NXT UK American Assessment for (5/1/19)

This week’s episode of NXT UK comes from Brooklyn, New York, and it will be a night where a man with a chip on his shoulder attempts to make a name for himself. In the main event, Jordan Devlin will square off with United Kingdom Champion Walter in a non-title competition!

Travis Banks vs. Mansoor

Banks takes control of the match early on, bringing Mansoor to the mat. Mansoor reaches the ropes, with the two combatants separating. They lock up again, with Banks taking control of the arm. Mansoor rolls through and hits an uppercut. Banks, however, appears unphased and returns fire with a running knee to his opponent’s jaw. Banks starts to kick at Mansoor’s knees to bring down the taller wrestler. Banks then catches Mansoor with a swift kick to the chest. Mansoor pushes Banks off the top turnbuckle, causing him to fall to the outside.

On the outside, Mansoor chops Banks across the chest, but Banks returns the favor with a chop of his own. In the ring, Mansoor assumes control, hitting Banks with a suplex before going for the cover. 1..2… Banks kicks out! Mansoor applies a seated submission on Banks. However, the Kiwi Buzzsaw starts to fight back with a flurry of kicks. Banks hits a low kick to Mansoor’s knee and dropkicks him out of the ring. Banks executes a running kick on Mansoor on the apron! Back in the ring, Banks hits a big suicide dive on Mansoor between the middle and bottom ropes!

Back in the ring, Mansoor takes control of the match again. He starts to taunt Banks, hitting forearms across the back. The match ends with Banks finally executing the Slice of Heaven, followed by the Kiwi Crusher, covering Mansoor for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Travis Banks

Following the match, a video segment featuring Xia Brookside plays. She says that despite her recent loss to Rhea Ripley, she will continue to train and be the best “her” she can be. The video segment exhibits her silliness and easygoing nature.

Afterward, a hype package for Ilja Dragunov plays. He will be coming to NXT UK soon.

Returning from commercial, we see another video package, this time hyping the return of Nina Samuels. She says that she has been amassing victories and that she is looking to play the biggest role: champion. She says that while Toni Storm is a fine champion, she isn’t a leading lady and that she should take her seat for “The Nina Samuels Show.”

Piper Niven vs. Reina Gonzalez

The two power-based combatants lock up, breaking away at a stalemate. They lock up once more, with Gonzalez forcing Niven into the corner. Niven evades a blow from Gonzalez and catches her in a headlock. Gonzalez takes down Niven by her hair, but Niven evades an elbow drop attempt. Gonzalez backs Niven into the corner once more and executes a clubbing clothesline to her back. Gonzalez kicks at Niven in the opposite corner and whips her back into it, following up with a drop toe hold. Gonzalez cinches in a chinlock, Niven slowly making her way to her feet. Niven goes for a scoop slam, but can’t follow through due to her impacted back.

Gonzalez takes control of Niven, choking her against the ropes. Gonzalez goes for a stomp, but Niven evades, causing Gonzalez to fall out of the ring. Gonzalez rolls back in and the two exchange blows, with Niven getting the better of the exchange. Niven executes a running cross body followed by a senton. She covers Gonzalez, who kicks out at two. Niven hits a Michinoku Driver for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Piper Niven

A backstage segment featuring Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan plays after the match. Williams speaks about Grizzled Young Veterans, wondering how the NXT UK Tag Team Champions could lead a locker room they don’t know anything about. Jordan says that two weeks ago, Zack Gibson and James Drake got themselves intentionally counted out because they know Williams and Jordan on the same level. Williams expresses interest in going after the NXT UK Tag Team Championship and suggests speaking to Johnny Saint. Williams and Jordan leave the frame.

After the commercial, a video featuring Gallus plays. Joe Coffey says that, in one week at NXT UK Glasgow, they show that NXT UK is still their kingdom.

Saint announces, via Twitter, that Grizzled Young Veterans will defend the NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Williams and Jordan next week!

Jordan Devlin vs. United Kingdom Champion Walter (Non-Title)

This non-title contest begins with Devlin kicking at Walter’s legs before quickly sliding out of the ring. Devlin attempts to reenter but retreats to the outside. Once he’s back in the ring, Walter tosses Devlin, who rolls outside once more. Back in the ring, Devlin is backed into the corner by Walter, who attempts a chop. Devlin ducks the attempt and goes for a couple of chops of his own, which seem to have little effect on Walter. Devlin, once again, exits the ring before slowly making his way back in.

Walter deadlifts Devlin over and onto the apron. Devlin starts to take advantage with various strikes, but Walter cuts him off with a big kick to the face. Walter traps Devlin between the ropes and executes a clubbing blow to the chest. Walter cinches in a hammerlock and strikes Devlin in the midsection. The United Kingdom Champion keeps his opponent grounded, locking in a crossface. Walter hits a double underhook suplex on Devlin, who groggily rolls out of the ring. On the outside, Walter goes for a backdrop on the apron, but Devlin evades. However, Walter is still able to catch Devlin and throw him back into the ring.

Devlin catches Walter as he makes his way in the ring, hitting the champion’s leg with a series of kicks followed by a dragon screw. Devlin continues to target the lower body of the champion. Devlin locks in a single leg Boston crab, Walter attempting to crawl toward the ropes. Finally, Walter grabs the bottom rope, bloody face and all. Walter hits a seated splash but comes down on his bad knee, slowing him down. Walter catches Devlin’s leg and returns fire with a sharp chop across the chest. Walter executes a backdrop and goes for a kick in the corner, but Devlin evades. Devlin comes off the top rope, but Walter catches him, transitioning into a German suplex. Walter covers Devlin, who kicks out at two!

On the outside, Walter successfully plants Devlin with a backdrop onto the apron. In the ring, Walter attempts a powerbomb, but Devlin rolls through with a pin attempt! 1… 2… Walter kicks out! Taking hold of Devlin’s wrist, Walter hits two sharp chops. Devlin returns fire with stiff kicks to the legs of the champion followed by a headbutt to the ear. Walter hits Devlin with a German suplex! 1… 2… Devlin kicks out! Walter goes up to the top rope, but Devlin catches him at the pass. Devlin executes the Devlin Side! 1… 2… Walter kicks out again! The match ends with Walter hitting a big clothesline, followed by a powerbomb, for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Walter

Following the match, Walter celebrates with the United Kingdom Championship held high in the air. However, he is interrupted by former champion Pete Dunne, who has a microphone. Dunne enters the ring to standoff with Walter. Dunne demands, “Give me my rematch!” Walter simply nods in approval. Walter holds his championship above his head, staring down a scowling Dunne, as this episode of NXT UK concludes.

NXT UK American Assessment for (4/24/19)