NXT UK American Assessment for 7/3/19 ( Grizzled Young Veterans )

This past January, at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, Grizzled Young Veterans became the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. On this week’s edition of NXT UK, the team of Zack Gibson and James Drake will put the championship on the line against Moustache Mountain, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate. This is Grizzled Young Veterans versus Moustache Mountain, Volume 2!

The show proper opens with Rhea Ripley storming down to the ring. Upon taking the mic, Ripley calls out Piper Niven, who she has been at odds with for weeks. Ripley says that Niven isn’t the most dominant woman in NXT UK, and instead of settling things later tonight, she demands they do so now. This brings out Niven, who races into the ring to confront Ripley. The referee calls for the bell!

Rhea Ripley vs. Piper Niven

Both combatants exchange strikes to begin. Ripley backs Niven into the corner and stomps away on her. Niven explodes from the corner with a crossbody! Niven clotheslines Ripley over the top rope, causing the former NXT UK Women’s Champion to fall to the floor outside. Niven starts to pull Ripley back in by her hair, but Ripley quickly takes advantage on the outside. Niven starts to fight back and goes for a power slam, but Ripley escapes and rams her opponent into the ring post.

Back inside, Ripley goes for a cover, only for Niven to kick out at one. Ripley tosses Niven into the corner and hits a series of mudhole stomps. Niven rolls up for the pin, but Ripley quickly kicks out and fires back with a clothesline. Dueling chants come from the audience at the Download Festival in Derby, England. Ripley cinches in a leg scissors around the midsection of Niven, clubbing away at the back of her neck as well. Ripley hits a big dropkick on Niven, who backs away into the corner. However, Niven comes back with a running dropkick of her own! Niven scales the top rope, but Ripley catches and drops her across the turnbuckle. Ripley goes for the pin, 1… 2… Niven kicks out!

Ripley hooks in the inverted cloverleaf. Niven uses her arms to crawl to the bottom rope. Ripley starts to taunt Niven, slapping her across the face and head. Ripley slaps Niven across the face and attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Niven reverses with a belly to back suplex! They exchange short arm clotheslines. Ripley goes for the Riptide, but Niven blocks and hits a headbutt! Niven hits a cannonball into the corner of Ripley, who hits the post-front-first! Niven plants Ripley with the Piper Driver for the 1… 2…. 3!

Winner: Piper Niven

Earlier today, Kenny Williams was interviewed regarding his involvement in Noam Dar’s match last week. Suddenly, Dar attacks Williams, forcing his face into the mud! Business is far from over between these two.

Jack Starz vs. Alexander Wolfe

In Wolfe’s NXT UK in-ring debut, he blocks a wristlock attempt before locking in one of his own. Wolfe keeps Starz to the mat, continuing to torque the wrist. Starz performs a series of flips and goes for a northern lights suplex, only for Wolfe to counter with a German suplex! Wolfe whips Starz into the corner. Starz hits a back elbow and runs the ropes, but Wolfe hits a pump kick! Wolfe follows up with a big scoop slam.

Starz tries to fight back again, but Wolfe stops his offense once more. Starz attempts to get more offense in, including a running uppercut. Wolfe catches Starz and drops him with a Death Valley Driver! Wolfe plants Starz with a sit-out powerbomb for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Alexander Wolfe

Earlier today, the cameras caught up with Gallus. They talk about The Hunt and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, who they plan to target moving forward. Next week, Toni Storm will be in action!

Jazzy Gabert (w/Jinny) vs. Dani Luna and Mercedes Blaze

Gabert drops Luna with a scoop slam to begin, following up with a short arm clothesline. Gabert forces her opponent into the corner, and her partner takes the tag. Gabert tosses Blaze in over the rope and backs her into the corner, hitting a series of clotheslines and body shots. Luna attempts to intervene. Gabert absorbs her blows and throws her out of the ring. Gabert drops Blaze with the Dominator for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jazzy Gabert

In an interview, Kassius Ohno says NXT UK is in a state of emergency. He wishes to preserve the legacy of British wrestling, which is where Ohno comes in. He draws attention to British Strong Style, Wolfgang, and Mark Andrews, the “founding five.” However, Ohno says that Andrews isn’t an authentic British wrestler, but instead a follower. He says he throws a superkick like Shawn Michaels when the move was pioneered by English professional wrestler Chris Adams. Ohno calls Andrews a disappointment, saying he hasn’t reached his potential. Ohno says that no one is as passionate about British wrestling as him and he is the best British wrestler in the world.

Next week, the team of The Hunt and Mastiff faces Gallus in six-man tag team action!

Grizzled Young Veterans
Photo / Bleacher Report

NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) (c)

The match begins with Bate and Gibson. They lock up in the center of the ring, Gibson focusing on the wrist. Bate escapes the hold and follows up with a dropkick. Gibson tags in Drake. Bate hits a hip toss followed by an arm drag. Bate tags in Seven. Moustache Mountain hits a double team move on Drake. Seven goes for the pin, but Drake quickly kicks out. Seven hits a running cross body. Drake tags in Gibson, who focuses on the wrist. Seven hits Gibson with a series of chops, a running chop in the corner, and a float-over suplex. Gibson makes the tag to Drake, who hits a big dropkick on Seven! Drake hits a series of stomps on Seven before tossing him out of the ring.

Drake makes the tag to Gibson. Grizzled Young Veterans hit a tag team move on Seven on the outside. Gibson continues the attack on Seven before rolling him into the ring. Gibson goes for the pin, but Seven kicks out at two. Gibson cinches in a submission and rises to his feet to make the tag to Drake, who continues the attack on Seven with a chinlock. Drake sends Seven into the corner and follows up with numerous forearms. Seven whips Drake into the corner! Gibson is tagged in and is hit with a back fist by Seven. He makes the tag to Bate! Off the hot tag, Bate hits a spinning uppercut on Gibson before dropkicking Drake off the apron. Bate catches Gibson and executes a gut wrench suplex, following up with a standing shooting star! Bate hits a double hurricanrana on his opponents and hits a running plancha on Grizzled Young Veterans on the outside.

Back in the ring, Moustache Mountain hit a double team move on Gibson! Bate goes for the cover, 1… 2… Gibson kicks out! Bate tags in Seven. Gibson tags in Drake after Bate is tossed to the outside. Another tag team move from Grizzled Young Veterans, Drake covers Seven for the pin, 1… 2… Seven kicks out! Seven hits the Seven Star Lariat on Drake before tagging in Bate! Though Bate started strong with lefts and rights, Grizzled Young Veterans start to take advantage. Bate goes for the inside cradle on Gibson, but it’s kicked out of at two! Gibson goes for a superplex on Bate, but Seven breaks up the attempt. Bate hits a diving headbutt on Drake! Seven covers Gibson, 1… 2… Gibson kicks out! The crowd is hot for this match!

As the match continues, Imperium storms the ring, attacking Moustache Mountain! The referee calls for the bell!

Winners: N/A

The attack continues on Moustache Mountain following the bell. In the ring, Wolfe hits a pump kick on a weakened Seven. Marcel Barthel and Wolfe handcuff Seven to the bottom turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Walter tosses Bate into the barricade and executes a powerbomb on the ring apron! Walter follows up with a second ring apron powerbomb while Seven helplessly watches on. Walter launches Bate with a powerbomb across the ring post!

The show concludes with Imperium posing on the ring apron, a still handcuffed Seven calling for his fallen partner.