#Preview PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 85 – Progro.naut

PROGRESS Wrestling have a super busy this coming weekend as they’re holding two chapters in two different cities. Chapter 85 – Progro.naut, will be held in Bournemouth this Saturday (the first time the company has visited the south coast) and Sunday they will head back to Birmingham for the first time this year for Chapter 86 – Corrupted Harmony.

But lets focus on Chapter 85, as I break down the card and give you the heads up on each and every match. Here we go!

Session Moth Martina vs Millie McKenzie


I’m pretty sure that these two had a fantastic match in STARDOM last year so it’s great for us Brits to see a sequel on these shores.

There’s no point in me telling you about Martina when co-editor Brandi wrote a great piece about her right here. Seriously check it out folks!

Oh and if you don’t follow Martina on Twitter, you are missing the bants, trust me. Via Twitter, Martina has suggested that Millie is one of her many MANY children. Just one of the wacky nuggets of information she has shared on the platform, she’s deffo worth a follow.

And Millie? I keep saying, she has the world at her feet. She’s still young, only 18, and she’s incredibly good now. Imagine how she’ll be when she’s in her mid 20’s? OMG……Best In The World possibilites!

SSS16 Qualifier
Austin Theory vs Jordan Devlin


Hands up who doesn’t know Austin Theory? If any of you did put your hand up, let me fill you in.

Austin is a former WWN and EVOLVE World Champion, and has actually wrestled for PROGRESS before when the company toured the USA in 2017. This will count as his UK PROGRESS debut for those that are keeping count.

The guy is a STUD and can go in the ring. He’s been in there with the best – Zack Sabre Jr, Keith Lee, Lio Rush, Joey Janella, to name but a few – and will be relishing taking on the one of the biggest names in Europe right now….

C’mon, you don’t need me to tell you about Devlin do you? Along with Kip Sabian, I’ve picked Jordan to have an outstanding 2019 and become a huge world renowned star. He has a back catalogue of outstanding matches over the past few years, with quite a few coming from his time in PROGRESS.

Seriously, this match will blow the roof off the O2 Academy! Both men are in fantastic form and are amazing in ring talents. PROGRESS management will surely give these guys 15/20 minutes to tell a great story and blow your mind. Can’t wait for this match to go On Demand let me tell you.

Travis Banks vs El Phantasmo


Travis begins his road to getting back ‘his’ title back at Bournemouth. He’s already entered into the SSS16 line up, so from now until then, he will be getting into peak condition for the three day event. And what better way than to go up against the electric El Phantsmo.

El Phantasmo (or ELP to those in the know 😉 ) is no stranger to these shores. Having wrestled for promotions such as Rev Pro, Defiant and PROGRESS itself a few times now. You can expect the high flying Canadian to once again wow the crowd and maybe try to pick off Banks and take his place in the SSS16 lineup? Hmmmm….

The Anti Fun Police vs The 198


These two teams have history, stemming from the Thunderbastard tournament from last year. Both feel they have been under-utilised in PROGRESS and both will see this as a chance to climb the to the top of the tag team mountain, currently occupied by CCK/Aussie Open/Swords Of Essex.

Wild Boar and Flash Morgan Webster, The 198, have been friends for over a decade. In that time both together and separately, they have won countless titles across the country but see PROGRESS as the pinnacle. They want the tag team titles and the recognition that comes with it, and they’ll probably go to any lengths to grab them.

The Anti Fun Police on the other hand, just want to stop people having fun. If titles come their way, they’ll be happy, but not as happy as stopping the fun! They have become the team that the country have taken to their hearts, and rightly so. Yes….they are against fun, but they’re so damn entertaining that you can’t help but want them to succeed.

I’m looking forward to this match. It’s interesting to see how Deputy Chief Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr will fare when they step up in competition to face The 198.

SSS16 Qualifier
Angelico vs DJZ


Angelico is back in PROGRESS after debuting at last year’s SSS16 at Alexander Palace. The fans and wrestlers alike loved what they saw over those three days and desperately wanted him back. We got what we wanted folks!

DJZ, since leaving Impact Wrestling, has been around the globe showing the fans exactly what Impact is missing. The former TNA/Impact Tag Team champion has the pedigree to push Angelico to the limit. This really could be a great match if given time.

Could we ppossibly see DJZ at this years SSS16? Stranger things have happened.

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins & Eddie Dennis vs Do Not Resuscitate


The PROGRESS old guard versus the new upstarts. This match has blood written all over it, and not because Jimmy is in it 😉

Do Not Resuscitate have been on a roll, and aren’t letting anyone or anything get in their way of their mission….the spots that the “old guard” currently possess. Could winning this bout really begin the change they desire?

Haskins, Havoc, and Dennis are a part of PROGRESS Wrestling DNA, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t let Eaver, Mambo, and Trivet take anything for granted. If they want those spots, they’re gonna have to drag them from their cold dead hands!

Trent Seven vs Jody Fleisch


OOOOOOOOO BOY! I have been watching British wrestling for nearly 20 years, and for the majority of those years, Jody Fleisch has been an integral part of that time. It’s amazing to see that after all this time, Jody is on a card of the best UK indy promotion.

Trent is leaving a legacy in regards to the Atlas title ala Matt Riddle. Matt defended the title at various promotions around the globe, raising it’s profile in the process. Trent has defended the championship at every show, putting himself across as a fighting champion and raising his stock. So much so that at this year’s SSS16, he will be taking on PROGRESS World champion WALTER to unify both titles!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the profile of Chapter 86 Corrupted Harmony. Some of the matches here will have an effect on the card for Chapter 86, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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