NWA-TNA PPV 8 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

In the latest edition of the NWA-TNA Sunday Night Retroview, we cover NWA-TNA PPV 8. We open the show with a crowd outside of Ricky Steamboats’ office. Then, we cut to the ring and were introduced to Amazing Red with Joel and Jose Maximo (Named the Spanish Announce Team. Let’s be honest, it’s not the worst tag team name we’ve ever heard.), followed by The Flying Elvises.

Match #1 –
The Flying Elvises vs. Amazing Red and the SAT

The Elvises rush the ring, and the match starts hot. After a brawl, it’s Siaki and Amazing Red in the ring. Siaki gets the advantage, and the three Elvises dismantle their opponents one by one. Next, Estrada and Yang go for the Elvis pose, but Siaki stops them and sends them to the apron to show them how it’s done.

Red and the SAT quickly get the upper hand on Siaki as Estrada and Yang drop down from the apron and head over to the announce table while Siaki is taking a beating in the ring. Yang gets on the mic and says it’s not their fault; it’s Siaki’s fault. He’s the one who told them he doesn’t need them. Estrada “treats” us to a song.

Siaki gets to the counter, and Yang jumps to the ring to look for the tag, but Siaki waves him off. Yang heads back to the announce table. The SAT hit the double Spanish Fly, and Red hits the corkscrew moonsault and goes for the pin, but Estrada and Yang rush the ring, and the brawl is on. Red and Estrada are left in the ring, Red hits the Code Red, but Yang Breaks up the pin. Yang drops Red on his head, but the SAT breaks up the pin. They try to hit Estrada with the Spanish Fly, but he counters it. Yang and Estrada drop Red, hit the combination leg drop and body splash, and pose in the middle of the ring. Behind their back, Siaki is back in and gets the pin for the win.

Winners:  The Flying Elvises

Mike Tenay, Don West, and Ed Ferrara break down tonight’s card with two title matches tonight. Next, we cut to an interview with Apolo, who expresses his frustration about being passed over for Ron The Truth Killings for the NWA title match. Apolo says Steamboat has lost his respect, and tonight he takes matters into his own hands, and Steamboat will have to meet Apolo face to face.

We cut back live to Steamboat’s office, and we see Styles coming out. Steamboat follows, and Apollo tries to confront him. However, Steamboat blows him off as Jerry Lynn busts through and attacks Styles. They brawl all over the back until NWA security finally breaks them up.

We head back to the ring, and Steamboat is out to ringside, being followed by the Dupps. Steamboat tells them he’s a very busy man, but go do it whatever they want to do. We make our introductions for our NWA World Heavyweight Championship match.

Match #2 –
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Ron The Truth Killings

Both men lock up and trade holds and blows for the first couple minutes of this match-up. After an extended back and forth, Shamrock finally gets the upper hand with a power slam and only gets a two count. Next, Shamrock hits a shoddy hurricanrana and applies the ankle lock. Truth manages to get to the rope and break the hold. The Disciples of the New Church are on the ramp watching the match. Don Harris comes out to ringside and sets up a chair to sit at the ramp and keep an eye on them. Monty Brown is out as well to watch the match-up.

Shamrock has been in control this entire time. He applies an armbar, but Truth doesn’t submit. We spill out into the floor, and Shamrock and Truth start trading blows. Apolo rushes out and attacks Truth. The Disciples attack Shamrock. Don Harris and Monty Brown attack the Disciples. Apolo goes for the superkick on Truth, but Truth ducks, and Apolo hits Shamrock. Steamboat comes in and throws everyone to the back. Shamrock and Truth are back in the ring and hits Shamrock with a cutter and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: AND NEW NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron The Truth Killings!

After the match, Steamboat hits the ring and calls out Apolo. He tells Apollo that maybe he made a mistake last week, but Apollo can’t be running around roughshod in the back. Steamboat is going to give him his title shot. Jeff Jarrett interrupts and says he’s been patiently waiting for his title shot. It’s become apparent that it’s a case of reverse discrimination. Steamboat tell us he’s had enough of the bullish*t (Steamboat it angry, he said a bad word). He makes a match between Apollo and Jarrett for the number one contender to Truth’s NWA title. That’s not all; he’s going to be the special referee for the match.

We cut to the stage, and Disco Inferno is out to a pedestrian set up for Jive Talkin’ than what we saw last week. He is interrupted by the Dupps. Since Ricky Steamboat told them they can do whatever they want if they leave him alone, they’ve created the “Dupp Cup Invitational,” the new hardcore division. The first to 10 points wins the cup. There are rules, but we’re trying to keep the word count down, and this really isn’t worth it.

