NXT Inquisition for 10/23/19 ( Lee vs. Dijakovic vs. Strong)

This week’s episode of NXT proves to be a big one for the Inquisition! The major highlight will see NXT North American Roderick Strong defend against Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic in a triple threat match. Also, we will see what Finn Balor meant when he said that his present is his past. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Match 1: Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair

They start with a collar and elbow tie-up, attempting to overpower one another. A test of strength follows. Ripley misses Belair in the corner and Belair follows up with a series of shoulder tackles. Ripley kicks Belair down to the mat. Belair uses a waist lock takedown. Ripley kicks Belair in the corner. Slamming Ripley in the corner, Belair goes for a suplex. Ripley reverses with a stalling suplex of her own! Belair dumps Ripley to the outside. Ripley climbs to the apron. Belair slams Ripley back into the ring and follows up with a series of stomps.

Ripley fights out of a full nelson lock, but Belair executes a suplex of her own! Belair takes down Ripley after multiple strikes and cinches in the abdominal stretch. Ripley powers out and tosses Belair across the mat. Belair cartwheels out and they meet with simultaneous bulldog slams before we cut to commercial. The show returns to Belair attacking Ripley in the corner. Ripley fights back with a running boot! Ripley follows up with a basement dropkick for the two-count. Ripley hits a ripcord clothesline followed by a dropkick.

Ripley cinches in the standing cloverleaf, but Belair gets to the ropes before escaping to the outside. Ripley follows after with a running senton off the apron! After Ripley throws Belair back in, Io Shirai runs out and hits Ripley with a 619 kick! Belair takes advantage with a spear! 1…2… Ripley kicks out! This brings out Candice LeRae to even the odds, pulling Shirai off the apron! Ripley lands a pump handle bomb for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

It’s later announced that LeRae and Shirai will square off next week. A video plays of an interview Cathy Kelly cut earlier with Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. Regarding his loss to Damian Priest, Dunne promises that a receipt will be coming. Dunne also talks about his confrontation with Killian Dain, saying he doesn’t care about him.

Match 2: Matt Riddle vs. Cameron Grimes

Riddle evades the early Cave-In and Grimes evades the Final Flash in the first moments of the match! Riddle takes Grimes down to the mat numerous times. Ripley cinches in the armbar but Grimes evades with a pinfall attempt. Riddle kicks Grimes in the chest several times, forcing him into the corner, following up with two forearms and an exploder suplex. Riddle hits a senton followed by a penalty kick for the two-count.

Riddle continues his attack with kicks. Jackhammer from Riddle! 1… 2… Grimes kicks out! Riddle attempts an armbar, but Grimes rolls him up for another pin attempt. Grimes evades another kick and hits a backflip into a German suplex! 1… 2… Riddle kicks out! Back from commercial, Riddle is back on the offensive. Ripcord knee followed by a Bro-To-Sleep followed by a German suplex! 1… 2… Grimes kicks out! Grimes takes control once again with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a close pinfall! Riddle catches Grimes on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex! 1… 2… Grimes powers out once more!

Grimes gets the knees up to counter a Floating Bro by Riddle! Both men evade and exchange hits, finished by a flipping slam by Grimes for a two-count! Riddle counters the Cave-In with the Final Flash followed by the BroDerek for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Following the match, Riddle offers a fist bump to Grimes, which he denies. He then shoves Tyler Bate, standing in the front now, to which Bate responds by laying him out with a Bop and Bang! Bate and Grimes will square off next week!

Match 3: Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake, and Jackson Ryker)

Breeze and Ryker start things off, the latter’s strength on display. Breeze tags in Scott, who is also overpowered. Fandango tags himself in and rids himself of his tank top. Ryker shoulder tackles Fandango before tagging in Cutler, who takes down Fandango. Fandango evades a sunset flip attempt and hits a leg drop before sending Cutler out of the ring! The show returns from commercial with Ryker in control of Breeze, attacking him in the corner. Ryker tags in Blake, who cinches in a chin lock. Breeze tries to fight back, but Blake rakes the eyes before tagging in Ryker once more.

Ryker resumes his attack in the corner before hitting a double axe across the chest of Breeze! Ryker tags in Cutler. Breeze starts to evade the attacks of Forgotten Sons. Blake is tagged in and Breeze makes the hot tag to Fandango! A flurry of chops and clotheslines to Blake followed by a power slam! Fandango makes the tag to Scott, who hits Cutler with a flying crossbody! Cutler hits a double underhook backbreaker and tags in Ryker. Triple offense by Forgotten Sons on Scott! 1… 2… Breezango breaks up the pin!

Scott lands a flatliner on Blake and dumps Cutler to the outside. Scott goes to the top turnbuckle, but Ryker cuts him off. Scott fights back and hits an assisted moonsault on Cutler and Blake! Scott makes the tag to Breeze, who tags in Fandango, hitting stereo superkicks on Ryker! 1… 2… Forgotten Sons break it up! Fandango fires on Ryker with a series of strikes! Tags are made to Cutler and Scott, the latter tossed to the outside. Cutler tags in Blake, but Breeze intercepts a double team move. Scott hits a jumping back kick on Blake for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Breezango and Isaiah Scott

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush makes his entrance; he will be on commentary for this next match! Before we get there, a promo from Killian Dain plays. Dain says that Dunne tried to break his fingers, but Dain will break him.

