NXT Inquisition for 11/20/19 (Dijakovic vs. Cole)

This week’s episode of NXT begins with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch entering Full Sail University! After greeting General Manager William Regal, Lynch makes her way to the ring. Lynch takes the mic, saying it’s been a while since she has been in NXT. She also says it’s been a while she’s kicked someone’s ass, which prompts her to strip her jacket. Lynch says that SmackDown has its women’s champion Bayley, who destroyed her relationships with her friends sans Sasha Banks. While Bayley was “a champ,” Lynch is “the champ.” Lynch directs her attention to NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, dropping a challenge to her to come to the ring. The evenings’ main event features Dominik Dijakovic and Adam Cole.

Cue Rhea Ripley’s entrance. Ripley makes her way into the ring, asking if Lynch, “The Man,” has a set of balls. They standoff until an official rushes to the ring, signaling for the opening bell!

Rhea Ripley vs. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

Ripley corners Lynch early on. Lynch lands a forearm. Ripley catches Lynch’s baseball slide attempt and drops her on the apron as we go to commercial. The show returns to Ripley in control of Lynch, sending her out onto the apron. Lynch fights back and goes to the top rope, where Ripley cuts her off. Lynch lands an inverted DDT. They exchange forearms before Ripley drops her to the mat for a two-count. Lynch rolls up Ripley for a quick count before landing a middle rope leg drop, pinning her for another count of two.

Ripley rolls up Lynch for a two-count of her own. Lynch transitions into a Dis-Arm-Her! Ripley rolls through and hoists Lynch for a powerbomb. Lynch counters and goes back to the top. Ripley catches her at the pass once again and hits a superplex! Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke storm the ring, the official calling for the bell!

Winner: No Contest

Lynch and Ripley start to fight back, planting Shafir and Duke with suplexes. A fallen Baszler stares from the outside as Lynch’s music plays.

The Revival, Scott Dawson, and Dash Wilder make their way to the arena!

Back at ringside, Kona Reeves makes his way to the ring for his upcoming match against Matt Riddle. However, he’s suddenly blindsided by Ricochet! With Ricochet in the ring, Riddle walks down the ramp for this impromptu bout!

Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle

Ricochet catches Riddle with a fast-paced offense to begin, sending the latter out of the ring. The real-life superhero, Ricochet follows up with a somersault tope! Back in the ring, Ricochet goes for a standing shooting star, which Riddle counters into a triangle hold! Ricochet avoids a penalty kick but is caught by a Bro-Ton! Riddle follows up with forearms and an exploder suplex for a two-count. They evade one another’s offense before Ricochet lands a northern lights suplex into a spinning neckbreaker. Ricochet executes a standing shooting star for a two-count.

Riddle avoids the phoenix splash. They counter strong strikes, Riddle nailing the Final Flash before catching Ricochet with a German suplex! From out of the crowd emerge SmackDown’s Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura! Ricochet and Riddle fend them off. Riddle rolls up Ricochet for a 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Suddenly, Cesaro and Nakamura hit the ring to attack Riddle and Ricochet. Riddle wipes out Cesaro with a jumping knee and Ricochet follows up with a cross body into the crowd! Nakamura catches Riddle with a kick. Riddle goes for the Kinshasa but Roderick Strong runs to the ring to attack! Riddle dumps out Strong and is promptly blindsided by Finn Balor! Riddle attacks Balor in the corner, but Balor fights back. Riddle hits Balor with the Final Flash, sending him out of the ring as The Original Bro stands tall in the ring.

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

Dawson and O’Reilly start things off. O’Reilly shoves Dawson in the corner, to which Dawson responds with a chop across the chest. Fish tags himself in. All four members of the match standoff in the ring, The Undisputed Era moving to the outside. With Wilder as the legal man, he exchanges kicks with Fish. O’Reilly is tagged back in. Wilder tries to fight back but is caught by The Undisputed Era. Once again, all four members standoff in the center of the ring. They start to brawl before spilling to the outside, which leads to a commercial break.

The show returns to Wilder on the defensive against Fish.

O’Reilly is tagged in and he continues the attack in the corner. O’Reilly tags in Fish before nailing a double suplex on Wilder. Fish hits a senton on Wilder and tags O’Reilly back in. O’Reilly tackles Wilder and lays in a series of strikes on the fallen opponent. O’Reilly cinches in a front face lock before laying in knee strikes. Fish is tagged in and traps Wilder in body scissors. Bobby Fish transitions into a headlock and hits strikes of his own. Fish tags O’Reilly, who attacks Wilder on the outside. O’Reilly quickly regains the advantage and rolls Wilder back in the ring, pinning him for a two-count.

