#Preview OTT Live in Cork

Over The Top Wrestling returns with the kind of action only they can provide on August 25th. This time, they will be making their debut in Cork! At the Neptune Stadium, the hometown girl Raven Creed will finally get her hands on Valkyrie. PAC, Mike Bailey, and Dan Barry return and Cara Noir makes his OTT debut.

Session Moth Martina & Dan Barry vs. Justy & Sammy D

At Contenders 15: Guaranteed Irish, Dan Barry was screwed out of a win over Sammy D by Liam Royal of True Pros. Now he’ll have a second chance at victory Live in Cork, with back-up this time. Barry will be seconded by the Session Moth, Martina. With these two coming together to form the Session Cops, it’s a union of two of OTT’s most popular wrestlers. Justy, who’s been dabbling in expanding his repertoire with jiu-jitsu and lucha libre (Justy Jitsu and Justy Libre, respectively), claims all the games are over. He is once again serious and focusing on winning matches. Sammy D and Justy have the advantage of experience as a team, but can they overcome the Session Cops?

Mike Bailey vs. PAC

These two international superstars are returning to OTT at Live in Cork to face off against each other. “Speedball” Mike Bailey, a Canadian superstar that’s a regular for Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) in Japan, makes his return to OTT. We last saw him at Contenders 13 back in January, where he faced off against Scotty Davis. Now he finds himself with a challenge not unfamiliar to him int the form of PAC. The Bastard recently lost his Open the Dream Gate Championship and is now back in OTT to wreak some havoc. PAC’s been on a winning streak in OTT, defeating WALTER by DQ in his debut and Adam Maxted at So It Is. These two have tangled before, back in November of 2018 for RevPro, where PAC scored the victory. Can the Speedball throw a monkey wrench in PAC’s maniacal plans, or will the Bastard prove himself dominant once again?

The Rascalz vs. More Than Hype

One of the hottest tag teams, trios, factions, whatever you’d like to call them, is finally crossing over to Ireland to make their debut. Zachary Wentz, Dezmond Xavier, and Trey Miguel are the high-flying, taunting trio known as The Rascalz. Their opponents are OTT’s own, More than Hype. This weekend will be the first full meeting of The Rascalz and MTH. On August 23rd for Fight Club: PRO they will be meeting for the first time. Wentz and Dez have been in OTT before, where they teamed with Meiko Satomura against MTH. And at Live in Cork, they will go at it for the OTT faithful! These six up-and-coming stars are ready to show what they can do on the big stage when they’re all together.

Calum Black vs. David Starr

After taking champion Jordan Devlin to the limit at Contenders 15: Guaranteed Irish, Calum Black is most certainly undeniable. The one person who seems to not have begun to believe the hype is David Starr. Starr still holds hate in his heart for anything related to Devlin, so to see other wrestlers looking up to the Irish Ace irritates him. He once told Calum something to the effect of he was praying to a false idol. Now that Calum has the stamp of approval of Devlin, he’s eager to show Starr just who in the hell he is. If Starr underestimates Calum Black, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Cara Noir vs. Scotty Davis

The Black Swan of pro wrestling will be landing center stage at The Neptune Stadium for Live in Cork. Cara Noir, the winged warrior of wrestling ballet adds another date to his touring schedule. He’s already made a big splash on the British Wrestling scene, working for companies like IPW: UK, RevPro, and PROGRESS. Noir is also no stranger to Scotty Davis. He and Davis had a match in 2018 for Pro Wrestling Clash that’s still talked about as one of the best. Davis is also no stranger to great matches, as he’s also had several in OTT. The Supreme Suplex Machine has defeated the likes of Jushin Thunder Liger, Mike Bailey, and Terry Thatcher. Experience, style, age, none of them matter against Davis. One thing is for sure when these two artists come together, a masterpiece will take place.

At Live in Cork, the True Pros will attempt to seize their first opportunity. In the above video, the recently recruited Sean Guinness talks about how they (True Pros) are tired of waiting for opportunities and will instead be taking them. Their first target is Club Tropicana. However, they will first have to make it past two of OWE’s heavy hitters. El Lindaman and T-Hawk have made a few appearances on the international stage, including AEW’s Double or Nothing and OWE’s recent show in Toronto. Guinness talks about not seeing the forest from the trees, but they shouldn’t overlook the Stronghearts.

OTT Women’s Championship
Valkyrie (c) vs. Raven Creed

Raven Creed will be coming home to Cork to take on Valkyrie for the OTT Women’s Championship. Creed first won the title back at Defiant 2 from Sammii Jayne. She went on a string of successful defenses, beating the likes of Lana Austin, Jordynne Grace, and Yuu. Then the story of Raven Creed became tangled with Valkyrie and Debbie Keitel, the Woke Queens. They enjoy tormenting the outsider in Creed, take delight in deriding her. First, she turned back the challenge of Keitel at ScrapperMania V. Next Valkyrie set her sights on Creed and wrested the title from her in Belfast.

Now following the delightful victory over Valkyrie and CT Flexor at WrestleRama with the help of Jimmy Havoc, Raven Creed returns home. In her familiar surroundings, she will rise again to face Valkyrie to take back the one thing that means the most to her: the OTT Women’s Championship. She’ll also have to be on the lookout for Valkyrie’s friends in Debbie Keitel and CT Flexor.

Jordan Devlin vs. Jody Fleisch

The Irish Ace will also be in action in Cork. The OTT World Champion will be taking on the very capable Jody Fleisch. Fleisch is a well-respected name, a veteran of over 20 years. Like Devlin, he’s made his rounds internationally and competed in many organizations. Following the incredible victory over WALTER, Devlin will be looking to assert his dominance as champion and the resident Import Killer. Fleisch, a London native, has done one thing Devlin has yet to do though, and that appears for American indies. Fleisch has appeared for well-respected super-indies PWG and AIW. Will Devlin again reign supreme, or will Fleish’s experience be the key to victory? There’s only one way to find out and that’s Live in Cork!

If you can’t make it out to the Neptune Arena, you can sign up for OTT On Demand. Not only are all shows available there, but there’s also special content. One of their newer series’ is RetrOTT where Aonghus McAnally looks back at classic OTT matches with some of the wrestlers. Select OTT content is also available from our friends at Powerslam.TV.

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