NXT UK American Assessment for 7/24/19 (Trent Seven vs Walter)

In this week’s edition of NXT UK, Trent Seven squares off against WWE United Kingdom Champion, Walter. Earlier in the day, he expressed his disgust for Walter, who put Tyler Bate on the shelf. Nonetheless, Seven says that he’s here.

Kenny Williams vs. Noam Dar

This match between former friends starts with Williams forcing Dar into the corner. From there, they exchange a variety of holds. They are fairly even-matched, standing off with one another to respectable applause. Williams goes for an arm drag, but Dar uses the ropes to stop himself, Dar taunting his opponent after. Williams returns the gesture, evading Dar’s Irish whip attempt. Dar slaps Williams across the face, with Williams returning the favor with strikes of his own. Baseball slide to the outside by Williams! Williams follows Dar to the outside, but Dar catches him with a clothesline.

Dar rolls Williams back into the ring and goes for the pin, the latter kicking out at two. Dar cinches in a chin lock. Williams escapes with a jawbreaker and hits a few forearms. Williams catches Dar with a low superkick to the face. Williams hits a handspring back elbow followed by a suicide dive to the outside! Williams follows up with a handspring kick and another dive to Dar on the outside. Williams goes to the top rope for a jumping back elbow!

The two exchange near falls. Williams goes for a running crossbody but misses. Dar hits a fisherman suplex! 1… 2… Williams kicks out! Dar goes for the Nova Roller, but Williams evades, going for a rollup. Dar kicks out and locks in armbar before transitioning to an ankle lock. Williams hits a pump kick. They exchange strikes before Williams gets the better of his opponent with a big rebound lariat! As William skins the cat, Dar catches his leg, locking in the kneebar! Slowly, Williams makes his way to the bottom rope.

Williams kicks Dar away, with Dar inadvertently yanking off his opponent’s shoe. A confused Dar is rolled up by Williams for the near fall! Dar goes to use the shoe as a weapon, but the official catches him in the act. As the official discards the shoe, Dar kicks Williams in the groin! Dar executes the Nova Roller for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Noam Dar

The show cuts to an interview segment, from earlier this week, with Grizzled Young Veterans. In the middle of their training, Zack Gibson and James Drake are none too pleased to be interrupted. Gibson claims that they have beaten everyone as NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Gibson suggests that they are found new competitors, as the higher-ups seem to have a difficult time doing so.

Last month, Xia Brookside nearly won the battle royal to be declared number one contender for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Kay Lee Ray took advantage of the opportunity, though, dumping Brookside out last to win. Last week, Ray challenged Toni Storm for the title at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Jinny, Jazzy Gabert, and Kay Lee Ray vs. Xia Brookside, Piper Niven, and NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm

In this first-ever six-woman tag team match in NXT UK history, Ray and Brookside start. Storm quickly tags herself in while Ray tags in Jinny immediately after. Jinny slaps Storm to the mat and follows up with a series of mounted punches. Storm retorts with strikes of her own. Storm hits a low dropkick on Jinny, who rolls to her corner and tags in Gabert. Storm tags in Niven as the two powerhouses of the match standoff. They exchange strikes before Gabert takes down Niven with a shoulder block. Niven is cornered as Gabert tags in Jinny, who stomps away on Niven in the corner. Niven hits a big scoop slam on Jinny before tagging in Brookside.

With teamwork, Brookside hits a splash before Niven follows up with a senton. Brookside goes for the pin, but Jinny kicks out at two. Brookside hits Jinny with a hurricanrana. Jinny tags in Ray, who blocks a dropkick attempt and hits a front suplex. Ray tags in Gabert, who hits a big scoop slam on Brookside in the center of the ring. Gabert follows up with another. Gabert tosses Brookside into the corner and hits multiple clotheslines. Gabert tags in Ray, who continues the assault. Gabert chokes Brookside across the middle rope. Ray hits Brookside in the back and goes for the pin, only for Brookside to kick out at two. Brookside starts to fight back and hits a tornado DDT from the middle turnbuckle!

