OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2 | Preview

Over the Top Wrestling (OTT) is making its first major show of 2019 over the top! Not only Homecoming 2 being held in the National Basketball Arena for the first time, but they’re bringing in PAC for his OTT debut. Arguably the biggest match of the night though will be between former friends David Starr and Jordan Devlin. The winner of this match will go on to face WALTER for the OTT Championship at ScrapperMania V. This is the preview for OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2!

OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2
Justy & MJF vs. Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) returns to Ireland for Homecoming 2. The privileged and snotty American will team with Justy of the Gymnasties. Justy is a mountain of a man, trained by Fergal Devitt. He also has a history with the Angel Cruzers. The Gymnasties defeated the Angel Cruzers back in 2018 at the OTT 4th Anniversary show. B. Cool was able to put the big man away in a singles match at OTT Redemption. Angel has been on a losing streak, having not won a match since That Ring Really Tied The Room Together. The Ultrastar would like nothing more than to get back on the winning side of things.

More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs. Charlie Sterling & The Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos, Jr.)

More Than Hype is a group of best friends, living their best lives. They get to do what they love and have fun while doing it. The Rapture’s Charlie Sterling has had enough of those lads and their fun. Unfortunately, his tag team partners in Zack Gibson and Sha Samuels are unavailable for Homecoming 2. So, in Sterling’s mission to end More Than Hype’s fun, he needed two new partners. And there is no one better at stopping fun from happening than The Anti Fun Police. In fact, it is what they are in wrestling to do, to eliminate fun from the program. Will this new team be effective or will More Than Hype prove that they are more than hype?

Will Ospreay & Scotty Davis vs. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)

The Assassin Will Ospreay is flying into a team with someone he knows very well, Scotty Davis. Davis is a young up and comer from Frontline Wrestling, Ospreay’s promotion. Davis has already done well for himself in OTT. He’s defeated Terry Thatcher and Speedball Mike Bailey in 2019. He’s also challenged for the OTT Gender Neutral Championship and taken on OTT ace, Jordan Devlin. If they can prove to work well together, it could bring them the victory. Their opponents, though, are no strangers to teaming together. Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, better known as the Besties in the World are an experienced team. They are former AAW Pro Tag Team Champions and the current Glory Tag Team Champions.

OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2
Ilja Dragunov vs. Shingehero Irie

Ilja Dragunov is the new Russian Nightmare. At just 25 years old, he has set the international independent scene on fire in the last year and a half. He’s competed for companies such as PROGRESS and wXw. Now he brings his own brand of destruction to OTT. He made his debut back in December at Live in Belfast 3. Ilja’s opponent is now making his own OTT debut. Shingehero Irie, the Japanese Beast Mode made his name in DDT. For a decade, he’s been wreaking havoc on Japan, North America, and the United Kingdom. Now he sets his sights on OTT. These two monsters will go to war at Homecoming 2!

Gender Neutral Championship Match
Mark Haskins (c) vs. Andrew Everett vs. Terry Thatcher

Mark Haskins, fresh off making a big splash in the US for Ring of Honor, comes to OTT to defend his title. This will be his first defense of the Gender Neutral Championship since winning it from LJ Cleary. He’s also the IPW: UK World and Frontline Heavyweight Champion at the moment. Things are clicking on all cylinders for Haskins. His opponents look to throw a monkey wrench into this engine. Terry Thatcher is a former NLW Champion and has been on a roll as well. Andrew Everett is a former IMPACT Wrestling star and independent wrestling darling. The high-flying style of Everett will be a wild card for both Haskins and Thatcher.

Steel Cage Match for the OTT Tag Team Championship
Kings of the North (c) vs. Lads from the Flats

A long-standing feud in OTT has been the Kings of the North against the Lads from the Flats. Their first match against each other had involved the OTT Tag Team titles and now here they are again. It’s not just any match either, this one will be in the confines of a steel cage. The Kings have had the titles on lock in OTT since June of 2018, beating back all challengers. The Lads, with Martina in tow, are still chasing their first ever OTT Tag Team Championship. As this new chapter for OTT begins to unfold, it is very poetic that it’s again the Kings at war with the Lads.

OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2
Jordan Devlin vs. David Starr

There’s one thing that’s bigger than a mere rivalry or a championship. It’s the loss of a dear friend. Jordan Devlin and David Starr became bosom buddies, the absolute best of friends. They were bound by their hatred for WALTER and their desires to defeat him. At OTT Redemption the team of Starr and Devlin took on Ringkampf, WALTER and Timothy Thatcher. As Devlin was within a breath of finally overcoming WALTER, Starr snatched it away. He drove the proverbial dagger into Devlin’s back. Why? Simply because Devlin was about to do what Starr had failed to do many times over, pin WALTER. This had been something David Starr had wanted all to himself and he wasn’t about to let Devlin steal it from under his nose.

Now Devlin will turn the ire built up inside his heart against his former friend. Starr will have one more chance in order to get to WALTER, but he has to get through Devlin first. Whoever survives will have the opportunity to take on WALTER at Scrappermania V.

OTT Wrestling Presents Homecoming 2

The devious bastard PAC will make his OTT debut at Homecoming 2. And he will face a tall order, not just in size and stature. WALTER has been lord king of OTT since August of 2018 when he won the OTT World title from Jordan Devlin. WALTER is also the PROGRESS World Champion and recently debuted for NXT UK. PAC has only been back on the independent scene since this past October. He’s made every opportunity count though, turning heads and working all over the world. He’s signed to the hot new promotion All Elite Wrestling and the current Open the Dream Gate Champion. The sneering English monster looks to swoop into OTT and make WALTER his bitch. The Ring General though, surely won’t just lay down and let anyone get a win the easy way.

All of this incredible action goes down on the 17th of February at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin. OTT is pulling out all the stops as they roll into 2019 for possibly their biggest year yet. If you can’t make it out to the Emerald Isle to see this in person, it will be available on demand. OTT has its own on-demand service, as well as having their content on Powerslam.TV.

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