Paul Robinson Heads For PROGRESS Tampa

Paul Robinson is the latest wrestler to be confirmed for the PROGRESS show in Tampa on April 2nd. He joins a fantastic line-up of peers and guest stars including the likes of PROGRESS Champion Cara Noir, Warbeast, Spike Trivet, and the OJMO. Robbo has headed a tremendous run since August of last year when he received a PROGRESS title shot against then-champion Walter. That match took place in Canada, so you would expect PROGRESS to have something special lined up for Robinson’s return to North America.

Unless he loses it in the meantime, Robinson will bring the Proteus title with him that he has held since September of last year. If you’re unfamiliar, the Proteus title is PROGRESS’s secondary title which has a great USP. The owner of the belt sets the rules by which the belt should be defended. Robinson set the rule that matches can only be won by knockout or submission in his defenses. He has defended the title against the likes of Chris Ridgeway, Travis Banks, A-Kid and Timothy Thatcher. Quite the list of vanquished foes there, I’m sure you’ll agree. Although Robbo hasn’t had a program as such since his title win, the run hasn’t actually needed that to happen thus far.

The Proteus match always adds a different to the show, and Robbo’s work really speaks for itself.

The match that has the most potential, for my money, would be Robinson facing off against Eddie Kingston. Just imagine the chaos those two could create going up against one another. That has to be worth the price of admission alone.

More names are sure to follow, with a mix of regulars, guest spots and perhaps come to WWE contracted talent being authorized to perform since they will all be in town in any case. If you are going to WrestleMania weekend I would get your tickets to PROGRESS Tampa too; it looks like it could be an absolute belter. Look for Paul Robinson to appear for Progress Wrestling in Tampa, Florida this April.