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New Japan Cup 2021 Left Bracket Right Bracket

New Japan Cup 2021 Left Bracket | Preview

It is time for the true March Madness. It is time for the annual New Japan Cup 2021 tournament. The New Japan Cup tournament...
Southern Pro Wrestling

Southern Underground Pro Presents Swing of the Axe (10/09/20)

Oh, SUP. How long has it been? I can tell you exactly how long it's been, actually. The last Southern Underground Pro I attended...
Coming Up NXT with John Caul

The Pregame | Coming Up NXT for 9/30/20 | Preview

And just like that, we are now days away from NXT Takeover. As the brand preps us for another big pay-per-view event on this...
Tessa Blanchard IMPACT Wrestling Terminates Relationship

IMPACT Wrestling Terminated Working Relationship with Tessa Blanchard

In a statement put out earlier this evening, IMPACT Wrestling has announced that they have terminated their working relationship with Tessa Blanchard. The statement...
"Buns of Steel" J Fowler

“Buns of Steel” J Fowler discusses Pandemic, Wrestling Career and More

Sometimes in pro wrestling, a performer's charisma and gimmick, combine with their athleticism to create a persona that resonates with fans. Such is the...
Kane and May 19th

Kane & May 19th | On This Day

‘On This Day’ is a commemorative article series dedicated to specific events, matches, and occurrences in wrestling history. We revisit those key moments and...
NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr

NWA Super Powerrr for 5/12/20

This was taped months ago and scheduled to be broadcast in March, the NWA Powerrr Super Powerrr episode will finally be shown. The show...
Martyn Grant

Martyn Grant: High and Mighty

The lifeblood of the wrestling industry is the young talent rising through the ranks in order to become the next big thing. After a...
The Start

Shark Tales: Welcome to America

In the last blog covered wrapping up in Calgary and getting ready for my first trip to the United States of America. The place...
The Start

Shark Tales – Wrapping Up In Calgary

Bumping, Running the ropes, cardio drills, basics, and repeat. This was now routine for the last month and a half, 5 days a week,...