Wilder catches O’Reilly with a small package. O’Reilly regains the advantage once more and tags in Fish. Wilder hits a back suplex on Fish before crawling to his corner. Fish tags O’Reilly and lands a running dropkick on Dawson. Back in the ring, Wilder fights back, only to be hit with double roundhouse kicks followed by Chasing the Dragon! 1… 2… Wilder kicks out! O’Reilly hits Wilder with a basement dropkick, sending him out of the ring. O’Reilly follows up with a running flying knee off the apron before we go commercial.

The show comes back to O’Reilly laying in a series of kicks on Wilder.

However, Wilder catches O’Reilly with a power slam! O’Reilly tags in Fish, who rushes at Wilder. Fish is spilled to the outside and Wilder tags in Dawson! In the ring, Dawson takes control against Fish, hitting a single leg dropkick. Fish hits a series of kicks, but Dawson fights back, hitting a running swinging neckbreaker. Dawson goes to the top and hits a diving headbutt! 1… 2… Fish kicks out! Fish catches Dawson with a roll-up. Dawson fights out, Wilder catching Fish with a hand from the outside. Dawson follows up with a brainbuster on Fish! 1… 2… Fish kicks out!

The Revival go for a tag team maneuver on Fish, but O’Reilly runs, only to be attacked for his troubles.

With O’Reilly and Wilder on the outside, Dawson catches Fish as he makes his way to the top rope. Dawson goes for a superplex, but O’Reilly holds onto Fish’s leg to prevent it. O’Reilly kicks Wilder on the apron, but Wilder catches O’Reilly with a spike DDT! Wilder tags himself in before Dawson hits Fish with a superplex! Wilder follows up with a flying body splash! 1… 2… Fish kicks out! Wilder catches Fish in the electric chair before tagging Dawson. Fish manages to catch Dawson with a kick to the legs, sending him to the mat.

Fish lands the Samoan drop on Dawson. With O’Reilly in the ring, The Undisputed Era go for a double team move! However, Wilder rushes in to hit Fish with the Shatter Machine! 1… 2… O’Reilly breaks up the pin! O’Reilly hits a flying double knee from the apron on Wilder! Back in the ring, O’Reilly tags himself in and hits a flying knee drop on Dawson! 1… 2… Dawson kicks out! O’Reilly lands a series of strikes on Fish for another two-count. Dawson fights out of the Magic Killer and rolls up Fish with a small package for another two-count.

Fish tags O’Reilly as Dawson is left in the ring alone. Fish and O’Reilly plant Dawson with authority for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Undisputed Era

Backstage, numerous RAW and NXT stars standoff, security keeping them separated.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

Kai starts with a flurry of offense. Ray catches Kai’s leg but Kai reverses the Gory Bomb into a roll-up attempt. Kai, on the outside, hits Ray with a knee before going back in for a two-count. Ray lands a series of kicks on Kai, stomping her in the corner. Ray hits a suplex and transitions into a two-count. Kai rolls up Ray for a two-count of her own. Ray plants Kai with a reverse suplex that the latter kicks out of after. Ray forces her foot on the braced knee of Kai and corners her. Ray sends Kai in the corner and lands a stiff chop. Kai returns with one of her own. Ray continues to focus on the knee.

Kai explodes out of the corner with a double stomp on Ray! Kai follows up with a series of attacks, including toe kicks to the head of Ray. On the outside, Kai tosses Ray into the steel steps and follows up with a running boot to the face! Kai rolls Ray back in the ring and goes for the pin, 1… 2… Ray kicks out! Kai hoists Ray on her shoulders. Ray fights out and lands a superkick followed by the Gory Bomb for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Post-match, SmackDown’s Carmella appears on the apron. Suddenly, the rest of the SmackDown’s women’s team storm the ring, attacking Ray and Kai! The female members of Team NXT and Team RAW rush to the ring, a brawl breaking loose! Kairi Sane lands an In-Sane Elbow on Tegan Nox! Sane stands off with longtime friend Io Shirai until the other Team RAW members attack Shirai. Nikki Cross rushes to the ring, swinging a trashcan lid with authority! Storm stands tall in the ring, all others sprawled on the outside.

RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) (w/Jaxson Ryker)

Ivar starts things off with a series of powerful strikes. Ivar tags Erik, slamming him onto Cutler. Ivar lands a powerbomb and Erik follows up with a flying splash! 1… 2… Cutler breaks up the ring! Back in the ring, Blake avoids a suplex and makes the blind tag to Cutler. They execute a double team offense on Erik. Cutler lands an uppercut on Erik and follows up with a suplex for a two-count. Cutler chokes Erik across the rope. Erik starts to fight back and rolls over to tag Ivar!

Off the hot tag, Ivar hits a series of quick strikes until being pulled down from the apron by Ryker, the show going to break. The show returns to Erik fighting back against Cutler before tagging Ivar. He pulls off a series of powerful moves before tagging Erik, the two of them continuing the attack on The Forgotten Sons. Erik tags Ivar and they execute double team offense on Blake! 1… 2… Ryker puts the foot on the rope. On the outside, Cutler sends Erik into the ring post. Back in the ring, Ivar is caught from behind with a back cracker by Cutler! Making the tag to Blake, The Forgotten Sons plant Ivar with their offense for a two-count.

Ivar fights back and tags Erik, who comes in hot!

Ryker attacks Erik from the outside, which gives Cutler the chance to hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron! Cutler rolls Erik back in and goes for the cover, 1… 2… Erik powers out! Ryker steps up on the apron, which prompts the official to eject from ringside! Ivar lands a tope, wiping out Ryker! In the ring, Erik lands a knee on Cutler and tags Ivar. On the top rope, Blake hits a Frankensteiner on Ivar, wiping out everyone in the ring! All four participants standoff before exchanging a series of strikes, including cartwheels! Ivar lands a handspring double back elbow! Ivar tags Erik and they land a pop-up power slam for the 1… 2.. 3!

Winners: The Viking Raiders
Dominik Dijakovic vs. NXT Champion Adam Cole (Ladder Match; Winner Will Receive a WarGames Advantage for Their Team)

Cole begins quick, attacking Dijakovic in the corner with numerous strikes. Dijakovic fires back with strikes of his own and lays out Cole with a massive clothesline! Dijakovic goes to the outside to retrieve a ladder. Cole hits a baseball dropkick, sending the ladder into Dijakovic! Back in the ring, Cole is struck by a spinning kick by Dijakovic, the ladder crashing into him. Dijakovic uses the ladder to attack Cole further, propping it into the corner so he can whip the champion into it. Dijakovic sets up the ladder and makes his way up. Cole stops him and climbs up. Cole superkicks Dijakovic’s leg as he climbs again, sending him down to the mat. Cole keeps attacking the knee, slamming it into the ring post as we go to commercial.

The show returns to Dijakovic firmly in control. He props up one ladder into the one in the center, creating a platform. Cole evades a chokeslam onto said platform, though Dijakovic counters with various strikes. Cole nails a ushigoroshi on Dijakovic before ascending the ladder. Dijakovic catches Cole around the throat and chokeslams him into another corner ladder! Dijakovic goes back up the ladder, Cole taking hold of his foot. Cole evades Feast Your Eyes by managing his way up the ladder. Cole nails the Panama Sunrise off the ladder!

Cole scrambles his way up the ladder.

Dijakovic catches him and lands a big knee! Dijakovic drops back down to the mat, clutching his recently-rehabilitated knee. Nonetheless, Dijakovic carefully climbs the ladder. Just as he’s fingertips away, Cole scrambles up the ladder and slams the briefcase into Dijakovic’s face, sending him crashing through the platform below! Cole secures the briefcase!

Winner: Adam Cole
Cole Dijakovic
Photo / WWE NXT

Following the match, Cole poses with his champion and the briefcase. The Rest of The Undisputed Era make their way down the ramp until they’re intercepted by Team SmackDown members. Team RAW members approach The Undisputed Era from behind and that’s when a brawl breaks out! The Undispited Era are disposed of and that’s when a second brawl ensues! In the ring, Drew McIntyre lays out Dijakovic with the Claymore! Keith Lee enters the ring and stands off with McIntyre before planting him with the Spirit Bomb! Ivar enters the ring and stares through Lee. They look to the outside and perform stereo topes into the crowd of wrestlers below! Cole remains in the ring… Until Seth Rollins slides into the ring from behind! Rollins superkicks Cole and goes for the Curb Stomp.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way down the ramp. Before stepping into the ring to confront Rollins, he lays out Cole first! Ciampa enters the ring and circles Rollins. Soon enough, they brawl in the center of the ring as this week’s episode of NXT comes to a close.