Warbeast Are Coming To PROGRESS Tampa!

The latest names for PROGRESS Wrestling’s April 2nd show in Tampa have been announced. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Warbeast are coming!!! The bad news (for their opponents) is that Warbeast are coming! They join the already announced Spike Trivet and The OJMO as well as the Anti Fun Police and PROGRESS Champion Cara Noir. This show looks like it will be an absolute blinder judging by the talent lined up thus far.

Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael are a team built upon a reputation for destruction. The best points of comparison for those of you who unfamiliar with them are if Umaga and Eddie Kingston ever tagged together. Fatu, a member of the legendary Anoa’i wrestling dynasty, is a ferocious competitor. He enjoys nothing more than battering his opponents with high impact moves. Samael is the mic man who backs up his words with strong actions. He brawls with them around whichever arena they happen to be in. This team is a perfect fit for PROGRESS in my opinion.



Hopefully, this appearance won’t be a one-off and Warbeast (or Contra Unit in MLW) will become semi-regulars. One of the best runs of its kind in recent history saw LAX wrestle numerous dates for PROGRESS. A long-running feud opposite CCK and a Tag Title match saw Santana and Ortiz’s names become firmly ingrained in the history of the promotion’s development. It would be an absolute delight if something akin to that could happen with Warbeast following on from the show at WrestleExpo. As the only other tag team announced thus far, can we expect Warbeast to face off with Anti Fun Police? That may seem an odd fit but odder combinations have provided great action in times past.

Regardless of who their opponents wind up being, Warbeast is coming to PROGRESS and the division should be on notice.