NWA-TNA PPV 6 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

Tonight, we are treated with our sixth installment in their weekly PPV series aptly named NWA-TNA/IMPACT PPV 6 live from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Hot start tonight as we see Jeff Jarrett laying out two security staff with chairs. Jeff is holding the show hostage unless Ken Shamrock comes out with his title. According to Jarrett, the NWA title is rightfully his.

The camera cuts to TNA security entering Shamrock’s locker room (and not to ringside where the actual problem is apparently), and Shamrock lays out the security detail. One of the security staff members tells Shamrock he’s not walking through him and Shamrock proceeds to do exactly just that.

Don Harris and Bullet Bob Armstrong are there. Shamrock tells them they’ve been in his shoes and knows how he feels. So they step aside, and Shamrock walks out, puts a 2×4 in the handle, and tells Ian Harrison; no one comes in, and no one comes out.

Jarrett is still in the ring, and Bill Behrens comes to the ring to confront Jarrett. Jarrett lays him out with the chair, and Shamrock hits the ring, and the brawl is on. Shamrock’s friends and Jarrett’s friends hit the ring to calm tempers but not before Shamrock gets a steel chair to the head.

Don West, Mike Tenay, and Ed Ferrara discuss what transpired and talk about tonight’s matches and remind us that security is detained in the back. Then, Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces our opening match.

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Amazing Red vs. Low-Ki

Both men circle each other and trade a couple of kicks. Some chain wrestling and Low-Ki is out the floor where Red hits a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, and Red has the control on offense. Low-Ki gets a couple of chances that are countered but eventually gets a kick that sends Amazing Red flying. Low-Ki with a dragon sleeper hooked into the top rope and only gets a 2 count on the pin.

Red finally counters with a kick to the head, and both men trade some more kicks. Low-Ki appears to have the upper hand, but Amazing Red hits the Code Red, and both men are down. Back up now and red with a tornado DDT and only gets a 2 count. Some more back and forth, and Red misses the corkscrew moonsault. Finally, Low-Ki, with the spinning heel, kicks into the Ki-Crusher 99 and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winner: Low-Ki

We cut to the back, and Jeff Jarrett storms to the locker room door where security is being held and Ian Harrison is not letting him in. Back to the ring, and Jeremy Borash is introducing our next match. We go to an earlier footage, and Chris Harris berates James Storm for his cowboy gimmick.

Chris Harris & James Storm vs. The Hot Shots

Back to the ring now, and it appears Harris and Storm started in on the Hot Shots and has the upper hand early. A couple of tags, and then Cassidy O’Reilly knocks Storm off the apron and gets some shots in outside the ring to give the Hot Shots the advantage.

Some double-team offense, and eventually, Stevens missed the moonsault. Storm gets the hot tag, and Harris is in and takes control of the match. All men are in the ring; Storm dumps Stevens, and Harris counters the tornado DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Chris Harris and James Storm

After the match, the Hot Shots come back in and start laying the beat down on Harris and Storm. The Hot Shots use Storm’s pop gun pistols as we cut to the back. Goldilocks is trying to get an update on Shamrock. Shamrock finally regains consciousness and wants to get his hands on Jarrett. Back to the ring, and we are introduced to Apollo, the man who has been dominating the Puerto Rican wrestling scene. His opponent, Brian Lawler, is introduced next.

Apollo vs. Brian Lawler

The bell rings, and Lawler gets a quick body slam, but Apollo is back up on his feet. Apollo uses his size and strength advantage, and we get a prolonged stare-down while the crowd taunts Lawler. Lawler with some shots in the corner, but Apollo gets the advantage again. Apollo shoots Lawler to the corner, and Lawler counters with a kick. Lawler takes his necklace and chokes Apollo with it out of the referee’s sight. Lawler now has the advantage, but Apollo counters again; he’s just too strong.

Apollo goes for a running body splash, but Lawler gets the knees up and lands a missile dropkick. The pin attempt only gets a two-count and settles into a chin lock. The crowd continues to chant, “Jerry’s kid,” and Lawler tells them repeatedly to shut up. Apollo finally gets to his feet, regains the advantage, hits the leg drop, and gets a two count.

