#Preview: DEFY Into the Fire

DEFY Into the Fire
May 10, 2019
Seattle, Washington
Washington Hall

May 10th is just around the corner and DEFY Into the Fire is shaping up to be an incredible show! New talent has been integrated into the roster performing alongside their established talent, and they have brought in some spectacular talent!

In a few days, Washington Hall will be filled with hungry fans and there is no doubt DEFY is going to serve up exactly what they’re hungry for. Take a look at the card as it has been announced thus far:

Singles Match
Lucha Bros vs. Schaff

DEFY Wrestling Into the Fire
Photo / DEFY

We’ve seen Lucha Brothers at DEFY before, and they have made an incredible impression on the DEFYANCE. They are undoubtedly one of the most beloved talents the production team has brought to Washington Hall. Penta El M 0 and Rey Fenix are wrestling luminaries and we are lucky to have these gentlemen performing for us at Into the Fire!

Facing off against the Lucha Brothers are two amazing talents. Schaff has been a local sensation since he made his debut over a year ago. He has proven himself time and time again, against some of the toughest talent Defy has been able to bring to the ring. Joining him will be Chris Ridgeway! This Liverpool native Wowed the DEFYANCE last December when he faced Pentagon Jr. in a singles match. He was truly impressed and made many new fans that evening. It will be an absolute joy to see him at Washington Hall once again.

This is going to be a heavy hitting competition and it’s a safe bet, this is going to be one of those matches we are going to be talking about in the weeks to come.

Singles Match
Tom Lawlor vs. Randy Myers

DEFY Wrestling Into the Fire
Photo / DEFY

Making his return to Washington Hall is none other than Tom Lawlor. He has been a regular on the local circuit and recently attained the Prestige Heavyweight Championship from another of DEFY’s regulars King Khash. With Tom’s background as an MMA fighter, he has demonstrated a high degree of innovation which makes him a pleasure to watch in the ring.

Facing Tom is our very own Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers! He will no doubt bestow one of his famous consensual smooches on some lucky audience member before entering the ring. Randy is perhaps one of the most entertaining wrestlers ever to grace the professional wrestling industry. He is not only entertaining, but he is one hell of a wrestler. One thing is for certain, win or lose, Randy is going to get a kiss from his opponent.

Tag Team Match DEFY Championship
Warbeast vs. Amerikan Gunz

DEFY Wrestling Into the Fire
Photo / DEFY

Making their first appearance at Washington Hall is the DEFY Champions Warbeast! Having defeated the 1% at Wrestle Summit in a winner takes all they retained the PCW Ultra Tag Titled and added DEFY’s to their collection. On May 10th this duo, Jacob Fatu and Joseph, are putting it all on the line!

Facing Warbeast, are Ethan HD and Mike Santiago, THE AMERIKAN GUNZ! The former DEFY Tag Team Champions are back and they are undoubtedly eager to regain the gold they lost to the 1% at the two-year anniversary show DEFY Never Dies last January.

With these two tag teams going at it in the ring you know they are going to get down and dirty. This is going to be one of the most underhanded, rule-breaking matches the DEFYANCE is likely to see. As a result, don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t steal the show!

Tag Team Match
The Uprising (Eli Surge & Judas Icarus) vs. Leon Negro & Sonico

Ever since the Ten Man Tournament at DEFY Never Dies, Eli Surge and Judas Icarus have become welcomed members of the promotion’s roster. They have proven themselves worthy competitors and it would appear the Uprising is bound to make their mark in the history books at DEFY.

Facing the Uprising is a team we’ve seen together at previous DEFY shows. Sonico is perhaps one of the most beloved wrestlers on the local scene and every appearance he makes at Washington Hall. Joining him will be Leon Negro, a talented gentleman who has been making the rounds on the local scene of late.

This is going to be a great match with a lot of Lucha moves and high flying off the ropes. These four gentlemen prove we have incredible talent working in our region.

Singles Match
Guillermo Rosas vs. Travis Williams

Guillermo Rosas has been with DEFY since he made his debut at the one-year anniversary show in the Ten Man Elimination Match. He’s recently been affiliated with the Pride, but on May 10th he will be entering the ring alone. Don’t be surprised however if he doesn’t get some help from his fellow Pride members.

As many things do, we come full circle with Guillermo’s opponent. Travis Williams made his debut at the two-year anniversary show in the Ten Man Elimination Match. Travis had a good showing in that competition and he’s turning out to be an example of the incredible talent on DEFY’s roster of new talent.

With only five matches announced, we are likely to hear more in the coming days as we approach the event. DEFY sometimes likes to surprise their fans. As a result we may not see the full card announced before Friday night!

Tickets are almost non-existent. If you want to attend this show don’t wait a moment longer. There is a strong possibility there may not be any General Admission tickets left by the night of the event.

DEFY Into the Fire is a 21 and older event. Food and liquor are served by Lunchbox Laboratory. Talent is typically available to sell merch and take pictures (sometimes for a fee), before the show, during intermission, and after the show. This was our preview for DEFY Wrestlings Into the Fire.

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