Match 4: Angel Garza vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

Garza takes control of the wrist early on. They jockey for position, Gallagher with multiple crucifix pin attempts. Gallagher tears off Garza’s pants, revealing his trunks, and Garza lands a running dropkick! Garza hits an inverted suplex followed by a kick to the head. 1… 2… Gallagher kicks out! Gallagher fights back with a series of strikes followed by a powerful stalling suplex! 1… 2… Garza powers out! Garza blocks a cross armbreaker attempt and maneuvers to the bottom rope. Garza uses his legs to launch Gallagher to the outside. Following a slap across the back, Garza brings the action back to the ring, Gallagher hitting a stiff headbutt! Garza dumps Gallagher on the mat and hits a springboard moonsault for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Angel Garza

Garza motions to his waist toward Rush, his goal of becoming NXT Cruiserweight Champion clear.

Match 5: Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir (Number One Contenders Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Duke blindsides Kai with a kick early on. Duke tags in Shafir, the both of them attacking Kai in the corner. Shafir judo throws Kai before tagging Duke, the two of them hitting double team offense on their opponent. Duke kicks Kai in the lower back before tagging in Shafir, who wrenches in an armbar. Kai starts to fight back, attacking Duke and kicking Shafir before tagging in Nox. Off the hot tag, Nox hits multiple chokeslams before attacking Duke in the corner with a running cannonball! Nox follows up with a crossbody!

Kai attacks Shafir with a bicycle kick, sending her out of the ring. Nox escapes a pin attempt and following up with the Shiniest Wizard for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai

Post-match, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors, Kairi Sane, and Asuka, appear on the scene. They mockingly congratulate Nox and Kai, cutting most of the promo in Japanese. Sane says that next week, they have no chance.

Lee Dijakovic Strong
Photo / WWE
Match 6: Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic vs. Roderick Strong (c) (NXT North American Championship Match)

Strong escapes to the outside early on. Dijakovic and Lee follow, advancing toward the champion. Strong reenters the ring and starts to attack Dijakovic. Lee blocks a running attack from Strong, who rolls to the outside. Dijakovic squares off with Lee, cornering him with elbows. Lee launches Dijakovic with a pop-up slam before we cut to commercial. The show cuts back to Lee hitting Dijakovic with a series of forearms. Strong attacks Lee, but he responds by tossing Strong across the ring! With Strong on the outside again, Lee hoists Dijakovic up on the top turnbuckle. Strong shoves Lee off and to the outside before landing a superplex on Dijakovic! 1… 2… Dijakovic kicks out!

Dijakovic fights back against Strong and kicks Lee in the face. Strong hits a running knee strike on Lee but is caught by a slam by Dijakovic. He suplexes Lee right on Strong! 1… 2… Strong kicks out! Strong rolls out of the way of a top rope move by Dijakovic. Lee catches Dijakovic’s cannonball attempt, but Strong dropkicks Dijakovic onto Lee! Dijakovic catches Strong and hits a discus forearm before rolling him into the ring. They make their way to the top.

Lee catches Dijakovic and Strong, a massive tower of doom following!

Returning from commercial, Lee executes a big slam on Dijakovic and Strong! The three competitors exchange strikes. Strong catches Dijakovic with a backbreaker and hits Lee with a series of running forearms. Big Olympic Slam on Lee! 1… 2… Lee kicks out! Lee catches Strong with a double chop across the chest! Strong goes for a baseball slide, but Lee and Dijakovic catch him! Feast Your Eyes and a pounce render Strong unconscious! Lee and Dijakovic meet in the ring, the crowd firmly behind this match. Dijakovic backflips off the turnbuckle and lands a discus boot on Lee! Dijakovic lands an avalanche choke bomb! 1… 2… Lee kicks out!

Dijakovic misses Lee, hitting Strong with a corkscrew splash out of the ring! Lee hits a big tope on Dijakovic! Back in the ring, Lee lands an avalanche powerbomb! Strong runs in with a leaping kick on Lee for the surprise 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Roderick Strong
Lee Dijakovic Strong
Photo / WWE

The rest of The Undisputed Era run in to celebrate with Strong. They proceed to attack Lee before sending him out of the ring. As they pose in the center of the ring, Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring with his crutch in hand. He steps forward as the crowd chants “Daddy’s Home.” Next out comes Johnny Gargano, who stares down Ciampa to begin. They then set their focus on The Undisputed Era. Finally, out comes Finn Balor, who stands side by side with Ciampa and Gargano.

Suddenly, Balor hits a Pele kick on Gargano! The Undisputed Era gang up on Ciampa as Balor watches on. Cole hits the Last Shot on Gargano while Balor dropkicks Gargano through the barricade! Balor lands the Bloody Sunday on Gargano on the ramp! As The Undisputed Era pose in the ring, Balor poses over a fallen Gargano before making his exit. This betrayal closes out this week’s episode of NXT.