Disco asks if they have an opponent. Stan Dupp says since Disco was mean to “his girlfriend” Goldylocks, why not Disco. Pauline From Tough Enough gets in between them. Since she doesn’t want Disco wrestling, the Dupps are going to have to find a new opponent. No one takes the Dupps on their offer for pocket change, so Stan offers up a night with Fluff Dupp (but they get to watch), at which point Ed Ferrara takes them up on their offer.

Match #3
The Dupp Cup Invitational Ed Ferrara vs. Bo and Stan Dupp

Ferrara clocks Jeremy Borash to secure 2.5 points and then pinches Don West on the butt for 3.5 (trust me, it’s in the rules) to take a 6 to 0 lead. Borash jumps Ferrara from behind, but he dumps him in the crowd.

This gives the Dupps a chance to get in the ring and lay some shots on Ferrara. The Dupps get a couple of chairs from the fans and cracks Ferrara over the head twice for 1 point each time. It’s now 6-2. Stan gets a boot, tosses it to a fan to give back to him, so it counts for a point, and cracks Ferrara with it. Bo hits him with a drink from the crows, and Stan hits him with a cane. It’s now 6-5. Stan takes Ferrara up the stage to “go meet Jai,” and Bo goes after the ticket lady (yes, these count as points. Trust me, it’s not worth the time.). Stan is able to secure 2.5 points, but Bo gets beaten back by the broom of the ticket lady.

Disco and Pauline From Tough Enough attack Stan on the stage, and Ferrara spears Bo and takes a chair from the crowd. He hits Bo for another point; it’s now 7.5-7. Another shot, and it’s 8-7.5. Ferrara goes for the toy horse-on-a-stick, Horsie-Poo. Ferrara spanks Bo Dupp with Horsie-Poo for 2.5 points and the win, except Bo, likes it, which means Ed loses 2.5 points. A table is in the ring, and Bo puts Ferrara through the table for 2.5 points and the win.

Winner: The Dupps

We cut to a previously recorded interview with Monty Brown. Monty Brown explains his history from growing up in football, playing in the NFL, to professional wrestling. Finally, he’s made his opportunities. Tenay asks about Truth, Monty understands where Truth is coming from, but his head is not right. Elix Skipper attacks Brown from behind and tells him he doesn’t know what Skipper and Truth have been through. We end the segment with Brown laid out.

We’re back in the ring, and Jeremy Borash introduces our competitors for our First Blood match.

Match #4
First Blood Match
Malice vs. Don Harris

Malice takes the fight outside to Don Harris, and both men brawl on the outside. Mitchell joins the booth and explains the use of the black hood; aside from being a tactical advantage, it’s also a symbol of eternal darkness.

The men are in the crowd now, and Don Harris is all over Malice trying to open him up. Malice is able to counter and is now on the attack. They make their way to the stage; Slash comes out after Harris with an ice pick. Harris takes the pick and nails Slash with it. Slash is busted open, but that doesn’t count.

Malice uses the distraction to gain the advantage. While Malice gets a chair, Harris fights off Slash and Mitchell. Mitchell spills the blood of the Audad all over himself. Harris hits the side slam but is somehow busted open, and that’s the end of the match.

Your winner: Malice

After the match, The Disciples continue the beatdown on Don Harris and pose in the ring as we cut backstage to Goldy.

Goldy is looking for a word from Taylor Vaughn and is interrupted by Sonny Siaki looking for Steamboat. Bruce takes the mic and storms into the women’s locker room, asking Vaughn for her thoughts on last week. Vaughn pushes Bruce into the shower and demands a rematch; Bruce agrees to an evening gown match. As he leaves, Lo-Ki and AJ Styles brawl into the locker room as security tries to break them up.

Back to the ring, and Ricky, The Dragon Steamboat, is introduced as the special referee. Borash introduces our competitors next.

Match #5
Jeff Jarrett vs. Apollo

Both men lock up. Apollo backs Jarrett into the ropes, and Steamboat breaks them up. They lock up again, and this time, Jarrett backs Apollo into the corner, and Steamboat prevents Jarrett from hitting Apollo with a closed fist. They lock up and third time with Apollo backing Jarrett down and Steamboat preventing Apollo from using the closed fist this time. Jarrett takes advantage with a shot to Apollo. Both men trade shots, and Apollo hits the inverted atomic drop, and Jarrett is out of the ring.

