PWA Black Label Presents The Fight For Black Metal

PWA Black Label hailing out of Sydney Australia is not your typical family fun style of wrestling show. On February 22, 2019, PWA Black Label will be presenting The Fight For Black Metal. The Fight For Black Metal just like any other shows that PWA Black Label presents. Is listed as an 18+ event. They promise that there can and most likely will be the use of violence, swearing, adult themes, and of course beer pong. PWA Black Label The Fight For Black Metal boasts an absolutely stellar card from top to bottom. One includes the night’s themed match to award one wrestler the sword known as Black Metal.

The Colosseum tournament began with 8 wrestlers all looking to obtain the sword Black Metal. The two wrestlers who have made it to the finals are Jack J. Bonza & Mick Moretti. This should make for an epic conclusion to this tournament. Bonza and Moretti are currently the PWA Black Label Tag Team Champions. They will have to put their partnership aside for this match up. Mick Moretti is a very unorthodox wrestler to say the very least. His clever thinking inside the ring make him a true threat to any opponent. Jack J. Bonza is a well-rounded wrestler who can easily adapt to any opponent’s style on the fly.

The PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie just may be one of the next big names in women’s wrestling. Shazza McKenzie is lightning quick, innovative, and as tough as they come between the ropes. At The Fight For Black Metal Shazza finds herself one on one with Tyler Payne. Tyler Payne is a no-nonsense, hard-hitting individual. Payne simply will not allow the accomplishments of Shazza McKenzie to prevent him from pulling out all the stops. This match is going to be a highlight reel in the making. The styles of these two wrestlers is going to make for one exciting encounter.

PWA Black Label Presents The Fight For Black Metal

When it comes to women’s wrestling, PWA Black Label has an incredible wealth of talent on their roster. At The Fight For Black Metal women’s wrestling will be on display in a fatal four way match. The winner of the fatal four-way match will become the new #1 contender to the PWWA Championship. You can bet that Shazza McKenzie will be keeping a very close eye on this match, to see who her next challenger is going to be.

The wrestlers competing in this match are Jessica Troy, Xena, Candy Lee and Bel Pierce.  Xena who is a very smart and calculated wrestler. Candy Lee, who is a promising up and comer, and the very zen minded Bel Pierce. Right away, I just need to say that I am a fan of the gimmick Bel Pierce has chosen to use. Her meditative actions give her a calm stealth and creativity which make her a true stand out. Not to take anything away from the other competitors in this match as they are all absolutely amazing. The winner of this fatal four-way will definitely provide a true threat to the PWWA Championship.

In singles competition, it will be Unsocial Jordon vs Tuff Stuff Ricky South. Ricky South is a very unique wrestler, as I was watching some of his work it started to remind me of HIW Canada and Wildside Wrestling star Mike McSugar. Unsocial Jordan is a very creative talent who does vlogs from the road which are available on his YouTube channel. The fans can expect a fun-filled match with a plethora of great wrestling as well.

Tag Team action will see Matty Wahlberg & Carter Deams known together as The Babes taking on Concrete Davidson and a mystery partner.

Concrete Davidson has been looking for a group of his very own but continues to come up short. Davidson promises to bring a mystery partner with him and collectively they will be known as Black Short Cool Group. He better bring someone tough with him because The Babes will bring the fight. Matty Wahlberg recently went toe to toe with Jimmy Havoc is a brutal, bloody curdling street fight that ended in very memorable fashion which saw Wahlberg pick up the win. Now Matty Wahlberg believes he is the top guy in the company as he has issued a challenge to the PWA Black Label Champion Caveman Ugg. Matty Wahlberg has got confidence in strides as we head towards this tag team encounter.

PWA Black Label Presents The Fight For Black Metal

PWA Black Label uploads events to their own streaming service through their own website, the service is called PWA Play. The streaming service is available for a low monthly rate and gives you access to all PWA Black Label video content. There is already some PWA Black Label events uploaded to POWERSLAM.TV for you to catch up on. If you do not already have POWERSLAM.TV you should head over to their site right now and get signed up, use the coupon code “MUNSONED” to get a free one month trial of the service. If you are in Sydney then make sure you get your tickets to see The Fight For Black Metal live. The rest of us will just go ahead and play some beer pong in the meantime while we wait for this event to e made available.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.