#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves at the Door

Wolves at the Door
April 13, 2019
Hawthorne Theater
Portland Oregon

Wrestle Summit is on the books and some things have changed in the landscape of DEFY’s championship titles. Artemis Spencer retained! He continues to be the DEFY Champion and he will go on to England where he will be making an appearance at Progress Wrestling in the coming weeks. If things go well at Wolves at the Door, he will likely be making a title defense while he’s there.

So, where did the change happen? The 1% are no longer the DEFY Tag Team Champions. In a three-way tag match at Wrestle Summit, they lost to Warbeast, in a winner takes all match. Warbeast now holds the DEFY Tag Team Championship and the PCW Ultra Tag Team Championship, and it looks like Jacob Fatu and Josef will be making an appearance at Washington Hall, in Seattle, soon.

With Wrestle Summit under our belt, we look forward to what’s ahead. DEFY has another show coming up very soon, on April 13th in Portland Oregon at their home away from home, the Hawthorne Theater.
The folks behind DEFY have been making an effort to put on more shows in Portland Oregon. They are building a steady following and consistently sell out their shows in the City of Roses.

DEFY Wolves at the Door will be their second show of the year at the Hawthrone Theater and they have an incredible line up in store for fans. There is little doubt on April 13th, there will be few places in the country where you will find a better show than this one!

#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves at the Door
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Four-Way Match
“Classic” Cody Chhun vs. Guerrero De Neon vs. Leon Negro vs. Guillermo Rosas

DEFY has put together a fantastic four-way match! First, we have “Classic” Cody Chhun. This young man has been making his rounds here in the Pacific Northwest and he is undoubtedly one of the people’s favorites on the DEFY roster. After defeating the Pride with the aid of Sonico and Randy Myers it would appear he’s ready to prove himself against four other opponents… one of which happens to be a member of the Pride.

The next combatant is none other than Guerrero De Neon! He made his Washington Hall debut this past January in the Ten Man Survival Tournament. Even though he didn’t win, he made a strong showing and we are likely to see this talented young man at many DEFY shows to come.

The third entrant is no stranger to DEFY. Leon Negro has made several appearances at DEFY over the last year. He has proven himself a fierce luchador and there are few who can dive off the ropes quite like Leon Negro. He recently was interviewed by the Bigfoot Pro wrestling Podcast and he indicated he likes to do the sexy dance as he enters the ring. Don’t hesitate to throw the dollar bills (or more) in his direction!

The last combatant is a ranking member of the Pride, Guillermo Rosas! This fine young man has been making his rounds in the region and like Cody, he is getting some notice on the East Coast. He suffered a humiliating defeat at the last show and received a devastating Joey Ryan penis suplex after the Young Bucks set him up at DEFY Never Dies. It appears Rosas might be itching for some payback.

This four-way contest should be an interesting display of very different styles. We have technical wrestlers and high-flying luchadores, what more could you want?

#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves at the Door
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Singles Match
Danika Della Rouge vs. Riea Von Slasher

Since October last year, we haven’t had a women’s match at DEFY. With the departure of Nicole Matthews, the future of the women’s division became uncertain. It would appear DEFY has gone out and cultivated some spectacular talent for Wolves at the Door. Are we seeing a resurrection of the women’s division?

Danika Della Rouge will be making another appearance. She has been recruited by DEFY several times and it seems likely she may be a strong contender to become the tentpole for the women’s division. She has faced Allie from IMPACT and hell’s favorite harlot, Priscilla Kelly. We love Danika and it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual.

Facing Danika will be a talented young woman from British Columbia, Riea Von Slasher. This powerhouse is no stranger to wrestling here in the Pacific Northwest. With over a decade of experience under her belt, she has worked for promotions such as PWA Wrestling, 321 Battle! And ECCW. This woman is a former champion and she has gold running through her veins!

There is little doubt this is going to be a hard-hitting match. These two wrestlers are very talented, and they are going to impress the folks at the Hawthorne Theater!

