivet has announced that he cannot wrestle until 2020, so Paul Robinson and Damon Moser are presumed to be the MVE combo. This is a slightly unusual match as AFP usually wrestle as heels in RIPTIDE (despite everybody finding them delightful). MVE is 100% nasty, nasty heels and so it will be interesting to see what the dynamic is in the match.

It should be particularly pleasing to see hard nut Robbo facing off against the comedic banter of Los Federales Santos Jr. Chief Deputy Dunne and Moser are no slouches in the ring, and the action between them should speak volumes about their respective talent. Money Versus Everybody will likely be a major force in RIPTIDE, going forward. This match will more than be used to solidify that direction.

Prediction: Money Versus Everybody

The OJMO vs Ashmore

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Two of the country’s brightest young talents take their turn in the spotlight as The OJMO and Ashmore clash. The issue between both men has been gently simmering away since Point Break in June. At that show, OJMO saved Connor Mills from a post-match beat down by Ashmore. In another life, I’m sure that Ashmore would have been the perfect stablemate for OJMO and Mills, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I would expect this one to feature a lot of mat-based offense from both men. Ashmore likes to grind his opponents down, and OJMO is always looking to set up his Half Crab. Will Connor Mills insert himself into the action here? If so, will he help or hinder The OJMO in his quest to defeat Ashmore? This is sure to be a very interesting encounter indeed.

Prediction: Ashmore

Chuck Mambo vs Mike Bird

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Mike Bird has been on something of a roll as of late, but can that continue as he faces off against Chuck Mambo? The former Brighton Champion was undefeated in a RIPTIDE ring until Spike Trivet pinned him in October. So then, two men of contrasting fortunes.

That also carries over to their in-ring styles as Mambo favors a fast-moving, high-flying method, whereas Bird (ironically) is more ground-based. The Welshman is absolutely solid in his offense but isn’t as flashy as others can be. That has been held as the virtue that it is in his booking for RIPTIDE, and he has been showcased very well.

The intrigue around this for me is where Mambo goes from here after his epic title run. Losing streak? Chasing Trivet for a rematch? Feuding with TK Cooper? There are many avenues available, which is what helps make RIPTIDE such a great company.

Prediction: Chuck Mambo

Gene Munny’s Combat Panto RIPTIDE Wrestling Match

I’ll just leave Gene’s tweet below to explain what Combat Panto is (or to further muddy the waters, whatever…)

Combat Panto RIPTIDE Wrestling

Jordon Breaks vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Jordon Breaks faces off against Chris Ridgeway to round out the card. Ridgeway returns to RIPTIDE for the first time since the RIPTIDE Rumble in April. At that show, he defeated man of the moment Cara Noir. He had a war of the words with former stablemate Spike Trivet. Has he returned from Pro Wrestling NOAH to settle that score, or will he rejoin Money Versus Everybody?

Jordon Breaks has had a breakout year or so and has taken many of RIPTIDE’s best to their limit. Ironically, Breaks defeated Trivet at the RIPTIDE Rumble that marked Ridgeway’s last appearance. Might both men be getting positioned as a potential challenger to the Brighton Champion at a future show? This should be a great mixture of skillsets, with Ridgeway’s MMA-style offense going up against Breaks’ chain wrestling.

Prediction: Chris Ridgeway

It looks like a great way to start the holiday season off to me! If you’re going to this one, pull a cracker for me (and DM me the joke), and have a great time. Happy Christmas everyone!