Brookside tags in Storm, who hits multiple German suplexes on Jinny, tagged in by Ray, followed by a low clothesline. Niven hits a headbutt on Ray and tosses her out of the ring. Storm and Niven work together to eject Gabert from the ring. Storm hits a suicide dive, flooring all opponents. Niven hits a senton from the ring apron! Brookside concludes with a flying crossbody to the outside, knocking down everyone! Storm rolls Jinny back into the ring and hits a Shining Wizard! 1… 2… Jinny kicks out!

During the melee, Storm hits a big headbutt on Jinny. Brookside is tagged in, but Gabert interferes her attempt at a high-flying maneuver, allowing Jinny to take advantage with the Facelift! Jinny covers Brookside for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Jinny, Jazzy Gabert, and Kay Lee Ray

Next week, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff will speak out after being called out by Gallus! Will he accept the challenge?

Trent Seven Walte
Photo / F4Wonline

Trent Seven vs. WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter

Before the match even begins, Seven hits a suicide dive on Walter, unleashing a flurry of strikes on the champion. Seven sends Walter into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. With both men in the ring, the bell rings, the match officially beginning. Walter fights back with strikes of his own, but Seven sends him out of the ring. Seven executes another suicide dive to the outside! Seven continues the attack, chopping Walter across the chest. Walter sends Seven into the ring apron and goes for a powerbomb, only for Seven to backdrop him.

Seven rolls back into the ring and takes Walter by the arm, forcing him back in as well. Seven unloads with more lefts and rights. Walter locks in a sleeper hold before transitioning to a German suplex. Walter hits Seven with several strikes to the back of the head. Seven tries to fight back, but Walter regains control, clubbing him across the chest with a forearm. Seven hits a series of chops, but Walter shrugs them off, nailing his opponent with a scoop slam. Walter taunts Seven, who rises to his feet and chops his opponent. Walter returns fire with a big boot.

Walter traps Trent Seven in the ropes and clubs him across the chest. Walter catches Seven’s leg for the single-leg Boston crab before transitioning into a chin lock. Seven grabs the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Seven tries to fight back again, but Walter floors him with another big boot. Trent Seven evades a big boot and lands a back suplex on Walter. Seven chops Walter’s chest and hits a series of short-arm clotheslines. Walter escapes, but Seven floors the champion with a big clothesline! Seven hits Walter with a clothesline in the corner and a multitude of chops. Walter goes for a chop of his own, but Seven evades, continuing to hit a series of chops. Finally, Walter executes his own signature chop, sending Seven to the mat!

Walter taunts Trent Seven, who struggles to fight back, exhausted from the punishment taken prior. However, Seven catches the boot of Walter, chopping him several times once more. Walter returns fire with a slap across the face, flooring Seven. Walter brings Seven to his feet, but Seven hits a back fist, sending the champion out of the ring. Seven, in his weakened state, makes his way to the top turnbuckle. Walter sees this and knocks him off, sending him to the mat. Walter goes for a big splash, but Seven stops him, the two men exchanging blows. Seven climbs the turnbuckle. Walter goes for a big powerbomb from the top, but Trent Seven blocks the attempt, hitting a big superplex on Walter! 1… 2… Walter kicks out!

On the outside, Walter chops and lays out Seven with the big boot! Walter follows up with an apron powerbomb! Walter rolls Seven back into the ring and plants him with another powerbomb in the center of the ring. Instead of going for the pin right away, Walter hits one more powerbomb! From the stage emerge Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel, who make their way to ringside. They turn their backs to the ring, facing the stage as if standing guard. Meanwhile, Walter hits Seven with another powerbomb. Walter follows up with another, still refusing to make the cover. After Walter executes another powerbomb, the official calls for the bell.

Winner, By Referee Stoppage: Walter

Walter stands tall in the center of the ring over Trent Seven, with Wolfe, Aichner, and Barthel still standing guard at ringside, as this episode of NXT UK comes to a close.