#NEWS: PROGRESS Tampa Adds Another Top Name

PROGRESS has made another excellent addition to the roster that they intend to fly to Tampa for WrestleMania weekend. Spike Trivet joins Cara Noir, The OJMO, Anti Fun Police and Eddie Kingston for the April 2nd show. Whether any of his Do Not Resuscitate teammates make the trip with him is yet to be seen.

We said of Spike Trivet:

He is a powerful worker in terms of his in-ring work, for sure. But a massive part of his act is the character that he portrays in Lord Spike Trivet… Spike has pulled from quite a few places of inspiration to create the monster that we see in the squared circle. This manner of three-dimensional creation is something quite rare in modern wrestling. Consequently, this helps Trivet to stand out from the pack and present himself as something special. Which he is. 

You can read more on him as well as an excellent interview by clicking this link.

It’s great to see so many quintessentially British acts being booked for PROGRESS’s first US show since August 2018. I imagine that those would be the wrestlers our American cousins would be keen on seeing in person and that the talent feels valued by being taken on such excursions.

Trivet, alongside Pretty Deadly, Danny Duggan and William Eaver, is currently feuding with Destination Everywhere. That’s the rival faction to Trivet’s DnR made up of The OJMO, The NIC and Connor Mills. Seeing as how OJMO is already booked for the show, it seems quite possible that we will see a continuation of that feud in Tampa. Regardless of who he ends up facing off with, Spike Trivet will surely bring a great dose of heelish banter. In the interview we secured with him (remember to click that link above) I wondered how well the character would translate to the US. We’re about to find out, and it should be interesting to say the least.