#Preview: Prestige Wrestling The New Fury

Prestige Wrestling The New Fury
May 24, 2019
Spokane Washington
The Pin

In what is their second stop on their regional tour Prestige Wrestling presents The New Fury, introducing Spokane Washington to this incredible promotion. This show is a testament not only to the success of Prestige but to the health of professional wrestling in the Pacific Northwest. This is especially refreshing since we are little more than a couple of years away from being considered a black hole of professional wrestling.

Now we have promotions, like Prestige, putting on shows that are spectacular! They are using the best in the region and bringing in the best from around the world. People like William Quintana, owner/promoter at Prestige, are growing fandom in our region and we are all the better for it! If you have your doubts, take a look at the card he put together for Prestige: The New Fury!

Singles Match
Simon Grimm vs. Darby Allin

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Mr. Grimm has been a regular at Prestige from the beginning and it is this writer’s opinion he is a strong contender for the Prestige Championship one day… soon. He’s an incredible talent, who has worked for some of the best promotions in the world including the WWE. The fact he comes out to perform in the Pacific Northwest is a major boon!

Facing Simon Grimm is the indomitable Darby Allin. This young man from Seattle has recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, as a result, this will be one of his last appearances before being under exclusive contract. Darby is perhaps one of the most durable wrestlers in the business and there is little question pit things two opponents against one another is going to make for an explosive match!

Singles Match
Jordynne Grace vs. Priscilla Kelly

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Jordynne Grace is perhaps one of the most in-demand wrestlers on the independent scene. She’s a regular at IMPACT and we’ve seen her work across the country in some of the most reputable promotions. She is a powerhouse with few equals and anyone who steps in the ring her opponent risks a good old-fashioned Hulk like clobbering!

Facing Jordynne at Prestige Wrestling for The New Fury will be Hell’s Favorite Harlot, Priscilla Kelly. This young woman has been working hard on the independent scene. Between EVOLVE, SHINE and some of the high-profile promotions she’s worked for she has become one of our foremost indie favorites.

This is going to be a particularly fantastic match. These two wrestlers are incredibly talented, and you can be sure they are going to put on a card stealing show!

Spokane Street Fight
Su Yung vs. Drexl

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Never have the streets of Spokane Washington been tainted with such abject horror! The Devil Himself Drexl has emerged from the primordial depths of Portland Oregon and will be making his way up to Spokane to do what this devil does best! Wrestle! Drexl however, has quite an opponent to face and one who is not unfamiliar to him.

Su Yung, the undead bride, will be coming to face Drexl. These two are no strangers together and they have shared the ring before. Before she became an international sensation Su Yung was a local. Was Drexl in some way a part of the origins of the undead bride? Was he the one that left her at the alter? We may never know. One way or the other she’s going to come in and face the devil.

Spokane may or may not still be standing when this match is over, but one thing is for certain… The audience at the Pin on Friday, May 24, is going to walk away from this match never to be the same again!

Singles Match
Chase James vs. Dave Turner

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Here we have an impressive duo here. Typically, Chase James does tag matches for Prestige as a member of the Eh Team, working with partner Lance Pierson. However, Chase James is a champion in his own right. He currently holds the Without A Cause Championship and he’s recently been under the tutelage of Joey Ryan having mastered the Penis Suplex! Between this and Chase’s MMA background, he’s a worthy adversary for his opponent.

The Black Sheep Dave Turner is the physical manifestation of nightmares. If you are counting sheep at night trying to count sheep jumping over a fence and one of them is the Black Sheep, there is a 99.9% you are probably going to die in your sleep that night. When he leaves the ring, his opponents rarely remain standing or any functional state. Few have faced the Black Sheep, Dave Turner, and come out on top.

Can Chase James hold his own and defeat the Black Sheep? He’s one of the few in the region who stands a reasonable chance!

Six Man Tag Team Match
Team C4 (Guillermo Rosas & Cody Chhun) accompanied by TJ Perkins
Ethan HD, Sonico & Jacub Soumis

Prestige Wrestling The New Fury
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

This six-man Tag Team is going to be one of the most anticipated matches on this card. Every person participating range from beloved local talents to a former WWE Superstar making his return to the independent wrestling scene.

The first team is C4, a long-standing tag team with Prestige consisting of Guillermo Rosas and “Classic” Cody Chhun! These two gentlemen have been impressing spectators across the region for a while now and there is little doubt they will do the same at The New Fury! Joining these two talents will be former WWE Superstar TJ Perkins. Fresh off his contract with the WWE’s 205 division, TJ is making huge waves as he dives back into the independent scene and May 24, 2019, he will be making one of his first appearances since becoming a free agent!

Facing C4 and TJ Perkins, are three incredibly loved wrestlers from our local scene. Jacub Soumis, has held several championship titles in the region and works regularly with 321Battle and has one of the best entrance songs on the independent scene. His partner will be Sonico, one of the preeminent luchadores on the west coast. This young man has been making appearances across the United States and poised to skyrocket his career to the next level. Joining these two is one of the most respected wrestlers in the region. Ethan HD! This gentleman has been in the business long enough to establish himself as one of the best wrestlers working in the business today.

This is going to be a match like no other on the card. There will be six incredibly talented individuals working in the ring and every one of them is a stellar performer. Prepare yourself to be impressed!

Tag Team Match
The Eh Team (Jackson Price & Lance Pierson)
The Wreck You Rangers (Pitfall Jones & Dale Magnum)

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Friday night we will see two magnificent tag teams face one another. First, we have a regional favorite. The Eh Team is on the rise, and while it consists of several members at The New Fury Jackson Price and Lance Pierson will represent their team. These two men are quite impressive and their talent more than matches their impressive size!

Facing the Eh Team is a new team on the scene. The Wreck You Rangers! The first member of this team is none other than Pitfall Jones! This gentleman is a regular at Without A Cause in Everett and 321Battle in Seattle. He is a crowd favorite and if you haven’t seen him perform before you’re in for a nice treat! Joining Dr. Jones is someone this writer has never heard of before. Dale Magnum… I guess we’ll see who this guy is on May 24th! As far as I can tell he looks pretty “Cool!”

Prestige Wrestling The New Fury
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Prior to the show, Simon Grimm will be doing a seminar for people who are looking to improve their game or perhaps interested in breaking into the business themselves. This happens at on show day May 24, 2019, and begins at 3:30 p.m.

The New Fury starts at 7:00 p.m. The location? The Pin! (412 W Sprague Avenue. Spokane Washington, 99201)

On May 24th there will be no better place to be than at Prestige Wrestling for The New Fury!