#Preview: Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2019

There’s a couple of absolute belters listed for Rev Pro below. That’s because, on Friday, August 30th, Revolution Pro Wrestling presents their annual Summer Sizzler show. One of the company’s big four shows of the year, it’s sure to be spectacular. Let’s see what’s lined up for Friday night.

David Starr vs Will Ospreay

#Preview: Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2019
Photo / @RevProUK

Likely the main event, David Starr and Will Ospreay should be a very interesting encounter. The stipulations for this match are that if Starr wins he gains control of Rev Pro. If Ospreay should win then his opponent’s Rev Pro career is over. This is all in service of the feud that the Jewish Cannon has been having with Rev Pro owner Andy Quildan over the last year or so. It has been a long road, but this one looks like it could deliver a grand finale.

The action itself should be of the highest caliber. The Aerial Assassin has upped his game to the point that many consider him the best wrestler in the world. Starr is a man with a lot of form on the UK scene currently. Pioneering his We The Independent movement, as well as main eventing in most companies that he works for, he is a top talent also.

For me, it comes down to the fact that Ospreay has nothing specifically on the line here whereas Starr does. The possibilities are great if The Cream in Your Coffee goes over too. Based on that, there can be only one winner.

Prediction: David Starr

Michael Oku vs El Phantasmo

#Preview: Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2019
Photo / @RevProUK

El Phantasmo has had a bit of an odd run with the British Cruiserweight belt. Winning it as a babyface, after a long-running feud with David Starr, he rapidly debuted for NJPW afterward. That’s fine, we all know about the relationship with Rev Pro and the Japanese goliaths. However, his joining with Bullet Club and heel turn surely scuppered plans that RPW had in place for his title run.

Michael Oku is a fella with a very bright future. He’s been a known quantity on these shores for some time but has really started to breakthrough recently. Exuding a quiet charisma, and solid wrestling skills, he’s a wrestler who’s best years are to come. In my opinion, he’s not quite there yet. A bit more bulk wouldn’t hurt, a la Kyle Fletcher.

Expect the match to be taken in the main by ELP with bully boy tactics. Oku will show plenty of fire, but ultimately come up short.

Prediction: Michael Oku

CCK vs MK McKinnan & Dan Moloney

#Preview: Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2019
Photo / @RevProUK

A bit of a random tag match next as Chris Brookes and Jonathon Gresham return to York Hall. They take on the odd team of Dan Moloney and MK McKinnan in a match that should feature plenty of fireworks. But without any real stakes, is it something to savor?

Of particular interest will be the first time Gresham and Moloney face off with one another. The two men know one another well from Fight Club Pro, and neither is averse to a bit of strong style. It should be rather jolly to see them knock lumps out of one another. Brookes and McKinnan will provide the speedier, rangier action and complement their teammates well.

As noted, then, this should be a good match – but it’s difficult to be too enthused with no apparent stakes.

Prediction: CCK

Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Suzuki-Gun: Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr.

#Preview: Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2019
Photo / @RevProUK

NJPW loan out three of their big (Suzuki) guns the day before Royal Quest next. At New Japan’s show, Okada faces Suzuki, and Tanahashi squares off with Sabre. At Summer Sizzler they combine for a tag match, playa.

It should go without saying that the wrestling in this match should be absolutely top draw. Okada and Tanahashi have both been the top star in Japan in recent years, Sabre is the best technical wrestler on the planet, and Suzuki is charisma personified. How could this match be anything but excellent?

Zack Sabre Jr’s British Heavyweight title not being on the line at one of Rev Pro’s big shows is a bitter pill to swallow once again. But that shouldn’t necessarily detract from what should be a fine tag team match.

Aussie Open vs Sha Samuels & Josh Bodom

Photo / @RevProUK

Another lead into NJPW’s Royal Quest next as Aussie Open face Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom. The winner here will face Guerillas of Destiny the following night for the IWGP tag team titles. The two teams have a history already as Samuels and Bodom were the team to unseat the Aussies for the RPW tag titles.

Kyle Fletcher and Josh Bodom should create some great sequences with one another. Their styles compliment the other’s very well, as should Samuels and Dunkzilla. I’m thinking this one will be relatively short, and there’s only one way it can go realistically.

Prediction: Aussie Open

TK Cooper vs Rob Lias

Photo / @RevProUK

TK Cooper returns to the big stage for Rev Pro as he takes on everybody’s least favorite wrestler who wears a fur coat – Rob Lias. The issue between these two men has been coming to a head for a while now, so we should be in for a treat.

Cooper is capable of having fantastic matches (see RIPTIDE), and Lias is a great, boo hiss heel. Based on that, they shouldn’t have much difficulty getting the crowd into the match. TK is man on the ascendant, and I can only see that continuing here.

Prediction: TK Cooper

Gabriel Kidd vs Shaun Jackson

Photo / @RevProUK

The Contenders get an outing to round out the card as Gabriel Kidd takes on Shaun Jackson. Kidd is somebody who Rev Pro seem invested in, as per his endorsement by Shibata at Ungovernable. Shaun Jackson has had an issue with Gabriel Kidd for some time now. He’s certainly someone to watch, but I don’t see him getting the win here.

Prediction: Gabriel Kidd

The show will also feature a 6 Man Scramble match, which the competitors have yet to be announced for. That’s a pretty stacked show in all fairness, probably Rev Pro’s strongest of the year so far. Which match do you think will steal the show?