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Tito Santana

Wrestling Legend Tito Santana Joins 350 Days Producers for TV Show

David Fredrick and Stephen Faust of the “Official Tito Santana Group, Arriba!” on Facebook “gets it.” Tito Santana is a legend deserving of not...
350 Days Documentary Update

350 Days Documentary Update

On July 12th of 2018, the “350 Days” documentary update played in nearly 400 theaters nationwide in a one-nighter. Critically acclaimed, it’s...

350 Days documentary to premier July 12th

It's finally here! the 350 DAYS documentary and learn how life was on the road for some of your favorite childhood heroes. Starring Bret...
Riding The WrestleMania Week Whirlwind

Riding The WrestleMania Week Whirlwind

Evan discusses his rather active WrestleMania week promoting 350 Days other encounters along the way.
Nigel McGuinness

Nigel McGuinness | Wrestling’s Unsung Pure Champion

Unsung Heroes will cover people and personalities whose work doesn’t always get talked about as much as it could, such as Nigel McGuinness. With...
John Xavier Bedoya

John ‘Xavier’ Bedoya Passes Away | The ‘All Around Best’

On Sunday, August 16th, former Ring of Honor World Champion John 'Xavier' Bedoya has passed away. It was reported by the family of Bedoya...
Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner | An Unlikely Wrestling Fan | Where Are They Now?

The late/great comic genius/actor/director Carl Reiner was an admitted pro-wrestling fan "since the fifties. I loved Gorgeous George but also guys like Buddy Rogers,...
Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker

Johnny “Mr Wrestling II” Walker | Celebrating His Life and Career

We had the honor of having Johnny "Mr Wrestling II" Walker attend two of our Cauliflower Alley Club Vegas events in the past decade....
Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah the Butcher | Where Are They Now?

People from all over the globe still miss his famous ATB House of Chinese Food and Ribs restaurant in the Atlanta area, not far...
Valerie Boesch

Valerie Boesch | Celebrating Wrestling’s Longtime Heart

I was totally floored today, as many were just learning today about Valerie Boesch's death. She passed away on March 23rd, 2020. None of...