#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves at the Door
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Tag Match
Amerikan Gunz vs. Reno Scum
(Ethan HD and Mike Santiago vs Adam Thronstowe & David Luster)

The Amerikan Gunz are obviously working their way up the ladder to challenge the new DEFY Tag Team Champions Warbeast! Ethan HD and Mike Santiago are hungry for those belts. Not only did they look good in championship attire, but they have also had a taste of gold and there is no doubt what so ever… they want it back!

Facing the Amerikan Gunz is Reno Scum. Based on their name alone it would seem they don’t mince words with what they’re all about. Adam Thronstowe and David Luster have recently made appearances at IMPACT and PCW ULTRA. They are currently the APW Tag Team Champions.

This will be a down and dirty fight. Neither team has much respect for the rules, and you can expect a fair amount of hooliganism and blatant disregard of rules. Whoever the ref is that works this match, deserves the DEFYANCE’s sympathies… unless it’s Benjamin Roberts!

#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves at the Door
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

No Disqualification Chain Match
Schaff vs. Hammerstone

Few wrestlers have had as much venom and vitriol leading up to a match than these two. To say Schaff and Hammerstone loath one another, might be an understatement. The last time these two faced one another was also at the Hawthorne Theater their match ended abruptly only to turn into a brutal fight later in the evening when Schaff demanded Hammerstone come out and finish their match. While Schaff emerged the victor, at least in the hearts of the audience, Hammerstone wasn’t satisfied and hence we have Schaff vs. Hammerstone part Deux!

While neither of these two men would admit it, one of the things that makes these two competitors a joy to watch is the fact they are very evenly matched wrestlers. They are both heavy hitters and capable of demonstrating incredible feats of strength.

Death seems a probable outcome. With any luck, the body bags won’t be hauled out and the EMT’s will remain on the sidelines. One thing is a certainty, the audience better be ready to get the hell out of their way!

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Singles Match
Randy Myers vs. Jimmy Havoc

We saw these two go at it last summer when Progress toured the United States and came through Seattle. They put on what was lauded as one of the best matches of 2018. They have incredible ring chemistry and frankly, they have great chemistry outside the ring, but I digress.

Anyone familiar with Jimmy Havoc knows this man is a fierce wrestler. He terrorized Progress Wrestling with Havoc’s Army. He held the Progress Championship for nearly two entire years! This man is one of the preeminent talents out of the UK and enticing him back to the Pacific Northwest for a second time is an incredible accomplishment. Bravo DEFY!

The Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers, is perhaps one of the best wrestlers in the region. At DEFYANCE UNITED he faced Jimmy Havoc and won. There is no telling how round two is going to play out. It seems unlikely Jimmy is going to underestimate Randy as he did the first time these two faced one another. There is one thing you can count on, whether Randy Myers wins or loses, he will get his kiss!

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Championship Match
Artemis Spencer vs. Jake Atlas

Artemis Spencer has held the DEFY Championship since DEFY On Edge in December when he defeated Shane Strickland for the title. Last month he defended the title at PCW Wrestle Summit in Los Angeles against Zachary Wentz. Thus far he has managed to defend his title against some of the best talent DEFY can find to challenge him. Thus far, the reign of Artemis Spencer has truly been glorious!

Facing the champion is one of the most talented up and comers in the industry today! Making his way up the coast from California is Jake Atlas! With only two years under his belt, he has exploded on the wrestling scene. He currently holds two titles, the PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight Championship and SBW Championship, and if he has his way, he’ll be adding the DEFY Championship belt to his collection. What Jake lacks in experience he makes up for in pure unadulterated talent.

This is going to be an excellent match. Will Artemis Spencer retain, or will he succumb to Jakes devastating Spinning Gory Bomb? If you aren’t there on April 13th, you’ll only hear about it.

DEFY Wolves at the Door is a 21 and older event. Food and alcohol are available for purchase. In addition to your ticket, you must have valid ID to enter and please be prepared to allow security to check your bags and purses. Talent are typically available for pictures and sell merchandise before the show, during intermission, and after the show.

Make your way to the Hawthorne Theater on April 13th. Make sure you get your tickets… and soon!