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Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett win the WWF Tag Team Championship

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett win the WWF Tag Team Championship

On January 25th, 1999, Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett win the WWF Tag Team Championship. Many called Owen Hart a "tag team...
Owen Hart

Owen Hart | Heaven On Earth

I can't speak for everyone else ever, but watching some of Vice Network's second season of Dark Side Of The Ring at times was...
Thank You Owen Hart

Thank You Owen Hart | The King of Hart’s Most Memorable Matches

Every year on May 23 I try to do something in honor of Owen Hart and say thank you. Whether it’s watching his matches...
Remembering Owen Hart

Remembering Owen Hart | On This Day – 5/23/99

As you grow older, specific dates seem to stick in your memory. These are the dates where something significant happens, and you always remember...
WrestleMania V & XI

WrestleMania V & XI (Warrior/Rude) (Backland/Hart) | REIMAGINED

When it comes to WWF's WrestleMania's, April 2nd is a significant date for the WWE’s premiere show. Five times WrestleMania has fallen on this...
Christopher Annino

Christopher Annino – The Invincible Intimidator Pitbull #3

Christopher Annino won the World Title, has a hit film, and has a successful concert. Annino is a man of many crafts. He literally...
Mr Perfect Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig | Remembering Perfection Personified

He was what he said he was …..absolutely perfect. Mr Perfect Curt Hennig was the perfect combo of technique and charisma that does not...
Terry Funk

Terry Funk – The Man Who Only God Himself Could Stop

The old idiom tells us that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Terry Funk did not like people telling him what he...
Herb Abrams

Herb Abrams: The Ill Fated Odyssey of the UWF | Circus Minimus

Herb Abrams. The year is 1990, and if we are examining the landscape of professional wrestling in North America. Bob Dylan sang a quarter-century...
The Brisco Brothers

The Brisco Brothers – From Broken Home To Building The Business

There have been World Heavyweight Champions who were so good that they inspired future generations to get into the ring. There have been teams...