Another back and forth and Apollo with a superkick and tries to go for the TKO, but Lawler counters. Lawler is now bleeding from the mouth and starts to get cocky. After taunting the crowd, Apollo goes for the roll-up and gets the pin.

Winner: Apollo

After the match, Lawler is walking around in shock. Don West says he still did a good job out there, and Lawler takes exception to the comment and attacks West. Unfortunately, there’s still no security to break it up. It’s the wild west here tonight.

Back in the ring and Jeremy Borash introduces K-Krush. We cut to a video package of Krush choking Smiley and Hall, each with his belt from last week.

Krush is by himself with a mic. He wants to be called by his real damn name, The Truth. K-Krush is dead, “they” gave him that name. No longer will “they” name him, no longer will he no longer be “their” damn puppet. The Truth answers to himself from now on; he knows how the greats such as himself feel. After running through a list of troubled athletes, Truth is interrupted by The Alpha Male Monty Brown.

Brown is tired of Truth’s pity party and excuses. Truth isn’t owed anything; Brown has had to make his own opportunities. Brown thinks the truth is Truth can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. So Monty Brown lays down the challenge.

Truth doesn’t have a problem with Brown; he knows who Truth has a problem with. Truth then goes to blindside Brown, but Brown is ready and gets him some. An Alpha Bomb later, and Monty Brown is standing tall. We have a video package now recapping everything over the last few weeks between AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn.

We have an interview from earlier today with AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. After last week, AJ understood where Jerry was coming from and how he just wanted to help educate him. Jerry admits he understands where AJ is coming from; he’s been there. Now they’re on the same page going into their tag title match against The Flying Elvises tonight. Jeremy Borash is back in the ring to introduce our teams for the NWA tag title match at PPV 6.

NWA Tag Team Championship
The Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada & Jimmy Yang) vs. Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles (c)

Sonny Siaki is at the announce table and decided Lynn and Styles are just light work for him and are taking the night off. Lynn and Estrada are in the ring, and we have a back and forth between the two. Jerry Lynn with the Gory Special, but Estrada is back on his feet, and they exchange more holds. Lynn tags in Styles, and they hit some team moves. Estrada recovers and tags in Jimmy Yang.

After a flurry of offense, Styles regains control and tags Lynn back in. Lynn and Yang hit the ropes, and Lynn hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pin attempt only yields a two count. Styles is back in, but Yang counters the flying body press. Yang dumps Styles and cheap shots Lynn to distract the ref, and Siaki attacks Styles and throws him back in the ring.

Estrada is back in the ring and is laying the offense into AJ Styles. Another tag, and Yang continues the assault on Styles. Another tag and Estrada hit the split-legged moonsault but only gets a two count. Some more offense, and Estrada tags Yang back in. Styles finally counters Yang, and both men are down. Before Styles can get the tag, Estrada cuts him off and knocks Lynn off the apron.

After absorbing some more punishment, Styles finally hits a kick and gets the tag to Lynn. Lynn takes out both Elvises and dumps them out of the ring. Styles goes for the dive, but Siaki knocks his teammates out of the way and only hits Lynn. Lynn is busted wide open, and Estrada and Yang start laying into Styles. Lynn keeps trying to get back into the ring but keeps getting cut off.

Styles finally counters Yang, and Lynn hits the guillotine leg drop on Estrada. Styles goes for the Spiral Tap, but the ref turns around and counts the 1, 2, 3 as Lynn falls over Estrada. Those two men were apparently the legal men still.

Winners: AND STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions – Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles

Styles stares in disbelief at the top rope as the referee raises Lynn’s hand in victory. Styles storms off with his title and leaves a bloodied Lynn in the ring to be attended to by production staff.

We cut to the stage and are greeted with Disco Inferno sitting on a couch. He puts over his “impeccable win-loss record.” He puts over things he may or may not have been apart of in WCW. Disco is here to show the stars of TNA how to be a superstar. Knowledge is freedom, and starting next week, Disco will provide the key to lead everyone to a better tomorrow.

