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WWE Sunday Night RetroView with Marc Madison

SummerSlam 88′ | WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView

On August 29th, 1988 the WWF presented its inaugural Summer event, Summerslam 88'. It took place at Madison Square Garden from New York City....

‘The Frontman’ Jah C | Indie Spotlight Watch

The dictionary definition of the word charisma reads; Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Next to the word charisma, you...

James ‘Kamala’ Harris | Missing My Friend

This week after his valiant heath and financial issues battle, the wrestling world lost 'Kamala' James Harris. Cauliflower Alley Club and, more recently, the kind...
Adrian Street

Adrian Street: Made To Be Seen | TrailBlazers

Adrian Street came from a coal mining family in Brynmawr, Wales. Before he was one year old, his father, Emrys Street, was conscripted into...

Slick ‘The Doctor of Style’ | Beauty, Brains, & Betrayal | Origins

When one thinks of Slick, the mind immediately flashes to the dapper, cane brandishing nare-do-well that would stop at nothing to secure the victory...

Regis Philbin | American Television Legend Had A Headlock on Our Hearts

Wrestling's recent loss of comic, tv host & co-host, game show host and actor, Regis "Mr. TV" Philbin still lingers more than anyone. He...
The Birth of the nWo - 07/7/96

The Birth of the nWo – 07/7/96

“All right. We have seen the end of Hulkamania. For Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, for Dusty Rhodes, for "Mean" Gene Okerlund, I don't know...I'm...
Sting Wins WCW the United States Championship

Sting Wins WCW US Championship | On This Day

On Sunday, June 18th, 1995, Sting wins the WCW US Championship for the second time. The venue was the Hara Arena in Trotwood, Ohio....
Jarkaster Journey by DJ Jarka Wrestlebash Review Collision in Cuba

The Beginnings | The Jarkaster Journey

Hello, everybody! Thanks for stopping by for another installment of my “journey” as a referee on the independent pro wrestling circuit. I...
West Virginia Man To Open Wrestling Themed Burger Restaurant

West Virginia Man To Open Wrestling Themed Burger Restaurant

Fans of pro wrestling in West Virginia are likely to be in for a treat later this year. It’s likely there will be a...