The men brawl outside the ring for a bit, and Apollo goes for the top rope, but Steamboat pulls him down, enforcing NWA’s (antiquated) rules. Jarrett gets a couple of cheap shots, rolls Apollo back in the ring, but Apollo counters with a sit-out powerbomb. Back out to the floor, and Jarrett gets the advantage. Apollo is busted open, and Steamboat stops Jarrett from using a chair. Now in the ring and the match is entirely back and forth, Apollo gets a pin, but Jarrett got his foot on the rope. Apollo hits a German suplex and pins Jarrett. Steamboat counts 1, 2, and Jarrett gets his shoulder up, but Apolo’s shoulder was still down, and Steamboat counted 3.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Apolo chases Steamboat down to confront Steamboat. Steamboat explains himself and then kicks him out. Steamboat tells Jarrett he’s a man of his word and will give him the Truth. Truth is going to be his tag team partner in an NWA tag team title match next week!

Back to the ring and Taylor Vaughn and Bruce are out to the ring

Match #6
An Evening Gown Match for the Miss TNA Crown
Bruce (c) vs. Taylor Vaughn

Much like last week, Taylor gets a few early shots, but Bruce just overpowers her and takes her gown off to retain his Miss TNA crown.

Winner: And Still Miss TNA, Bruce

After the match, Bruce promises to leave the crowd happy and takes his gown off as well. We cut to Don West gives us what is now the classic crazy deals pitch we know and love. Back to the ring, and our competitors are out to the ring for our main event.

Match #7
NWA-TNA X Division Championship –
AJ Styles (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low-Ki

All three men circle each other, and Lynn and Low-Ki lock up. After a stalemate, they double team Styles. Lynn and Low-Ki focus on each other again, and they go back and forth for a couple of minutes until AJ Styles nails Lo-Ki with a kick, and now Lynn is in control of Styles. Styles counters with a power slam and doesn’t go for the pin.

NWA-TNA PPV 8 (August 7, 2002) - IMPACT Wrestling
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Both Styles and Lynn counter locks from behind and double back body drop Low-Ki. Lynn has Styles up in the Gory Special, and Lo-Ki hits Lynn with a dropkick. Styles and Low-Ki are at each other now, and Styles hits a couple of big moves. Lynn inserts himself back into the match, but Styles stands strong against both men. Styles goes for the hurrincarana on Lynn, but Lynn counters with a powerbomb and goes for the pin. Low-Ki breaks it up and starts trading heavy shots with Lynn.

Low-Ki is sent to the apron, and Lynn hits the guillotine leg drop. Lynn grabs Style for a German suplex, and Low-Ki goes for the sunset flip on Lynn, resulting in the double move and pin. No three count, and Lynn and Lo-Ki continue to brawl. Styles is up, and Low-Ki gets him in the dragon sleeper; Lynn breaks it up and gets the dragon sleeper for his efforts. Neither men tap.

Lynn drops Low-Ki and goes for the pin, but Styles breaks it up. All three men start trading offense back and forth for a minute until Lynn gets Lo-Ki on the top turnbuckle. Low-Ki fights off Lynn, but Styles is up for the superplex. Lynn shoots under Styles, and they hit the tower of doom.

All three men trade pinning predicaments with no winner. After some more back and forth, Low-Ki catches Styles in the hanging dragon sleeper in the turnbuckle. Lynn breaks it up with a dropkick. Low-Ki catches Lynn in the ropes with a dragon sleeper, but Styles breaks it up with a springboard splash.

Styles blocks the Ki Krusher and Low-Ki counters with the Styles Clash for a two count. Lynn picks up Low-Ki and hits him with the Ki Krusher for the two count. Styles picks up Lynn and hits the Gotch Piledriver for a two count.

The men knock referee Scott Armstrong out, and Lo-Ki is sent to the floor. Styles grabs a chair from ringside and knocks Lynn over the head with it. He goes up for the Spiral Tap, but Low-Ki crawls back into the ring and drapes his arm over Lynn. Scott Armstrong counts 1, 2, and Styles hits the Spiral Tap on both men. Low-Ki’s arm stays draped over Lynn, and Armstrong calls the three.

Winner: AND NEW NWA: TNA X Division Champion, Low-Ki!

We cut to the back, and Jarrett and Truth are arguing with security between them. Back in the ring, Styles and Lynn are still brawling in the ring. They spill to the floor, and Jarrett and Truth make their way to ringside, still jawing at each other. We go off the air wondering if either of these teams will be able to cooperate next week.

Honestly a much better shown that what you would think on paper. The Flying Elvises are turning into an interesting story. Nearly 20 years later, and it’s still a shock that Ron Killings won the NWA Heavyweight title. The title change in the X Division is interesting, to say the least, but it adds animosity going into the tag title match next week, and as much as The Dupps make me want to give up on all of this entirely, the Styles-Lynn feud makes me come back for more. Hopefully, you’ll do the same, see you next time as NWA-TNA PPV 8 goes off the air!


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