We cut to Goldilocks in the back, and we’re back with Ian Harrison guarding the door. Shamrock is looking for Jarrett, and Ian informs him Jarret is looking for him. We’re back in the ring as Jeremy introduces Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond and then Monty Brown and Elix Skipper at NWA-TNA PPV 6.

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Monty Brown & Elix Skipper

Diamond and Skipper start the match, and both men exchange shots—neither man gain an advantage. Swinger tries to interject himself into the match but is dumped from the ring. Brown is in as well, and he and Skipper get the double team in on Diamond.

Skipper goes to hit the ropes, but Swinger cuts him off and tags in for Diamond. They trade tags and start laying in the offense on Skipper. Every few moves, they go for a pin but cannot finish Skipper off.

Skipper finally gets a counter, and he and Swinger are down. Both men get the tag, and Brown takes control and powers through both men. All four men are in the ring now, and Diamond and Swinger hit the double team move on Skipper. Then, they turn their attention on Brown, Skipper pulls Swinger out of the ring, and Brown hits the Alpha Bomb on Diamond and gets the pin.

Winners: Elix Skipper and Monty Brown

After the match, Skipper and Brown are celebrating when Truth hits the ring and hits Brown from behind with his belt. Skipper bails on his partner, and Truth wraps the belt around Brown’s neck and throws him over the top rope just like he did to Norman Smiley and Scott Hall.

We cut to the back, and Goldylocks is trying to interview the Dupps, and the cringe-worthy promo leads to Bo Dupp intentionally bumping into Ian Harrison so he can get a match on the card. The men hit the ring for an unscheduled match.

Ian Harrison vs. Bo Dupp

Bo jumps Ian as he tries to get in the ring, but Ian quickly gains control of the match. Stan Dupp is in on the announce table, and we’ll just leave it at that. Bo is able to get some offense in and gets a pin for a two-count. Ian powers out and hits a couple more power moves. Ian finally gets a power slam, and Stan hits the ring and interferes, causing the DQ.

Winner: via disqualification Ian Harrison

We cut to the back, and Jarrett can finally get into Shamrock’s locker room, looking for his belt. Instead, Shamrock is in there and attacks Jarrett. Security separates the two; Don Harris tells Shamrock to go handle his business in the ring, and Jarrett is now detained by security. Back in the ring for the introduction of our participants in our main event.

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Sabu

The bell sounds, and both men circle each other and trade a few shows. We see the title belt hanging above the ring, and the only way either man can win is by submission or climbing the ladder to gain the title. Shamrock works the legs of Sabu as Mike Tenay informs us that the newly freed security has decided “screw this, we hope they kill each other” and left.

Both men are up, but Shamrock has the advantage and lays in some punishment. Both men lock up, and Sabu goes for an armbar but Sabu counters to a leg lock. Tenay is now informed that Ricky The Dragon Steamboat will be here next week and will have full security control to try and restore order.

Eventually, Sabu gets some offense in and goes for the ladder. Shamrock kicks the ladder into Sabu and starts throwing him into anything solid outside the ring. Sabu counters and whips Shamrock into the guardrail and gets a table from underneath the ring. Sabu sets him up on the table and goes for the double springboard flip, but Shamrock moves, and Sabu puts himself through the table.

Shamrock brings a ladder in the ring and goes for the table. As he reaches for the belt, music plays, and the lights go out for a second, and Malice hits the ring. He chokeslams Shamrock and steals the belt.

Winner: No Contest

We go off the air with Malice walking out with the NWA-TNA title to end PPV 6.

There you have it, folks. Out of the 114 weekly Pay-Per-Views NWA-TNA had, this was certainly one of them. The X Division continues to shine, and the story between AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn stands out on a rather lackluster card. Shamrock and Sabu on paper is an amazing match, but the confusing stipulations and the muddled world title scene leave a stale taste in your mouth, and the PPV goes off the air.

The weekly shows don’t always have to be banger after banger, but knowing what we know now about the stumbling blocks NWA-TNA/IMPACT keep running straight through, you can start to see where precedence was set early on. So will next week give us a better show? Only one place to find out, and that’s here on the NWA: TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView series. This was NWA-TNA PPV 6.


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