#Preview PWA Green Label Presents Quack To The Future

Mike Quackenbush is a name that should be well known by many wrestling fans around the world especially when PWA Green Lable present Quack to the Future.  Mike Quackenbush is the founder of Chikara Pro, host of the Kayfabe 2.0 podcast, and author of 7 Keys To Becoming A Better Performer.  Mike Quackenbush is now going to make a rare pro wrestling in-ring performance along with some of the best young stars in PWA Black Label.  The event all goes down on August 18th, 2019 as PWA Black Label presents Quack To The Future.

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Shazza McKenzie vs Xena

Xena a tough up and comer is quickly becoming well noted by the Australian wrestling fans.  Shazza McKenzie is easily the top name in women’s wrestling in Australia at the moment.  Shazza McKenzie may also be one of the top names in all of Australia at the moment as well.  Shazza McKenzie is starting to get her name known around the wrestling community globally and you soon will see more of her in this industry.  Xena will take this as the opportunity of a lifetime to earn a victory over someone of such high caliber talent.  Xena and Shazza McKenzie are going to give a stellar performance here against one another at Quack To The Future.

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Jack Bonza and Kingsley vs The Perfects

Oh, The Perfects seem like such nice young men, and the two of them have a big crush on Kingsley.  While The Perfects would love to get someone on one (singles match of course) time with Kingsley, instead the tag team have been given news they could not be keen on.  Kingsley and Jack Bonza will be teaming up in a tag team match against The Perfects.  Will these young men be able to take their minds off their crush long enough to focus on the match.  Jack Bonza brings a lot of experience to this matchup and would love to earn victory over The Perfects at Quack To The Future.  Very interesting questions to ask here is that if The Perfects were to pull a victory over Jack Bonza, would that then put them into consideration for a tag team title opportunity?  One could also ask that with the complete infatuation with Kingsley could there be potential for a shock reveal?  Could it be possible that Kingsley just might pull a fast one on Jack Bonza and line up The Perfects to be in the tag team title picture?  Questions will be answered at Quack To The Future.

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Silvio Milano vs Richard South

Richard South has been a star on the rise within PWA and through the Aussie wrestling scene.  Richard South will want to keep up with his rise by defeating Silvio Milano at Quack To The Future.  Silvio Milano is making his PWA debut at Quack To The Future.  Milano will want to get the attention of the entire roster and there is no better way to do it then to pick up a victory over Richard South at Quack To The Future.  Which of these two wrestlers is going to want it that much more, or better yet who is willing to pull out all the stops to come out with a victory?  The only way to find out is either to be there live, or to subscribe to the streaming service hosted by OVO Mobile.

There is a lot of opportunity when a company allows the younger members of their roster to bask in the spotlight.  This is the way that new stars are born and become the wrestlers that we all will be wanting to see in a few years.  Some of us want to see those wrestlers now so that we can grow along with them and their careers.  PWA Green Label offer just this type of opportunity for their wrestlers and for the fans as well.  Don Marnell and Robbie Eagles will be calling the play by play which can be heard when you subscribe to OVO Mobile where you can get all the PWA shows live as they happen.  PWA Green Label presents Quack To The Future which is going to be a very high energy and exciting night of wrestling action.  If you want to find out who the stars of the future are going to be then PWA Green Label is exactly the place to start.  Make certain you subscribe to their streaming service and enjoy all the action this Sunday August 18th as the future stars of PWA show the world exactly what they are made of.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.