NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22 (Six-Person Tag Team Match)

On the upcoming NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22, four matches have been announced for the show. Of the matches included, one is a six-person tag match, another is a grudge match between two emerging talents on the brand, one is intended to soften someone up prior to their match, and the final involves the new Don of NXT. Within these four matches, which is the one that is likely to be the one the set forward plans for the future?

In the last NXT before Spring Breakin, questions are likely to arise in this week’s show. Whether or not Bron Breakker will find his father and seek revenge on Joe Gacy or Solo Sikoa goes into next week’s show, how will the chips fall after this week’s show comes to an end? Here is NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22.


NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22
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NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22
Nikita Lyons vs. Lash Legend

These two women have faced each other previously on NXT. This time around, the match is as much about evening the odds as it is cementing one’s place on the roster moving forward. For Lash Legend, it is important for her to win this match and do so convincingly. In the case of Nikita Lyons, a win for her will only further the interest in her moving forward in the NXT 2.0 women’s division.

One has risen to fame between the two women because of a talk show segment, and the other has earned it by simply being. However, there is no mistake that Nikita Lyons has been the talk of NXT 2.0 since her debut. With a feud with Natalya on the horizon, it certainly feels as though Lyons is on the trajectory of moving beyond Legend in this match.


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Solo Sikoa vs. Trick Williams

He must go through Carmelo Hayes right-hand man ahead of Sikoa’s upcoming match at Spring Breakin. Trick Williams’ role is to soften Sikoa ahead of the triple threat NXT North American Championship match. Sikoa will hit hard and hit often when it comes to Williams. He is determined not only to plow through Williams but to take out Hayes and Cameron Grimes.

Williams will do whatever he needs to do to walk away with the win. For Sikoa, it’s as important for him to make a statement in this match. He knows that Hayes and Grimes will be watching. So while Grimes is the least likely of his concerns, it’s whether or not Hayes does something that compromises this match and its result.

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NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22
Six-Person Tag
Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley vs. Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde & Elektra Lopez

From a comment being made that was teased, Jensen was hitting on Elektra to Fallon challenging Elektra. These two teams have faced each other time and time again in one-way, shape, or form. The biggest challenges amongst them will be who among them will assert themselves the most in this matchup. Between Elektra Lopez and Fallon Henley, cementing themselves as the true alpha female between them is important.

In the case of Del Toro, Wilde, Jensen, and Briggs, two of these men will sad proudly as two-thirds of the victors on this night. The question is, who will be the more dominant team between them?

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NXT 2.0 for 4/26/22
Tony D’Angelo vs. Xyon Quinn

The new ‘Don of NXT’ faces his newest test in that role. Xyon Quinn will be the one that will have put D’Angelo in place. Whether or not that means that he will do that or not remains in question; it is key for Quinn to try and move forward. Quinn has faced obstacle after obstacle time and time again. For Tony D’Angelo, it’s important for him to show just how significant he is on the program now and moving forward.

It’s crucial for fans to start seeing just how much D’Angelo is valued on the program. It certainly feels that Quinn will again fall victim and face another loss. What does the new Don of NXT have in store for this match?

What To Expect

  • The Debut of Nathan Frazier
  • What is next for Wes Lee in NXT 2.0?
  • Toxic Attraction address upcoming challengers for the NXT Women Tag Team Championship and NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Cora Jade addresses being attacked by Natalya.


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